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10 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend to Make Her Cry

by | Love

May 29, 2023

Every now and then, your girlfriend needs to be retold just how you feel about her. Assurance means more to women than some guys, sadly, will ever understand. It runs deep and pools at her heart so that, so filled with emotion, she may even begin to cry. Here are some of the sweetest things to say to your girlfriend to make her cry.

1. I remember the morning you walked into my life. Feels like yesterday. I look back at how much we have grown sometimes, and a smile takes me. You are such a blessing to me, and I will never really wish for or ask for another.

Say this looking into her eyes, and say it from your heart. 

Show her she is not a bug to you in any way, and if anything, all she has been is a blessing. 

Usually, when women are told stuff like this, they end up striving to do better–to be better. 

Praise motivates a lover to love deeper.

2. It gets better with you. I have observed this, and I can say that you do make my life feel a lot easier. Talking to you is the easiest possible thing, and I am grateful you are here.

This is also a means to praise her. But this time, you are doing more than praise. You are also assuring her that she does not have to deal with the fear of being kept in the dark about certain decisions you make. 

She now knows she will always be the first person you reach out to when you have something to say.

3. Sometimes, I feel like you are a gift. I do not feel like I am good enough for you, though. But you say I am, and I believe you. I will always believe you.

Say this straight out of your heart as though you are talking to yourself. She has to know she is a gift to you if she is ever to act as a gift. 

I see a lot of guys talk down on their girlfriends. You shouldn’t fall for this. Speak to her with as much respect as possible. She is going to be the version of her in your mind. 

So, if you think she is a gift to you, she will become a gift to you.

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4. It’ll probably scare you to know how much I love you. It does scare me. I didn’t know I was capable of loving anyone this much. But look at me. I keep staring at this picture of us and imagining a future we both build for ourselves. Trust me; it is beautiful.

Say this on a day when you both are going through your galleries together. I advise couples who are in healthy relationships without any toxic past to look at their old pictures every now and then. 

It helps you both access your growth. 

She is surely going to cry when you say this to her whilst holding a picture of your darkest times in her face.

5. You probably do not believe this yet. But you remain one of the most beautiful women I have seen. And I can tell that is not changing anytime soon.

Over time, many women begin to deal with some negative thoughts about their looks. This is especially if they have been in a relationship for very long, and for some reason, they pick up a subconscious hint that their partner may not be as attracted to them as before. 

This is why it is important to step in and remind her how beautiful she looks. Remember that these sentences written here are just templates. You can, but you don’t have to say them the way they are. 

Read them carefully and try to frame them in your own words. 

Use your own words to tell her how beautiful she is. Tell her you will always be attracted to her sexually. 

This works best if she has just been through pregnancy or is seeing some changes in her body she is weirdly uncomfortable with. 

6. There is a lot of good coming our way. I know what the future looks like. It is truly beautiful. I can wait until it is here.

Every woman seeks one thing in a relationship, and many times it is not even love. Of course, women seek love and romance. But not nearly as much as they seek stability. 

A woman seeks for herself a very stable environment where she can be herself and truly love her man. When she is certain that this environment is created, she is going to walk into it and bare herself to the strength of her emotions. 

And trust me, a woman’s emotions are strong enough to make her cry. 

Say this to her as a means to make her feel stable. Assure her that you are going to be there with her and there is not going to be someone else. 

As I mentioned earlier, you sure can say this in your own words. Just be sure you are saying it from your heart. 

Women are able to pick on genuineness.

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7. You know, I have tried to imagine a life without you a number of times. Weirdly, when I close my eyes, there are no thoughts behind my eyelids. This tells me there is no future without you. You are in every one of my plans in the most beautiful of ways.

This is also a great way to remind her that she is in all your plans. 

It creates an environment of stability where she can be herself. When you tell her this, you can be creative enough to make it a conversation. 

You can ask what she sees when she thinks about a future with you and then what she sees when she thinks about a future without you.

I can assure you that you may cry too. 

Women are pure lovers, and even if they seem to hide this side of themselves earlier on in a relationship, it eventually comes out. 

I am sorry I am digressing so much. But I just have to add this; if you only started dating a woman and for some reason feel like she does not love you enough, it may be because she is hiding. 

Don’t try to push her too much. Give her some time, and she is going to come around.

8. I love you more than anything. That is all there is to say.

Sometimes, women are able to pick on the emotion in your voice. They are able to tell when you deeply mean something and when you don’t. 

So, you don’t have to say too much to bring her to that point where she is overtaken by a wake of emotion that brings her to tears. 

Just saying you love her may come off as the sweetest thing ever. She knows you mean it. And guess what? She believes it, and she will cry.

9. I look at you sometimes and wish I could take all your pain away. You look to me like a queen. I don’t know how, but I know I am going to make your life better. I know I am going to love you in a new way every day because you sure are deserving of all the love you can get.

This is best said to her when she seems to be dealing with something she needs time to grieve through. Say, the love of a loved one. 

Those times can be very traumatic for a woman, and she needs all the love she can get then. 

Say this to remind her that you are not blind to all the struggles she has been exposed to. 

Tell her she is not alone and will never be. Remind her that you would gladly take away all her pain if you had your way. 

She must see that there is little to nothing you will not be willing to do for her. 

This brings her to the stability we talked about earlier. A stable lover is one of the best things there is. And I hope for you, and for everyone, you share this with, that you will someday be opportune to be in a stable kind of love.

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10. These few days have seemed weirdly empty. I guess it is because you are not home. I have been staring at the clock and watching the calendar, wishing that somehow, you do come back before the due date. I love you.

This is best sent as a text when she travels for some days or weeks. It is easy to feel disconnected from your partner when they are away from you. Don’t give in to this disconnect. Send that text!


Your woman deserves all the love she can get. You should make sure you give her as much as you are capable of, even when she is not close. Write that text, and hit send.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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