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The Three Categories a Woman Uses to Assess Men

by | Meeting People, Moving On

May 7, 2024

A woman almost always knows exactly what she wants from a man the minute she meets him. She doesn’t have to be around him all day or around him all week to know whether or not she desires to have sex with him. It’s usually obvious in the first few minutes after the meeting. But men don’t always know this. They feel like it takes time for a woman to finally make up her mind, and in some cases, it does. In this article, we break it apart for you from start to finish. We show you the three categories that a woman uses to assess men in her life. We show you where you stand and how to make it out of there.

1. The man she knows she will have sex with

The first and the top category of men in a woman’s life are the men whom she has the desire to have sex with. 

It doesn’t take hours to know these men. She knows these men at the first meet, at the first sight, and at the first interaction. 

These men always get lucky, and I mean always get to have sex with a woman faster than most men she has met. 

The woman usually assesses these men by looking at three primary features. 


The first feature is obviously the man’s looks. 

Men are usually of the opinion that looks don’t really matter to women, but that’s not true. Women are as attracted to men’s looks as a man is attracted to a woman’s looks. 

Looks really matter to women. 

And when assessing looks, women tend to take things into consideration.

  1. Facial Looks: the first thing women will look at physically in man is his facial features. They’re going to pay quite a lot of attention to how his face looks, and how the features of his face aligned. They will look at his teeth; they will look at his smile; they look at his beard. They will look at how masculine he looks. Women on an average tend go for men who look really masculine. 
  2. Height and Build: the next thing women tend to pay a lot of attention to is a man’s height and his body build. It’s no news that women prefer taller men. Women want a man who is strong, who is masculine—because it’s in them to seek stability and comfort. They’re biologically wired to seek someone who is stronger than them physically and mentally.
  3. Fashion and Style: women tend to pay a lot of attention to men’s style as well. Men usually think that style doesn’t matter and shouldn’t be able to play a part in the dating scene, but then, style seems to be a very important part of assessing men. 

If a man checks all of these, then a woman is very likely to give him sex. 

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Charm and Charisma

Women are also experts at vetting a man’s charisma. 

Women want to be with a man who is bold. 

And if, at the first meeting, a man shows a woman that he’s quite bold, at least bolder than the many men she meets, then she is likely to give him sex. 

It is important that men know that, with women, these variables often overlap each other. A man may not have the looks, but if he has a lot of charisma, then it’s definitely going to cover for him. 

This is why I’m of the opinion that the dating scene is not as difficult as people make it look. If you know your way around the dating scene and know your way around what we really want, you’re going to have a lot of women, and many of the times, they’re going to be the ones to come after you and try to preserve the relationship or situationship or whatever it is you both share.  


It is true that women like money, but then again, the reason why women like money is often misunderstood. Many men think that women like money because women are gold diggers, but that’s not the truth. Women like money because with money comes the promise of stability. A man who has enough money and who has enough finances to care for himself will most likely be able to care for a woman.  

And as we should know by now, women are more driven towards comfort. If she feels like a man has the potential to make her comfortable, she is going to be with him.

If a man is able to tick all three or at least two of these boxes, then he is sure to have sex with a woman. He’s definitely going to have sex with her. The woman knows it. The man should know it, too. 

2. The Man She is Unsure About

This category is where a lot of men fall. With this category of men, a woman is very unsure about the likelihood of sex happening. Somewhere in there, she knows that there is a chance that sex may happen, but then there is such a small chance that it’s unable to create a spark in her mind. 

Women have a love-hate mental relationship with this category of men. They don’t know if they like this man or if they should just let them be. 

This confusion usually creates some kind of turmoil in the relationship, some kind of back-and-forth. 

Men who don’t understand will see this as a woman not being interested in them, but then, when a woman decides to test the man’s masculinity by preying on his weaknesses, it should be considered such a big indicator of interest. 

Women who are not interested will not have the time to test the man, but this category of men (the men who is she is unsure about) always get tested. 

Here are some signs that you fall into the category of men that she’s not sure about. 

You Get Shit Tests

If you’ve read the articles about shit tests, then you understand that it’s normal practice for a woman to test the man that she has some interest in. 

Women always test men to know the level of their masculinity, to know whether or not it’s going to be a great idea to submit to these men. 

When a woman is always testing you for no reason at all, going back and coming forth, and just doing that all over and over again, then it’s possible that she has so much interest in you. But then, this interest is not enough to make her submit and open up completely. 

You should really learn how to pass a shit test because the more shit test you pass with a woman, the higher you go in her ladder of men she might likely have sex with. 

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She Double Texts

Women are very egotistical in the first few days to weeks of a relationship. They will almost never double-text you. It is such a big indicator when or if she double texts you. 

Nine out of ten times, if she texts you more than once in the period of one day, then it’s possible that she has an interest in you but not enough to push this sexual interest further. 

She is Open to Meeting You

If a woman is very open to meeting you, then you should count yourself lucky because you’re likely gonna have sex with her. It’s only a matter of time.  

If you set updates and she shows up and maybe even goes ahead to set her own dates, then sex is very likely to happen. 

Don’t mess this up by being desperate.

It’s all over for you if you do because you’ll be taken back to the last category of men.  

3. The Friends

The last category of men on the woman’s list are her friends. 

These men don’t stand even the slightest chance to get sexual with that woman.

The thought of being sexual with such a man makes the woman feel very uncomfortable—like the thought of sex with her brother. 

It’s probably never going to happen, except the man has a very good sex and relationship coach, which is rare anyway.

But then, our editors can always coach you if you ever get stuck in the friendzone. 

Signs You’re Her Friend

You do all the reaching out

Well, sorry to break this to you, but you’re always the one reaching out, then it’s bad news. You’re her friend now and are going to stay in the friend zone for a while. 

She leeches on you

Women are great at leeching on men they don’t like. 

If a woman always makes demands very early, only the relationship or the friendship, she doesn’t like you. 

You should just leave because it’s it’s not going to get better. 

She’s going to keep leaching on you until you have nothing more to give and then she’s going to show it, very obviously this time, that you were never in her mind. 


Women will always categorize the caliber of men in their lives. If you know where you stand things are going to get better for you. 

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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