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The Top Health Benefits Of Yoga

by | Health & Wellness

Aug 2, 2020

Yoga has been around for 5,000 years of human existence. In the past, it played a significant role in Hinduism and Buddhism, and other religions. Yoga gained prominence around the world when people saw its health benefits. Those with chronic diseases get relief using simple techniques without leaving their homes. In this article, we show you 20 health benefits of yoga. You’re going to learn how it relieves stress and improves the quality of life.

20 Proven Health Benefits Of Yoga

1. Fights Against Stress: Stress is a terrible thing that is causing so much havoc in the health of millions. One of the best ways to get rid of stress or reduce it is yoga. When you practice yoga, it makes you relax. A well-relaxed body can reduce body reactions that lead to stress.  

Studies show that regular yoga is essential for promoting stress-free life. When you combine yoga with meditation, you get even better results. Yoga is an incredible way to improve your health by reducing stress. 

2. Get Rid Of Anxiety: Too much anxiety can ruin your health and make you feel sick. For many people, yoga is the solution to their anxiety. With yoga, you get to train your body to live in the present and find peace. 

The Health benefits of yoga are profound, with conditions like anxiety. You think straight, have hope, and prepared to meet the challenges of life. With low anxiety, you can live a life of peace and happiness.

3. You Can Improve Heart Health: Heart diseases are one of the leading causes of death in the world. People are dealing with difficult financial situations and health issues. Most of these accumulate in the heart and disrupting blood flow. 

A study involving people 40 years and above was conducted. After five years, those who are practicing yoga had lower pulse rate and blood pressure. Also, People with heart diseases see a 23% decrease in symptoms with yoga. 

4. Yoga Helps Against Depression: Hundreds of people die every year due to depression and related causes. Depression sinks deep into the soul, destroying from within. Many people who have depression have taken to yoga and found peace. 

Yoga helps against depression because it silences negative thoughts. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that influences depression. Studies show yoga reduces cortisol, which affects depression. To get a better effect, combine yoga with traditional treatment for depression.

5. May Reduce Migraine: Migraine affects more than 20% of the world population every year. You can get migraines from stress or by overworking yourself. There are medications for treating migraines, and they are effective. Yoga is also helpful in dealing with migraines.

Regular practice will help reduce headaches and migraine frequency. You will also think better and improve your mental abilities. Research also shows that yoga stimulates the vagus nerve that fights migraines.

6. May Reduce Inflammation: Inflammation is a healthy body response when fighting against infection. But too much of it can lead to cancer and heart diseases. Apart from improving mental state, yoga also shows signs of reducing chronic inflammation. 

People who do yoga will notice a reduction in inflammation and enjoy better health. There is still more research to be done about the health benefits of yoga for inflammation. You can’t get anything wrong by taking part in yoga classes and improving your health.

7. Sleep Quality: Sleep is one of the most important things for every living thing. Sleep helps to improve quality of life and promote higher mental function. Some people find it hard to sleep because of too much stress and other factors. If you’re one such person, you can try yoga for relief. 

The relaxing effects of yoga can induce emotional calmness. When you’re calm, you sleep better. In 2005, a study involving 69 elderly patients took place. The participants are placed into two groups assigned to receive either herbal preparation or practice yoga. The yoga group slept faster and better, and they felt fresher in the morning.

8. Breathing Quality: Yoga incorporates breathing exercises. With better breathing, people can live better and reduce heart diseases. Many yoga adherents take part in Pranayama or yogic breathing. The goal of the exercise is to focus on controlling breathing with proper techniques. 

When your breathing is right, your endurance will increase. You’ll optimize performance and keep your lungs healthy. Better breathing also ensures a proper supply of oxygen for better metabolism.

9. Reduce Chronic Pain: Most people suffer from one form of pain or the other. Pain is a terrible thing that can reduce your quality of life and lead to depression. It’s hard to treat pain with medication because, most times, it’s about your mind and not the physical body. That’s why yoga is beneficial for dealing with pain. 

Many people who suffer pain in their lives embrace yoga. Most people experience pain in their hips, back, and shoulder. The regular practice of yoga is effective against pain. It takes advantage of techniques to target specific areas of the body.

10. Promotes Flexibility And Balance: One of the essential health benefits of yoga is balance and flexibility. When your hamstrings and shoulders are tight, it can be a burden. That’s why people go for yoga to help them remain in good shape and promote better mobility. 

Most yoga practices and techniques focus on poses. You’ll also do a lot of stretching and bending, which diffuses stiffness. Get the best out of your yoga exercise by working with a certified yoga instructor. They will take you through a process that will benefit you specifically. You’re going to pay, but the experience and service are worth it. 

The Top Health Benefits Of Yoga

11. Increase Your Strength And Endurance: Your muscles determine your level of strength and capacity. Most people who can’t do strenuous training turn to yoga for a solution. Yoga’s rhythmic movement increases your strength and promotes endurance. 

With yoga, you’ll not only engage your muscles but your entire body. The exercise will tone your muscles and improve your feelings. Also, Yoga strengthens your muscle, giving them more power to support your bones. With the ease of movement comes increased productivity that can transform your life. 

12. Better Posture And Physical Appearance: Most of us sit down all day in the office, working from sunrise to sunset. After a couple of years, it affects our body in several ways, including posture. Bad posture is not suitable for physical appearance. You become unattractive, look less healthy, and reduces your self-esteem. 

Furthermore, Yoga is one of the simplest and best ways to improve posture. You can search online for different poses to practice at home and improve posture. Get videos and tutorials that are self-explanatory, which can help improve your exercise. 

Doing yoga for posture may look simple, but most people never get it right. That’s why it’s advisable to join a yoga class that focuses on posture. The expert will provide you with movements you can perform. Put yourself to work and get that impressive body you’ve always desired. 

13. May Help You Look Younger: The human body is designed for movement. People who move less get fat and look older than their age. Yoga can help you look younger and more vibrant. All that twisting, bending, stretching, and moving, has positive effects on your body. It also burns fat and reduces stress, which improves your appearance. 

Also, most people feel good about themselves after a few minutes of doing yoga. This feeling translates to happiness that promotes better living and youthfulness. Less stress also improves skin condition, which will make you look younger. 

14. Concentrate And Focus For Improved Productivity: Many people today are unable to concentrate and focus. Their mind is thinking and processing a million things at the same time. Lack of concentration keeps you behind schedule so you can’t get anything done on time. 

Concentration is one of the top health benefits of yoga because it eliminates puzzling thoughts. It eliminates fluctuations of the mind and gets rid of clutter so that you can sharpen your mind. 

In ancient times, people believe yoga has magical powers because it works. Modern science has helped to unravel the mystery, using logic, research, and experiment. To improve concentration with yoga, you need to practice specific Asanas. Recommended poses include Tadasana (Mountain Pose), Garudasana (Eagle Pose), and Natarajasana (Dancer Pose). 

15. Simple And Effective Exercise And Workout: You need regular exercise to keep your body functional and robust. Healthy people can take part in activities like running, walking, or swimming. For those having pains, managing a disease, or too weak or old, yoga will be beneficial. 

Yoga is so safe that anyone can do it, no matter your age or condition. It involves so many pose options from which you can choose the one that fits you the best. 

Besides, you can do yoga anywhere and at any time; it doesn’t require so much space as running. People recovering from illness improve strength and the speed recovery process by doing yoga. If you’re ill and want to try out yoga, it’s essential to seek advice from your doctor first. 

16. Avoid Injury With Simple Exercise: One of the most challenging issues with physical exercise is injuries. Your body needs to move. But it can lead to a tear in a ligament or affect your bones when you do it too much. If you’re someone who easily gets injured during exercise, you should try yoga. 

With yoga, there is less opportunity to get an injury. It doesn’t involve so much physical movement like running or jogging. Most of the time, you’re in one place. Also, the yoga process is easy to achieve and doesn’t put too much stress on your body. 

Less stress and low injuries will translate into better health conditions. You’ll also have the confidence to do more yoga and reap additional benefits.

17. Enjoy A Better Quality Of Life: Improving the quality of life is one of the most exciting health benefits of yoga. As humans, we go through several challenges in our lives. Some people fall ill while others deal or cope with severe environmental conditions. Studies show people practicing yoga improve the quality of their living in many ways. 

For example, women who’re undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer find relief with yoga. It also reduces pain and stress and clears the mind to focus on positivity. 

18. Increase Blood Circulation To Every Part Of Your Body: The best yoga experience includes promoting the flow of blood all over the body. Your blood carries nutrients to every part of your body to improve health. Obesity, heart conditions, arterial issues, high cholesterol, and diabetes lead to poor circulation. 

Yoga is also an excellent way to help you improve blood circulation and get your body working. The poses and stretching open up your arteries and pushes blood to all the cells that need them. Yoga positions for blood circulation are the downward-facing dog, warrior II, triangle, etc. 

19. Release Tension In Limbs: Tension in limbs can lead to muscle rigidity in different parts of the body. When this happens, you can’t move freely, and you experience muscle pain. You can treat tension in the limbs and muscle rigidity using yoga poses. Yoga pose like Malasana releases tightness in the hips.

You can also try out Trikonasana, which tightens your outer hips and improve stamina. Cow face pose and pigeon pose are two exciting positions you can try out to release tension. They are very popular among yoga fans who desire muscular strength. 

20. Soothes Your Sinuses: You need oxygen and Co2 to complete your breathing exchange. Nitric Oxide (NO) is a third gas that takes part in breathing. The best way to produce Nitric Oxide naturally is by soothing your sinuses. 

Soothing your sinuses is one of the health benefits of yoga that many people don’t know. Your sinuses help to improve your breathing and boost your immune system. People who engage in yoga are less likely to fall sick with viruses and bacteria.

You can also work with a yoga expert to know the best positions to get this benefit. Yoga doesn’t have any side effects because you’re not taking any drugs. Join a yoga class today and reap the benefits of a simple exercise.  

By Sara Leandro

Sara Leandro is a certified health coach who helps others feel their best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals. She covers topics ranging from health and productivity to relationships.

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