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Top 10 Sweet Romantic Messages For Her

by | Love

Nov 4, 2022

Talking with your woman is awesome, but we all know messages can reach a woman’s heart how they want to be reached. With these sweet romantic messages for your her, you’ll get to make your her smile and tell her how much she means to you.

Imagine that she smiled each time a text from you came into her phone and called to say: “Hey, I just read your text. I love you so much.” This can happen, and I mean every single time if you press the right romance buttons. Check out these top 10 romantic messages for her.

1. Hey, I just thought about you. Thank you for being a part of my life. It is easier with you around, you know? Keep being the amazing person you are. 

Why it works: women love to be the reason why good things happen to their men. They always want to feel that their presence makes things easier and better. So, when she reads this text from you, be sure that she is going to smile and love you even more. 

2. You know you are amazing, right? I just thought about you and want to tell you how proud I am of you and all you do. 

Why it works: everyone wants to be around someone who is proud of them. When you show your woman that she makes you proud, you are telling her that you love her dearly and are her number-one cheerleader. Nothing is more romantic to a woman than a man who cheers her on. 

3. It is a cold night today. Makes me remember how warm it is with you. How gently you kiss me. You know, every second spent with you proves to be the best seconds of my life. 

Why it works: this romantic message lets her see that she is on her mind. This is essentially what romance is: showing the other person that they have a hold on you and that you are not resisting this love you feel. 

When you show a woman that you are accepting of your relationship, she begins to love you more. 

4. Hey, big head. Don’t tell me you are seated there at your desk thinking about me and making that annoying face you make. I am looking at a picture of you right now. And guess what? You are making that face. 

Why it works: too many people believe that romance has to be cheesy or ‘sweet.’ This may not be completely true. As long as it draws you both close to each other, you can consider it romance. This message is the perfect blend of sarcasm and romance and will have her laughing, smiling, and then thinking about you. 

5. I am thinking about stars, and all I see is you or any of those cheesy things they say on TV. 

Why it works: her first reaction from reading this will be loud laughter. This is all shades of cute. First, it is funny and sarcastic, and then it is cute. It tells her, though indirectly, that you have been thinking of her. This subtlety is everything sometimes. 

The best kind of romance is the subtle one, into which we have to dig to get a deeper feeling. 

6. I think I miss you. I don’t know if I actually do, but my heart flutters when I think about you, and I close my eyes and think about how you would have leaned forward if you were here, telling me about someone who is stepping on your toes. There is always someone, haha. Xoxo. 

Why it works: like the romantic message above it, this is the perfect display of humor. And humor is cute. This message also puts an image in her head. She thinks of you and all the times she has to tell you about her day. 

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7. You know I have never regretted being with you for a second? I believe falling in love with you has been one of the best choices I have ever made. This is not meant to sound movie-like, though. How is your big head? 

Why it works: it puts a smile on her face. That’s it. That is why it works. When you make a woman smile as sheepishly as this text will make your woman, it means you have struck a romantic nerve. More often than not, she will call you and laugh about it. 

8. Remember the first time we met? It was in a—–and I was shy, and you were too. Or remember when we had our first kiss in some place downtown? (Personalize this. Make it about your relationship.)

Why it Works: beautiful memories are romantic. Remind her of the most beautiful moments you both shared. Let it come from your heart and feel real. You can sure add some sarcasm. The memories meant a lot to her, and she will be drawn to thinking about them if you make her; she will be drawn, even to creating more. 

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9. I think about you a lot, you know? I mean, I think about everything, even that one time when you (add her embarrassing moment you both laugh at, or any other inside joke). We should go out when you are back home. 

Why it works: it feels great to be on a person’s mind. When you send your woman this romantic message, you show her that she has been on your mind. As often as you can, let your woman see that you think about her a lot. She will feel wanted in your life; the romance between you both will deepen, and so will the love. 

10. I love you so much. I always will. 

Why it works: this seems like a boring classic, but it is not. It works. Sometimes, it is best to be direct about any display of affection. She doesn’t want to ‘decode’ your affection when she may be in doubt. She wants to see it right there, clearly, staring at her. So, go classical. 

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Romance can be subtle as well as obvious. Just make sure you are getting into her mind and making her feel things you, too, are feeling through romantic messages. As a rule, if she is to feel anything, you have to feel it first. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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