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The Triad of Sensuality

by | Love, Sensual Intimacy

Aug 4, 2023

This article is going to transform you into a love machine. If you have ever struggled with bringing passion into the bedroom, then it is likely because you do not know much about the sensual; how you can make things deeply sensual in bed. We will be exploring a relatively new concept coined by our editor, Ubong Johnson, called the Triad of Sensuality. We’d first be doing some definitions and then go into the details further in the article.

What is the Triad of Sensuality

The triad of sensuality is a sequence of three actions that make intimacy more intense. 

Whenever you hear the word sensual, what comes to mind? I believe it’s “passion.” Passion is the closest word to sensual, and so in the course of this article, we may be interchanging. 

All sexual encounters have to be passionate if they are to leave a mark or make you feel good about yourself and your partner. Both women and men have agreed that they are more overwhelmed by sex that is passionate, whether or not they have romantic feelings toward the person they are having sex with. 

This means it is sensuality that marks the difference between great sex and awful sex.

Lisa told us: “Sensual sex is unarguably the best ever sex someone could have. It feels like being pulled out of your own body and being put in a world where you feel everything just the way you should.” 

She is right. It is possible that you have never experienced sensuality in bed. No worries: sooner or later, as you do what we suggest, both you and your partner are going to come face to face with everything sensual. 

Ken, who had practiced the triad of sensuality for a while, giving us reports about whether or not it works, said it does work. “It is weird how something so simple works to make sex so great.” He said. “I wouldn’t lie when I first read about the triad of sensuality. I had doubts: it seemed as though I’d be wasting my time. But to my surprise, however, it worked.” 

The triad of sensuality is a combination of three moves that spark up a passion in both you and your partner in bed. 

These three moves are pretty simple ones: 

– Look into your partner’s eyes 

– Hold at their face

– Leaning in for a kiss and then pulling away. 

Simple, isn’t it? There is more, and I will be discussing them later on in the article. 

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Why Do You Need the Triad of Sensuality? 

It is pretty obvious why: because you need to have more passionate sex. As I have said before, it is the passion that marks the difference between bad sex and great sex. 

And weirdly, passion is not something you force your way into. You do not say: “Hey, I am going to be passionate about this sex,” and then go on to be passionate. 

It does not work that way. Passion comes to people who know their way around it and who can manipulate their own thoughts and feelings. People who know just what to know and the right time to do it. 

This brings me to another point, which I will be discussing later: when in bed with your partner, you should understand that you cannot afford to make careless moves.

Every move you make in bed is supposed to be a well-calculated one since every move counts and can either turn off or make your partner more drawn to you. 

You need the triad of sensuality to teach you timing. That way, you never make mistakes. 

This is going to be a great call for the guys. The triad of sensuality teaches you carefulness in bed. 

A couple of days ago, my partner told me she had never met a man who was as careful as I was in bed. 

Sex requires a large degree of carefulness. You don’t just go around delivering strokes. You do the right stuff, and you do the right stuff just when you ought to. 

In summary, here is why you need the triad of sensuality: 

– To learn carefulness in bed 

– To make the right moves.

– To keep you from cumming too fast. Yes, the triad can help a man who doesn’t want to cum yet last a while longer. That is to say; it can buy you some more time.

– To help with performance anxiety. If you have paid attention to all we have been putting up about sex and passion lately, you must already know that performance anxiety is a real thing and can impact the sex lives of both men and women.

The triad of sensuality, thus, serves as a chance to overcome that anxiety. 

– You also need the triad of sensuality to give you some sense of direction. That is to say, when you are going too fast, it may help put a leash on your passion. 

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Types of Triad of Sensuality

Here are some of the types of sensual tried you will use as you have sex with your partner: 

1. The Sensual Triad

This is the one you opt-in for at the beginning of the sex. It is so far the most passionate and is great when you are having sex on a special occasion—say, your honeymoon. 

The sensual triad of sensuality is not to be rushed, as we will see later. It is to be done just right, with the right amount of eye contact and kissing. 

2. The Lustful Sensual Triad

This is another kind of triad of sensuality you will have to use every now and then. 

It is best used in the heat of passion. I recommend a lot of it when you both are having spontaneous sex or when you are having sex with someone who is not your partner.

The lustful triad brings a lot of passion. This kind of passion is one I like to describe as eager-nasty passion.

It makes you want to consume your partner in your own lust. Trust me that is very beautiful and arousing. 

3. The Break

This is, as the name already suggests, a kind of sensual triad that you use when you need a break from stroking. Let’s say you had been going too fast and now feel as though you’d cum even when you don’t want to. The break is going to give you some more time. 

The break is most recommended for men who have anxiety in bed or men who cum too fast. 

4. The ‘Locked’ Triad

This is a sensual triad that keeps you on lock. You are not only hugging your partner this time: you are locked into their body. 

Women are great at doing this; all that they need do, is wrap their thighs over across your trunk, and that is it. 

5. The Triad with No Breaks

This is a special one to me and to guys who have great sex. It is like every regular sensual tried, the only difference being that there is no break: you do not stop stroking your partner even when you lean to kiss them. It is, however, limited to only a few sex positions. This is the only downside there is to the triad with no breaks. 

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How to Perform the Triad of Sensuality

How to perform the triad of sensuality depends vastly on the kind of triad you are going in for. Here are 5 perfect ways to perform just about any triad: 

1. Time it Right

No matter the triad you are going in for, it has got to be timed: you do not just lean in there and put your lips on theirs. 

No. You time the triad in such a way that it happens when the emotions are most heightened. 

2. Hold Their Face Gently, But Not too Long

You should not hold at their face too hard. Just very gently. Sometimes, it is a good idea to choke them instead of holding their face. 

This is especially true if you are dealing with a woman who loves to be choked.

3. The Kiss Should be a Deep One

When doing the triad, surface kisses are not allowed. Instead, we only go in for deep kisses. 

You have to kiss her very deeply, with a lot of tongues. As you do the kissing, it is a great idea to rub across their body. Caress them. 

4. Keep Stroking

If you are performing the Triad with No Breaks, you may want to keep kissing your partner as you stroke them. Perform the triad whilst stroking, and watch how it drives them nuts. 

I have seen this happen one too many times not to know what the look on your partner’s face will be. It will be one of pure lust and passion. 

5. Let it Become Something More

The triad is not something you want to limit. Sometimes, it becomes a full-blown make-out session. When that happens, it is best for you to pause the sex and get in the moment. 


Sex cannot go wrong when you infuse the sensual triad a couple of times. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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