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The First Stroke Maneuver

by | Sensual Intimacy

Apr 24, 2024

The first stroke maneuver is a technique invented by one of our editors. It is a technique that is sure to help any guy make memorable first strokes. It features a series of moves and skills and makes women want to go mad every damn time. 

In our small survey of 17 women, 15 of them agreed that they knew whether or not sex would be great from just accessing the first stroke. 

“I could tell he would pay attention. I could tell from the first stroke that he actually cared about my body enough to want to know it.”
— Nene.

“The first stroke has always been my first stroke. Especially if we are talking about a guy who is having sex with me for the first time. It is an easy way to know if sex will be great.”
— Kembi. 

This article will be divided into sections. In the first section, I will show you how to do the first stroke maneuver and get it right every single time. Then, I will show you the five main qualities of a good first stroke. 

1. Get rid of anxiety

Seriously, before you do this, get rid of all the anxiety you must be feeling. Sex anxiety ruins a lot of things in the bedroom, including even the first strokes. Get rid of that anxiety and be ready to enjoy yourself. 

2. Do it in the missionary

I think the missionary position is the best position for the start of sex. This is because it is a rather sensual position. You get to look into your partner’s eyes and feel what they are feeling. 

And that is exactly what I want you to do. 

3. Knock at the door

You have probably seen or done this before. It looks like a cliche move, but it is not. Rub the shaft of your penis over the woman’s clitoris, and then hit it over the vulva as though you are knocking on the door to her vagina. 

Continue to glide the shaft of your penis over her labia. Rub in circular movements along the labia majora and minora, all the while looking at her face. I bet you she is feeling something deep. 

4. The cap rocks

The cap of your penis should be the first to go in, never the entire shaft of your penis. It should go in at an angle. 

When it goes in completely, pause. This is where the actual maneuvering begins. Make circular motions with your penis within the vagina. This is going to rub all her lubricant across you. 

Then slowly, push your entire penis in. 

5. Enjoy Yourself

The second stroke comes in here. Be sure to enjoy yourself. 

The 5 Qualities of a Good First Stroke

1. There is no pain

Pain is always the enemy of great sex. There should be no pain when one is seeking pleasure. Especially not when one is on the first stroke. As I have already said, a bad first stroke almost always ends up in bad sex. 

Shola said this to us: “Whenever the first stroke came with pain, whether this pain was from a lack of friction or from him just being rough, I knew the sex would not be great sex.”

The first stroke maneuver helps you avoid all pain, giving your partner only pleasure. 

2. It maintains the mood of the foreplay

Sex is a very sensitive moment. Even the littlest things stand out. Think about any time when you had been having sex, and suddenly, a knock sounded at the door. There was most likely a pause that lasted a few seconds. And after the pause, came some awkwardness. Or think of the time when your phone rang in the middle of great sex. 

These things happen even with foreplay. If you do not get the mood right after foreplay, there is a big chance you are going to mess the sex up. 

The first stroke retains the mood. It does not mess it up by being unduly awkward. 

Awkward first strokes are common in guys who have some anxiety around sex. While this is understandable, it is not excusable all the time. Let go of your anxiety around sex and enjoy it. Enjoy having sex. 

Good sex is great. 

3. The following strokes are fluid

Think of a relay race. We can say the first runner is remarkable if he or she hands down the batton to the next in line and nothing unusual happens. 

The first stroke is usually not only the best stroke. It is also the stroke that must make other strokes feel good. A good first stroke will produce a good second stroke, and a third, and it just keeps going. 

Nene said: “If his first stroke is really good, it will be something I feel. I will love it so much I hold it in mind to wait for the second stroke because I know it will be just as good.”

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4. There is intensity

The first stroke is a very intense one. That’s just it. It is why eye contact is such a big deal when one is pulling off the first stroke manuvere. 

A good first stroke is going to be very intense. It is going to make things a lot better. 

5. It doesn’t hurt you

Let’s shift the focus from your partner and focus on you a little. A good first stroke is not supposed to hurt you at all. It is supposed to be amazing, feeling good enough for you. 

If it hurts you, then it is not good. It suggests that there is a lot of friction. And the rule of thumb is: if you are feeling friction, your partner is likely feeling friction as well. 

Remember that friction is caused when two surfaces rub against each other. The both surfaces have to “rub”. 


The first stroke maneuver is an important and beautiful one.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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