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Ways to Succeed as a Teenager (14 Secrets Every Teen Must Know)

by | Ideas

Jul 18, 2021

The teen years can be exciting, but they can also be confusing for teenagers. A successful teenager is one who acts responsibly, works hard to become proficient, and does not give up when faced with obstacles. Today we bring you tips that you can work on to succeed as a teenager.

The ages between 13-19 is a significant period in a person’s life. Immense growth is undertaken in this period. As a teen, many invigorating opportunities for progress are offered to you. The perfect balance of duty and independence can push you towards becoming a successful teen and a well-refined grown-up.   

The phase of being a teenager is riddled with tough and life-changing decisions. This article is dedicated to helping teenagers around the world how to be more aware of their life and the things to do or adapt to in order to succeed in life.

14 Secrets Every Teen Must Know to Succeed

1. Strive to do well in school.  

The school sets you up for a better future regardless of how exhausting and boring it currently is. Education can help you become productive in society. This is why you should strive to do well in classes, do your assignments on time, and get good grades. 

These things and more will help you get into prestigious colleges and universities, which will eventually empower you to get into an incredible line of work later on.   

2. Do what you love. 

Do something creative, something you enjoy, and also try new hobbies like dancing, writing, sewing, singing, etc. This will help you pass time and it will also develop your personality.  

Adopt new things and techniques; you may be astounded to find that you truly enjoy them!  

3. Abstain from drugs.

Keep in mind; No drugs ever. Lots of people are on the wrong course now or dead because of their dependence on drugs and other harmful substances. Do not be easily influenced by tv shows or music genres that promote drugs. 

Also, avoid giving in to peer pressure as much as you can. Do not let your curiosity drag you down the wrong path either.   

4. Draw your future.   

Nothing wrong with dreaming about your future, but you can even do yourself a better one by actually figuring out your goals in life. Think about the careers you want to pursue based on your interests, strengths, and capabilities.    

Figuring this out may be theoretical things like creating a blog and updating your passion on it. You could also start a fundraiser for a local community issue. Sporting activities are also encouraged. The goal is for you to challenge yourself…your accomplishment may surprise you!    

5. Choose your friends wisely.  

Have good friends that will be there to help you, support you and cheer you up. Be with friends who better you and vice versa. Your choice of friends will help you go a long way after high school; nothing like childhood friendships that grow into stronger bonds as you grow older.    

6. Be active.

Participate in a sports team at school or out of school. Go for runs or jogs around your area, if it is safe to do so. Take your dog on a long walk. Join a yoga class, go swimming, do sit-ups during breaks on TV – anything! Just make sure to work out! It helps to lift your overall feelings, your physical, and mental state won’t also be left out.

Research shows that people who stay active in their teens will be more physically active when they’re grown-ups. So, what are you waiting for?    

Don’t be too let down if you find out you are not so good at the sporting activity you like. What matters is your passion for it. This will eventually make you give your best efforts. Ever heard of practice make perfect?!   

7. Volunteer your time.

Volunteering not only help with your local area’s status; it can even make you happier. Studies show that teens who volunteer are less inclined to foster depressing thoughts and other emotional problems than those who don’t.  

Discover volunteer places around you that interest you, for instance, if you love being around animals, try an animal shelter. If it’s people you enjoy helping, volunteer at a soup kitchen. If it’s helping the environment that you prefer, get a group of people who share your passion, hold meetings and sort out how to plant trees or pick trash; this helps to keep the environment clean. Helping people is like helping yourself in the long run.

Furthermore, asides from making a difference in the world, volunteering can point you toward your work-related abilities, for example, you will build skills like time management, people management, and other positive responsibilities. 

Some schools even reward the learning part of volunteer work with credit hours. If you have your sight set on college, volunteering makes you more appealing during the application process.

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8. Be nice to your parents and teachers. 

Keep in mind, your parents and teachers are there to assist you to be your best version for as long as you’re a part of their life. Respect them and give them their regard, regardless of how much they get on your nerves.  

Remember that they do the things they do because they care and want you to prevail in every aspect of life. You don’t get to pick your teachers or parents, but you actually put up with them. Learn to manage people because as a grown-up, you won’t be able to pick your neighbors, boss, or co-workers.   

9. No matter what, continue your education. 

Average teenagers go through two significant educational achievements: the first is moving on from college and the second is graduating college. During this period, teens go through difficult times, making them put school on the back burner especially when the bane of their concern is the institution itself or the people in it.  

Nonetheless, to succeed as a teenager, education should be seen as a positive investment for the future and a way to pique teenagers’ curiosity about how the world works. Additionally, higher education can open the way for good jobs. So, work towards your goals and interests via education.   

10. Track your expenses.   

Remittances, gifts, and paychecks are a source of revenue as a teenager. Figuring out how to oversee your finance begins with how you spend that income. 

Make your personal money journal where you record the entirety of your spending for a certain period – weekly, monthly, or annually. Then assess what you spend by selecting what is vital (like gas, vehicle insurance, phone bills) and entertainment, (for example, movie tickets and outings).  

Making this journal will assist you with tracking where your cash goes and this will set you on the track to making a budget and savings.   

11. Save money.  

After learning to track your expenses, the next thing for you to learn is saving. Having a bank account will help with your savings. There are different plans for teenage banking. All you have to do is talk to a manager or financial advisor. 

Also, do some research prior to opening the account. When you have one opened, plan a monthly budget that will help you set to the side some cash to save.  

12. Become more self-reliant and responsible.  

To succeed as a teenager, sort out your home dynamics, and assert your independence in places you think you can be helpful to the family. For instance, make your own meals or prepare the family meals once in a while if needed, clean up after yourself, care for your younger ones, or even get a part-time job.

These things show how independent you can be. As you gain more independence and responsibilities, know that things won’t always be rosy. There will be times you will feel overwhelmed by people’s expectations of you, but keep in mind that every experience teaches you to be a better person and helps you grow.   

13. Adopt extracurricular learning.   

The process of learning in class might have an end, this does not mean it should stop there! Find out about new subjects when you are home, or join clubs that can help you develop new abilities.    

It’s possible that some topics may have piqued your curiosity, but they’ve never been thought in school. A teenager that intends to succeed will use the free time on their hand to learn more about these varying subjects and extend their knowledge.   

Make a conscious effort to learn something new every day no matter your age. This will help you constantly improve in and outside class.  

14. Learn Proper etiquette.  

Oftentimes, teenagers don’t get taken seriously by adults and this can be frustrating, which is why as a teenager, you should work continuously on your social skills.   

Your social skills can drastically increase how you are perceived, generally.   

Practice these essential social skills that are often neglected, even by grown-ups:    

  • Say please and thank you  
  • Hold doors for strangers 
  • Stand up for the elderlies to sit when there is nowhere else for them to sit  
  • Make eye contact when conversing 
  • Try to understand people’s side when you have to make decisions  
  • Show confidence, amongst other things 

These things might be difficult to execute, but they have a significant effect on life.    

Life is full of wonderful activities that you can do and learn about. Take things one step at a time till you arrive at your goal.    

Start contemplating careers you might want to be in, but settle on something that complements your strength and interests, this way, there will be no difficult transition.  

Real success is not far-fetch as many have been led to believe. It’s within the grasp of anyone​ who reaches for it—but it requires effort. These simple tips go a long way to make you succeed as a teenager and even during adulthood!

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

By Grace Obisesan

Obisesan Grace is a writer and an editor for Whatsdalatest. She has worked as a reporter and content creator for many publications. Obisesan is obsessed with creativity, and she likes to spend her free time learning how to improve her skills. She enjoys watching Sci-Fi and action movies, reading, writing poetry, and listening to continental music.

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