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10 Texts to Make Him Chase You

by | Love

May 20, 2024

Want a man chasing after you? Here is how you get into his mind using text messages. Here are ten messages to make just about any man chase you.

1. It’s a cold afternoon today. I would love to be around you. But then again, no one really knows when either of us will have time. 

With this message, you are making a statement, showing him that you have such a big interest in spending time and hanging out with him. 

He is going to get the point, suddenly realizing that he has a shot with you. 

Men chase when they feel like they have got a shot with a woman. 

2. There’s something about you I am yet to figure out. I don’t know what it is, but maybe I will find out someday. 

What you are doing here is a reverse of what you intend to achieve. 

Men don’t really get reverse strategies. You can get a man to do something by presenting the opposite to him. 

Like with this one. As you show him that you are interested in figuring him out, he goes: well, she must be a smart one to try to figure me out. Maybe I have to figure her out, too, as well. 

This is going to make him chase you. 

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3. There are times when the only thing on my mind is sex, but then again, I remember what having conversations with you feels like. 

With this, you are showing him something that he cannot help but see. 

It’s like looking at a picture of a hot model. You only see the model. You don’t see the environment, even when there is something out there to see. 

While you are telling this man that you love conversations with him, you are actually showing him that he has a shot at having sex with you. 

I don’t know many men who will miss this shot. 

He is going to go: “Wait, does this mean she likes to have sex? If she does, then perhaps I have a shot with her.”

4. I love someone. But this someone doesn’t seem to notice me. Guess who that someone is? I am talking about you, stupid. 

With humor, you are showing this man that you have some affection for him. The humor is what makes things very beautiful. 

It is what makes him chase you. 

He knows you are not desperate—humor buffers desperation. Even if you are quite desperate, if you make a man laugh about it, he will not see past your humor.

It is going to make him chase you. 

5. Maybe all you have to do is look, and maybe your blind eyes will see that I want you as much as you want me. 

This is also very funny, and I don’t know a man who won’t chase after a woman he likes if she says this to him. 

It’s a show that the woman likes him. 

Men like to chase women who they know have some form of affection for them. 

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6. They say I am a puzzle one has to figure out. 

This is self-praise. And while it feels wrong, it isn’t bragging. It is just you showing the man that you have a feel-good bone inside of you about yourself. 

He will be intrigued by this, especially if you know when to slip it into the conversation. 

He is going to want to figure you out, because if other men are trying to, then there must be something special about you. 

7. Here are ten pictures of me. Tell me which one you like best, and that’s the one I will post. 

The best way to text a guy, if you want him to chase you, is to send him pictures and videos. 

Sending pictures is a great way to flirt. 

If you ask for his opinion on your pictures, it is a sign he gets. He immediately knows that you like him, and as I had mentioned earlier, this is going to drive him to chase you. 

If the pictures look great enough, then he is going to have more motivation to chase you.  

8. Do you want to see a picture of me in any clothes you love?

This is going to make him swoon. The first thing that will get into his head is: “Wooow, I may just get lucky.”

And the next thing that gets into his head is: “Wait, did she just flirt with me?”

In all, he will get a spark of hope. And this hope is going to make him chase you. 

One of the reasons men don’t chase is because the spark that is hope goes out too fast. If you make a man feel like there is no hope, that he won’t ever get sex or a relationship, then he is not going to chase. 

On the other hand, if you make him feel like there is going to be something at the end of the day, he is going to chase. 

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9. I will text you in an hour. Wait for mama. 

Waiting is something many men don’t like to do. 

Waiting is hard, of course, and it builds a lot of tension. Think of the time you had to wait for someone to show up for a date. 

You felt so tense, like the person wasn’t going to show up anymore. So you called them every two minutes, which literally translates to chasing them. 

That’s the exact thing that happens when you send a man messages like this one. He becomes tense and misses you, and if he waits long enough, he will begin to chase you. 

10. Guess how much I like you?

Here, you ask him one single question. But with this question comes a charade of emotions. 

He begins to wonder how much you like him and tries to make you like him even more. 


Men chase women who give them a glitter of hope. 

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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