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Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date Your Neighbor

by | Dating Tips

Oct 10, 2020

Dating is having a romantic relationship with someone else. You go for social hangouts to get to know each other better. Sometimes people who date end up getting married, and sometimes they end up breaking up as well. Having a romantic relationship with your neighbor has its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, it is not always right to date your neighbor. Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t date your neighbor.

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Date Your Neighbor

1. Loss Of Privacy: Dating tends to entail lots of hanging out together. When you’re dating your neighbor, you hang out in each other’s house. This can be a form of invasion of privacy. Your neighbor is also aware of when you go out and when you come back. Dating too close will always make him want to hang out with you constantly. And it might be difficult saying you don’t feel like hanging out. Your partner will start to suspect that you are hiding something. It’s good for your date to be living somewhere far from you. There is less suspicion because they don’t have evidence to prove anything.

2. If The Relationship Ends, Things Get Awkward: When your relationship doesn’t work out, you have to go your separate ways. If you live close, you will encounter your neighbor every day, and it might get awkward. Avoiding your neighbor will not always be possible. When your neighbor is your ex, you will get uncomfortable. You also will not feel at home anymore, especially if it were a regretful breakup. While at home, you feel safe and secure anymore. You might even start considering moving to another area due to awkward encounters.

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3. It Can Lead To Stalking: Because you are dating your neighbor, you see them every day. So when you see another person in their apartment, you become suspicious. Within a short time, you will become a stalker. Monitoring your partner and always wanting to know who visits them. You become occupied by thoughts about where they go and who they have seen lately. Stalking may lead to distrusts and obsessiveness, which doesn’t help anybody. It is a very bad thing that shouldn’t be part of any relationship. Sometimes, stalking leads to sexual violence, so you should do everything to avoid it (1).

4. Your Private Life Becomes Public: People will always talk about everything they see. Dating your neighbor can put you in a state of constant distress as it affords an avenue for other people to gossip about your relationship. Because the two of you are always seen together, people will start making assumptions. If this continues, it can damage your reputation. If the relationship fails, you become an object of mockery to others in the neighborhood. Many people don’t like this because of the shame to both you and the person you are dating. You become tagged for life as someone who cannot handle a relationship. If you were not dating your neighbor, no one would know anything unless you’re very good at keeping things secret.

5. The Relationship Might Move Faster Than Expected: Another reason why you should n0t date your neighbor is because of the way things move so fast. When you’re seeing someone close to your home, everything seems to move very fast. Relationships work better when you do it with caution. But you might not be able to do that because the person you are dating is living near. It might even come to the stage that your partner asks for you to move in after some month of dating. Wich may not be what you want as a lady. Dating your neighbor can also pressurize you into having sex when you are not ready.

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6. Reduces Your Hanging Out With Friends: Dating your neighbor can affect your relationship with other people. Like your friends, for example. Because you are dating your neighbor, they may want you to hang out all the time. Thereby limiting the time you spend with your friends and family. You might not even see your friends again and spend time with them. The frustration sets in, and your friends don’t call you anymore. Dating shouldn’t make you remove people you already know. It should complement them, and they should be part of it, to some extent. 

7. No Space: Every relationship needs space to work out. Sometimes constant hanging out is not good for a relationship. The high possibility of losing your space is why you shouldn’t date your neighbor. You might get choked in the relationship and eventually end it. Missing each other is good for your relationship. Some people don’t do well in a relationship if they see each other too often. If you’re that kind of person, then dating your neighbor is not an option.

8. Both Parents Can Interfere Anytime: Dating your neighbor makes your parent have a lot of control over the relationship. Everyone around, including both parents, are aware of what is going on. They can make decisions that will hinder the growth of the relationship. If both parents are not on speaking terms, it will affect the relationship between the two lovers. The feeling that parents can control everything their children do is strengthened. 

9. May Lead To Financial Problems: it’s good to help people with cash when they’re in trouble. But when it’s too much, it may affect your finances. Another reason why you shouldn’t date your neighbor is due to the financial burden. Most think of their family members, friends, or neighbors when in a financial mess. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is living next door, you’ll be the first person to call. You will end up feeling they’re taking advantage of you. Dating neighbors is not for everyone. If you can’t manage it, don’t do it. If you must do it, have a conversation about money (2). The two of you must decide on how you’re going to deal with it when any issues about it arise.

10. It Can Create Suspicions: When lots of discussions start emanating from one’s partner, suspicion is created. One partner begins to feel the other person is cheating. Then they become the center of discussion among the neighbors. Nobody wants to see other people discussing their partner, especially in a demeaning way. If your lover is next door, you can’t avoid such a scenario. Suspicions can lead to terrible things that both of you will regret. 

Photo credits: by Skitterphoto from Pexels

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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