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Ten Reasons To Avoid Sex On The First Date

by | Dating Tips

Oct 3, 2020

A first date is an initial step into starting a romantic relationship. On a first date, the two people involved get to know each other. They share ideas, relate, and understand what those things they have in common are. Many people are asking if it is proper to have sex on the first date. I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life. But I believe it is wrong to do something like that. Here are 10 reasons to avoid sex on the first date.

1. Have Some Respect For Yourself

If you want your partner to respect you, don’t have intercourse on the first date. Having sex on your first date may make the other person think you’re cheap. Most people find it hard to have respect for someone like that. Especially if you’re a woman, you need to avoid it.

Take your stand and give yourself some respect, no matter the temptation. A woman may also lose respect for a man who wants to have sexual intercourse on the first outing. 

2. You Don’t Know The Person Well

It will be very unwise of you to have intercourse with someone you don’t know. You never know if your first date is a stalker, a serial killer, or a hired assassin. You’re allowing them to do what they want to you. The first date is an opportunity to get to know your date, so use it for that purpose.

After your first date, you will go on other dates and learn more about the person. One date is not enough to prove the person is reliable and can stay in a relationship. You never know if the person wants you for that.

Sleeping with that person on the first date gives the person what they need. The person ends up not seeing you again, and that can be very painful. Try to go on a couple of dates before talking about the issue of having intercourse.

3. To Prevent Baby Making

Having sexual intercourse leads to reproduction. Sometimes using protection is not always effective. So when you have sex with someone on the first date, there is a possibility that you can become pregnant. What if the guy decides he doesn’t want the baby. You’re going to have a child out of wedlock, and you can even tell the story of the conception.

There is also the risk you may never see the person again. You may not even be able to recognize them when you see them many years later. Unintended pregnancy may also lead to abortion, which may not be something you want (1). 

4. You Don’t Know About Their Medical Status

Sexually transmitted infections are contracted through intercourse. When you have intercourse with someone on the first date, you don’t know if they have any infections.

Nobody will tell you they have any sexually transmitted infections when they want to have intercourse with you. So sleeping together on the first date is a bad idea as you are at great risk of infections. Having sex on the first date might turn into a serious medical disaster that will cost you so much.

5. To Show Self Control

When a girl is offering you herself on the first date, you should take control and take a stand. Show that you’re someone who can control yourself. Such behavior shows an incredible personality and will make the girl respect you.

Self-control is one of the good qualities that a responsible man must have. It also shows a high level of masculinity, which is something women admire. 

6. Prevent Heart Break

What happens when you have sex on the first date, and the person doesn’t call you again? You will feel heartbroken. Sex is a psychological and emotional thing. So when you have intercourse with someone, you get attached to that person.

Don’t start something that you will soon regret. Wait for the right moment and avoid exposing yourself as a desperate person. 

7. To Gain The Trust Of The Other Person

Another good reason to avoid sex on the first date is that, when you sleep with a guy on the first date, he may consider you a promiscuous woman. He may also conclude that you are not worth a relationship. Trust is a very important factor in every relationship.

Having intercourse on the first date can cause a guy to think you will do the same thing with anyone you meet. And when a guy doesn’t trust you from the first date, that relationship has no hope. Give people the reason why they need to trust you.

8. To Build Interest

Sleeping with someone on the first date makes everything else feel boring with less adventure. When a guy gets it right from the start, it builds no interest or drive to start a relationship. There is nothing to hope for anymore. Guys derive adrenalin, trying to chase a woman to like them.

The reward is the eventual getting you to bed. But when this happens without any contest or effort, it becomes eventless. If you want him to grow an interest in you, don’t show him what is between your legs so fast. Let him work for it. 

9. Relationship Built On Sex Doesn’t Last Long

When a guy is with you only because of your body, the relationship will later crumble. It often happens when the urge to have intercourse dries up.

Committed relationships and real love are built on the knowledge of the other partner, not sex. Having sexual intercourse on the first date is like building a relationship based on sex. Which means a large part of the relationship is about this aspect.

Eventually, the partners will realize they had no relationship aside from sex. Most of the time, such relationships don’t last.

10. Prevent Any Form Of Awkwardness

Having someone for the first is always awkward. Especially if you are getting to know that person. If you have been dating that person for long, the sex might not be that awkward.

Having sex on the first date will make you feel awkward and doubting. Spend some time to know each other. Sometimes, people fall into this temptation because they are in need of sex. Take charge of your mind and have some respect for your body.

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Photo credits: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels.

By Sara Leandro

Sara Leandro is a certified health coach who helps others feel their best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals. She covers topics ranging from health and productivity to relationships.

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