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The Essential 10-Day Workout Plan For All-Round Fitness

by | Health & Wellness

Nov 27, 2020

Working your entire body will not only make you stronger but healthy and happy. The challenge here is that there is too many information out there. So much that you don’t know which exercise routine to choose, that is why we have come up with this 10-day workout plan for all-round fitness to make things easier for you. It will help you build strength, gain energy, and tone your entire body. 

Day 1 – Focus On Chest And Abs 

On your first day of training, you would need to focus on the bottom part of your chest. Also, work on your complete abdominals and increase your strength from the middle. Decline push up, bench press, and machine fly will help get you going. 

Working on your abs is not going to be fun at first, but you can do it. Try flutter kicks, sitting punches, bicycle kicks, and hanging leg raises. These exercises help work your muscle and get your body ready for the rest of the days.

Day 2 – Work On Your Shoulder And Back 

On the next day, you should be working on your shoulder and back. You might decide to go to the gym for this or stay at home if you have all the equipment. Start off working to strengthen the muscle group on your back. 

Exercise options like dumbbell deadlift, lower back extension, and machine row are great. For your shoulder, you should consider dumbbell fly and dumbbell press. Every exercise will help work you towards achieving your goal of toning your entire body. 

Day 3 – Legs And Biceps 

You can have a workout plan for all-round fitness without your legs and biceps. As you move about, you will need strong legs for flexibility and ease of mobility. You’ll also need to improve biceps muscle to aid when you’re lifting objects. Standing dumbbell curl and standing hammer curl is good biceps (1). 

Try barbell squat, leg curl, and standing calf raises to boost muscle group on your legs. Make sure you agree on the number of rounds you want to go per workout. Stick to the plan to help you achieve optimal results at the end. 

Day 4 – Jogging And Walking 

Today you may want to take things a bit light. Jogging and walking are two exercises that will benefit internal organs and muscles. You can start with walking and after a few minutes start jogging. Continue to interchange the exercise until you used up all the time you’ve planned for the exercise. 

The best thing is to do this outside to be on the move while taking in oxygen. If you can do that, then the treadmill will be okay for you as well. 

Day 5 – HIIT

If you already have HIIT training you’re familiar with then implement it today. If not, then look for something that will challenge you. Your HIIT workout option for this plan must be able to give an all-round effect. By the time you’re done, every muscle in your body should feel the impact. 

For this, you don’t need to go to the gym. HIIT is good for weight loss, burning fat, and improving blood pressure. You’ll also improve the flow of oxygen and reduce sugar levels in your body. 

Day 6 – Rest 

You will need to include a rest day in the middle of your workout plan for all-round fitness. The reasons and benefits of this cannot be overemphasized. This rest day will help your muscle heal and give your body time to recover from the past five days (2). 

Be careful not to get carried away today. Make sure you remain on course by eating well, resting, and hydrating. Rest will also get your body prepared and energized to complete your 10-day plan. 

Day 7 – Shoulder And Triceps

You’ve worked on your biceps before; now it’s time to put some energy in those triceps. While doing so, you’ll be working on your shoulders as well. Strong shoulders help make everyday activities like lifting objects feel easier. Barbell press front, dumbbell press, and dumbbell fly are a good exercise for shoulders. 

Your triceps will also need workouts like dips. This involves grabbing two bars and lowering yourself to reach a 90-degree angle. Cable bar pushdown and overhead dumbbell extension are going to work for triceps. Make sure you put some energy and power in it to get excellent results. 

Day 8- Abs And Chest

Like day one you’re going to work on your abs again today. Only this time, you’re extending it to include your entire chest. Having strong abs will help you withstand abdominal impact like taking punches. It will also increase strength and endurance and physical appearance. 

There are many effective abs exercise, but crunches should come first. Then you should also include mountain climbers, leg raises, side crunch, and raised knee in. For your chest, go for flat bench press and decline dumbbell press for optimal results. 

Day 9 – Upper Legs And Shoulder 

More than the rest of your body, your shoulder needs plenty of workouts. It would be best if you achieved strong shoulders for a successful workout plan for all-round fitness. Dumbbell presses will be your ultimate exercise today. They will do great work on your shoulder and make you feel strong. 

You should also include sets of dumbbell side raise and dumbbell front raise for impact. For your upper legs squats is the ideal option. You should also include hip thrust, leg extension, lunges, and kettlebell swing. 

Day 10 – Back And Biceps 

Working on your back will improve the strength and performance of your exercise. A strong back also means you’re going to have less back pain. For a strong back, try an exercise like a deadlift, wide pull up, and chin up close grip. 

You can also include lat pulldown exercise that can help with your back’s muscle group. Machine row is also a great option to help get your back strong and powerful.

By Sara Leandro

Sara Leandro is a certified health coach who helps others feel their best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals. She covers topics ranging from health and productivity to relationships.

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