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10 Things Guys Do That Are Attractive

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Dec 15, 2022

A number of things guys do are quite attractive to women, even when these guys themselves may not even know it. In this article, we list a number of these attractive things. We interviewed a number of women, and they told us these ten things guys do that are attractive.

1. Display Chivalry 

To many women, chivalry makes the absolute difference. 

Laura said: “I love it when a man is chivalrous towards me. Those little things make the difference, you know?” 

Chivalry, in its attractive form, can be anything—as long it does not cause any harm. It can be holding a woman’s hand when you both walk the street. It can also be paying for the dates—anything at all that makes her feel womanly. 

2. Show Care and Affection to Strangers

Emma, a 24-year-old from the UK, told us this: “I like a man who shows care and affection to strangers. I believe this trait is the single most attractive thing ever.”

At least 4 women agreed with her. You see, women are mostly empaths. They know so well that men are likely to treat them the way these men treat strangers—if not at the instance, then definitely along the line as they continue to interact. 

Showing respect to the waitress is going to make your woman’s respect for you deepen to a tremendous degree. 

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3. Speak Confidently

Voice tone, word flow, and rate of word flow can be markers of confidence level. 

Usually, words spoken through hasty breaths are indicative of anxiety, while ones spoken through deep and full breaths indicate confidence. 

When a man speaks in a calm, calculated way, he is sure to be found attractive by just about any woman. 

Remember: Men are majorly attracted to a woman based on their confidence level. 

4. Show Assertiveness

Like speaking confidently, displaying assertiveness is also an attractive thing men do.

Emma couldn’t explain why she found assertiveness inertly attractive, even though she agrees to be drawn to a man who is assertive and in charge of himself and others. 

“I find assertiveness attractive.” She said. “Something about it just pulls me in, and I believe most women may feel the same way about it.” 

The truth is: assertiveness shows a woman your ability to lead a relationship and, eventually, a family, should you both get to that place in your lives when you decide to try these out. 

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5. Passion

The most attractive man in the world to a woman is the one who is passionate—first, about himself, his work, his family, friends, and then his woman. 

Pearl Olla said: “I think a man who is passionate about anything feels safer to be around. He has something to lose if he becomes lax, and a man who has something to lose barely lets himself lose anything.” 

I believe you can agree that this is true. 

Passion signals confidence and also shows that success is on its way. Confidence and success are the single most attractive things ever when it comes to men. 

6. Visit the Gym

I do not think women are attracted to men who visit the gym only because these men are jacked and have a lot of muscles. 

Though this might be a superficial reason, there seems to loom a deeper, more defined reason underneath. 

We all know that it takes a lot of commitment to visit the gym regularly. This commitment drags the man off bed and into the gym routinely; it makes him endure the pain that comes with rigorous exercise. It makes him formidable. 

This commitment, I believe, is what women find attractive in men who visit the gym. A man who has a high endurance for pain and discomfort is often considered more masculine than one who does not. 

When I was younger, my Granddad used to say: “Pain makes us men and draws the women close.” 

7. Hangout Routinely with Other Men

We, humans, are social beings. Our ability to socialize can indicate many things: our confidence level, our social status, and our personality. 

By just watching a man, a woman can often tell his social status and his value—so hanging out with men who are just as passionate as you are about their ambitions can raise your attractiveness. 

When you have friends who respect and look up to you, then you can be certain that your woman, or any woman you are seeing, is going to be strongly attracted to you. 

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8. Interact with Other Women Politely

In addition to relating with other men in a cool, collected way, a woman hinges her attraction for you on how you interact with other women as well. 

Showing respect to other women will surely increase her attraction toward you. 

This works because women often see other women as a mirror of themselves. They believe that you are likely to treat other women the same way you treat them. 

9. Show Love for the Spotlight

The truth is, every woman is attracted to a man who is not scared to be in the spotlight for himself.

She seeks to be able to brag about a man she is currently talking to. This means you have to be willing to hone your skills so much you stand out from your peers—so much you enter into the spotlight naturally.

This does not mean that you should be braggadocios or too self-absorbed that the only thing which matters to you is the spotlight.

It just means you should allow yourself to enter the spotlight when you have earned it. 

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10. Show Restraint

Showing restraint is a unique trait, and it’s something guys do that is attractive to both men and women. Women love men who are able to control themselves even when things are not going the way they want. 

This is indicative of self-respect and value, meaning it is inertly attractive. 

Pearl also said: “Restraint is more attractive than we like to accept.” 


Guys do a lot of things that are attractive, and they attract women subconsciously. You can attract any woman you want by raising your value and respect towards yourself. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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