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10 Texts to Get Him Chasing You

by | Love

Jul 7, 2023

I doubt there is any woman who does not like to be chased by a man she wants. Admit it: it feels great when men chase us. But what exactly makes a man chase a woman? Well, two things. Romantic interest and ego. If you are able to stroke these via texts, he is surely going to chase you for as long as he fails to grasp what you are doing. Here are ten texts to make him chase you.

Best Texts to Get Him Chasing You

1. It is so damn cold out here. I wonder why days like this exist for people like us who do not have someone lying next to us. 

This message is the perfect bait and will have him chasing you like he never has. It is simple why this works: it creates an image in his mind and subtly suggests that you want someone lying next to you. 

Men will almost never miss a chance to lay next to someone they deeply appreciate because, of course, men are sexual and like to be touched. Or better put, they love to do the touching. 

You can send this to him just the way it appears here, or you can make your own words. The trick is to create sexual desire by subtly infusing sexual imagery. 

2. Do you want to watch a movie sometime and have wine? I don’t know. I am asking because I can’t seem to shrug off that desire.

This text is a way of telling him that you may just want to go out with him. But seeing that you are keeping things subtle, he may want to be ‘sure’ you are talking about him. So, he will chase you.

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3. These have been very long days for me, and sometimes I wish there were someone who would just listen. Anyways, I am fine. I hope to be. I got this. 

This text to get him chasing you is likely going to sound very wrong to you. But do you know that men are drawn to women in distress? This is the thing with ego I talked about earlier. 

A man is wired to want to ‘help’ someone he considers weak or in need of help. So, when you make it known to him that you may need help whilst rejecting his help at the same time, be sure that he is going to chase you. 

What goes through his mind is: why doesn’t she want me to help her? Does she think I cannot be of desired help? Works every time. 

4. I want to be held and loved. But I know that can’t happen. At least not yet. 

His inner response will be: “Of course it can! Have you checked me out? I am right here.”

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5. I miss you sometimes; you know that, right? 

The best way to say this, if it is to work, is to text him and disappear. Men chase women who have learned the art of disappearing. 

This is why women who are always in the faces of the men they admire get no form of chase. The men are, of course, already used to them and may even begin to take them for granted. 

Text him you miss him and then disappear. Then watch him chase you. Like I always say: it is best to be subtle. Don’t let him figure out what you are doing because if he does, you will only push him away. 

6. I sometimes wish I didn’t always come home here to such a crowded inbox. I wish I loved texting much, even. Can I call you more often? 

With this, you are showing him that you are the ‘catch.’ Having multiple inboxes suggests that you have multiple admirers. And guess what men do with women who have multiple admirers? They chase.

7. I wish I had someone to walk with during the evenings. I miss walking down the street in the evenings. Just sad that I have had to deal with everything going on around me myself.

This text is doing two things. First, it suggests that you are in a weak place. This is, of course, going to raise all his instincts to help you. And as an aftermath, he is going to be further attached and start to chase you more. 

The second thing this text does is that it suggests to him that you will love to spend more time together. This is such a big indicator of interest for men. And as you already know, men are very attracted to women who are likewise attracted to them. 

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8. Do you know what it takes to forget about someone? I wish I knew. 

Of all the texts to get him chasing you I have listed so far, this is the perfect ego stroke. It suggests to a man that there may be someone else and that you are having a hard time forgetting that someone. 

Take a quick guess. What do you think that is going to happen? 

Of course, the text will make him want to prove himself to be better than the other person. He is going to say: “Hey, I want to be the person you do not forget. How about you forget them and come to me?”

9. What do you think a woman who doesn’t enjoy sex should do? I am asking for a friend.

First, you should know he knows you are asking for yourself. Second, he, of course, knows what such a woman should do.

In his head, the perfect answer is: “I think she should have sex with me.” 

Men are very driven egos. It is something of a bedrock of their masculinity. They want to prove to themselves and to the people around them that they are everything they believe themselves to be. Interesting, isn’t it? 

10. I think I might like someone.

One sentence is less than ten words but powerful enough to make him chase you. He will chase. I can promise you that. 

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Bottom Line

If you know the right strings to pull, you will get just about any man to chase you. You can ignite any guy’s interest and make him pursue you with these captivating texts, creating a dynamic and exciting connection that keeps him hooked.

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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