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The Idea of Living a Carefree Life

by | Ideas

Dec 14, 2020

The idea of a carefree life on first consideration sounds like something you would only see in movies. You think about ‘carefree,’ and the first thing that crosses your mind is those cool people on TV that always get to do what they want. The next thing you would probably start thinking about is how much money they probably have. “A carefree life is a luxury only affordable by the rich” sounds like something you would tell yourself to feel better. But the truth is that anyone can be carefree. It just depends on your definition and aspirations thereof.

The word carefree is a very controversial one and is used in various situations to mean many different things. The idea of carefree living is not a universal one and hence is not universally acceptable. But many reasons for this is owed to a general misunderstanding of the word itself and its makings. 

Many people see a carefree lifestyle as a bad thing because of how it has been depicted to them. Some others look up to such depictions as they think it would make them ‘cool’ to be that way. But the truth is that being carefree has nothing to do with the way they portray it in the media. It is more of an intrinsic value capable of helping any who possess it to become better versions of themselves.

The Difference Between Carefree and Careless

I mentioned earlier that carefree is a mistreated word. What I did not say was how intensely. It is common for an elder to use the word when scolding a child for being irresponsible or stubborn. It is because the most common misconstruction of the word ‘carefree’ is that it is more than often mistaken for ‘careless’. But a carefree nature is quite far from outright carelessness.

I will now outline and summarise the clarifying difference between both. And talk about some of the many reasons why the former is so essential.


By definition, carelessness means a general unconcerned attitude towards life and an inappropriate disregard for the possible consequences of your actions. When a person is careless, they usually think very little of what they could be raking up by doing something they know could be dangerous. This danger could be to them or those around them. But either way, careless people generally do not care. 

Described with words such as ‘unconcerned’ and ‘lackadaisical’, careless people exhibit an overall apathy towards life. The reason that makes them potentially unsafe to be around or entertain. In essence, a careless person is anyone who acts impulsively. Who does not show any concern for their lives or the lives of those around them.


On the other hand, carefree people are very much aware that they can not just act out whenever they please. A carefree person knows and accepts that the decisions they choose to make can drastically affect them and other people. 

Therefore, being carefree is not so much about not caring at all as it is about reducing your anxious tendencies. Carefree people are usually individuals who tend to worry too much about aspects of their lives that need not take so much headspace. That is why they actively choose not to let those aspects bother them anymore. 

So, as such, you could say that carefree is the opposite of anxious. It is a general realization of all the unnecessary things that bother us and the decision to stop them from holding as much water over our lives.

A carefree person is someone who now shows a general appreciation for life against such dastardly odds. Or someone who, though bombarded by a daily dose of stress-inducing work and interaction, takes all the clutter and pushes it to the side. Therefore, making way for a peaceful and more productive mind. 

The Importance of a Carefree Life

To stress the importance of a carefree lifestyle would be to state the obvious many times over. Living a carefree life is not only important to you but also spills over into the environment around you and influences your peers to be carefree themselves. Below are some of the important aspects of a carefree lifestyle.

1. You Feel Lighter

It is probably the most noticeable reality of a carefree temperament. Whenever you actively decide not to be overburdened by the stresses of life, you should start to feel yourself become less weighty. Everything, including your thoughts and decision-making processes, begins to develop with less drag.

2. People Generally Want to Be Around You

It is one of the social benefits of being a carefree mind in that many people are just looking for some positivity to emulate. And when you become that beacon of perceived positivity, people will find it hard to resist you.

3. Overthinking is Reduced

Another incredible benefit of a carefree life is that overthinking is drastically reduced. Being an overthinker is just about the most irritating consequence of existing as a contemporary adult. But when you are carefree, you will find yourself thinking less about unnecessary stuff and more about those things that matter.

4. You Get to Do What You Want

Anxiety can be a hindrance to your goals and aspirations. The reason is that you spend so much time thinking about all the things that could go wrong that you forget about your dreams. With a carefree mindset, you would want to spend ample time pursuing your dreams and caring less about the negative aspects of things.

Tips On Living a More Carefree Life

There is no point in discussing the good in something without talking about how you can achieve it. So here are some ways by which you could start to live a more carefree life that works for you.

1. Take Time Doing the Things You Love

If you are going to adopt a carefree lifestyle, you have to spend a considerable time of your leisure doing the things you find comfort in. Your life would be a whole lot easier when you realize that you can not put your interests on the back burner all in the name of making a living. First and foremost, you have to explore and be happy with yourself.

2. Always Dwell On the Better Side of Things

Positivity is something that a lot of magazines and self-help books like to discuss. But the reason for it is seldom explained. The truth is that the average human mind is naturally prone to negativity. That is why there has to be some opposing motion that balances the equation. 

Therefore, you should not think of positivity as an unnecessary good but instead, believe it to be a realistic compromise with yourself to consider both sides of everything. Life is way too short to always dwell on your fears and insecurities.

3. Take Some Time To Rest

We all spend a high percentage of our days doing one thing or the other. And although we go to sleep at night only to wake up and resume work the next day, how much rest do we get? Rest is an essential part of life, and a lot of people do not get nearly enough of it out of the fear of being stigmatized as lazy. But the truth is that without rest, no one can work. 

So, instead of worrying so much about all the possible wrongs of taking a siesta or spending hours on end doing close to nothing, you should go ahead and do it. Getting enough rest is an effective way to make sure that you are more productive. Because when you are well-rested, you come back feeling refreshed and have an even better excuse to take on more work.

4. Be Consistent

In truth, there is no progress without consistency. You do not just take a load off one day and resume your daily stress routine the next day only to wonder why you are still anxious about life. Everything, including being carefree, takes commitment and consistency. And the sooner you realize this truth, the quicker and better you will make headway in your life.

When being carefree, it is necessary to recognize that you can not be 100% free of worry. It is the reduction of worry that matters, and not the complete alleviation thereof. 

Also, you can not completely eliminate worry because anxiety, bruises, and all, have the perks that make it essential to survival. So do not let your inability to be completely worry-free bother you as no one is ever completely worry-free.

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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