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Ten Natural Ways To Help You Boost Your Libido

by | Love and Romance

Jan 1, 2022

Libido is a condition that affects both men and women. But there’s good news. You can do several things to boost your libido naturally, even without medication.

Your sex life is an essential part of your well-being. It includes your physical, emotional, and mental health and life quality. Great sex life is the wish of lots of couples. They are willing to do anything to make it possible. Complications with sex are about before sexual activity occurs rather than during sex.

Here are ten natural ways to boost your libido and help promote a healthy sex life.

1. Exercise Regularly

Cardiovascular exercise plays a vital role in the heart’s health. Therefore, engaging in regular activity helps boost your libido. You also get to boost your self-esteem, which will encourage you to work out more. Exercise maintains sex drive by producing low cortisol levels.

It also gives rise to feel-good endorphins. Also, it helps to reduce stress. Regular exercise increases the frequency of sexual activities and satisfies orgasms. 

People who work out also have sexual organ proper functionality. Strength training helps boost libido better than cardiovascular exercises. Likewise, kegel exercises improve the strength of the pelvic muscles in men and women. The practice helps strengthen vaginal muscles for a good orgasm. Yoga helps with boosting your libido, lubrication, satisfaction, and arousal.

2. Ensure You Eat Healthy Meals

Your sex life is a reflection of the state of your health. Hence, nutrition plays a vital role in promoting an active sex life. Avoid and limit your intake of fatty foods, as they cause obesity and high blood cholesterol. These two increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Healthy meals keep the body well-nourished and allow it to perform well. It would be best to include fruits and vegetables in your daily meals. Never joke with onions, garlic, peppers, and chilies since they are essential in boosting your libido. Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin B-1 and low in bad fats and sodium.

3. Maintain A Healthy Weight

Obese or overweight have a higher risk of developing diabetes and hypertension. These conditions affect a person’s sex life and result in sexual problems. There is an increase in sexual desire and appeal for women with good body weight and those losing weight.

An increase in the sexual performance of men with erectile dysfunction is common. But only when they try to lose weight. People with high cholesterol risk building plaque in the blood vessels. It slows down blood flow to the sex organs, causing difficulties in arousal and orgasm.

4. Reduce Smoking To Improve Sex Drive

Smoking results in reductions in vitality. People who indulge in frequent tobacco intake cut flow to every part of their sex organs. Constriction of the blood vessels causes a reduced inflow of blood. When this happens, there is difficulty in having an erection.

Those who manage to get an erection have problems maintaining it. Smoking reduces the libido of both men and women. Women who smoke tobacco experience a reduction in lubrication of the vagina. Smokers who want to improve their sex life have to give up smoking.

5. Spend Quality Time With Your Partner

To enjoy and have a great sex life, you need to spend more face-to-face time with your partner. Equally important is the need to have a connection between two people. Physical affection often leads to great sex. It will only occur when both partners spend time together.

Spending enough time with your partner helps improve your sex life. Be sure to include alone time with your partner. No phones, computers, or television in your schedule. Only the two of you enjoying and feeling yourselves.

6. Try Eating Certain Foods

Evidence supports the effectiveness of certain foods, like fruits and chocolate. A study shows that chocolate promotes phenylethylamine and serotonin’s release into the body, which can uplift your mood.

Also, foods like figs, bananas, and avocados provide essential vitamins and minerals, promoting a healthy sex life. A study even suggests that the chocolate effect on sexuality is probably more psychological than biological.

7. Ensure You Receive Adequate Sunlight

Exposing yourself to sunlight increases the amount of melatonin produced in the body. Melatonin helps the body get sufficient sleep, thereby boosting your libido. Avoid staying all day indoors. Go outside and let the sunshine on your body. It will boost your libido.

During winter, the body produces more melatonin. During this period, ensure you go outside and let the sunshine hit your skin. You’ll be surprised at the results.

8. Reduce The Amount Of Alcohol Consumed

Most people assume an increase in sexual urge when drinking alcohol. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Consuming alcohol in large quantities reduces sexual drive. Large amounts of alcohol cause difficulties in having an erection.

Any erection you have after taking a strong drink is temporal and will soon be gone. Women who consume large quantities of alcohol reduce their capacity to achieve orgasm. Alcohol is a depressant, and consuming vast more than necessary, should be avoided. 

9. Try Out Different Positions

Your sex life will be boring when you use the same position, in the same way, every time. You need to start trying out new different positions to spice up your sex life. There are anticipation and an increased desire to engage in it when it promises to be fun.

New positions can also help you overcome some sexual problems. If the woman is having problems reaching orgasm, try out new something fresh. You would find the best positions in online blogs of sex experts.

10. Be Relaxed

Stress affects your urge for sex. Also, it increases blood pressure and heart rate, which affects sexual performance negatively. Getting stressed psychologically affects erection and orgasm. Be sure to be relaxed; take some time out to be alone with your partner.

Also, try to engage in honest discussions with your partner. It will help you relax. Play a game with your partner, take some time off, and go out on a date that will reignite some sparks and passion in your relationship life.

11. Write down things fantasize about

Writing down your fantasies will help you explore possible ways you think might turn your partner on. Think of new activities and visualize what the outcomes might be on your mind.

You can also try to think of or remember an encounter or a movie that aroused you. Write them down and then relate what you wrote down to your partner. For people who have low desire, this will be of great help.

Bottom Line

If, however, you have tried these suggestions stated here, don’t give up hope. Consult your doctor. He will explore other possible options or treatments that can help you solve the sexual problem. Don’t relent in your effort to boost your libido.

One option your healthcare provider might present to you is the use of safe and effective penis pumps. They’re typically used to treat erectile dysfunction temporarily, but they can be helpful in upping your libido because they draw blood to the penis. In the course of use, the device may also give you an extra length.

That, though, is temporary and not a permanent fix, as some vendors might have you believe. Still, with the use of the right penis pump, you will be able to achieve an erection and maintain it long enough to have sex.

Therapy is also a practical approach to increasing low libido. Individual counseling can tackle issues such as; negative aspects of sex, self-esteem, and other known causes of low sex drive such as; stress, depression, and anxiety. Individual therapy sessions can go a long way to revamp sex drive. It’s worth trying also.

By Sara Leandro

Sara Leandro is a certified health coach who helps others feel their best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals. She covers topics ranging from health and productivity to relationships.

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