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10 Ways to Start Sexting Your Man

by | Sensual Intimacy

Oct 24, 2023

It is one thing to turn a man on. The goal should be to keep him turned on. Sexting is one of those ways. And if, like many of us, you have a man who is not outrightly comfortable with texting par se, these little nibbles would add spice to the broth and make him hard. Hard for you. Here are 10 ways to start sexting.

1. Send Him Teasers

Pictures do what a thousand words cannot. Do you want to make that man go crazy for you? Send him those cute pictures that keep him wanting more. 

Not everything upfront because, girl, how do you keep him on his toes wanting more? Show some skin, but not too much. 

If you are sexting a picture of your boobs in a nice little corset, keep your hips hidden. If you are showing thighs, keep your boobs locked. One at a time so you do not appear too tacky and desperate. 

2. Send Good Morning Texts

If I were to wake up daily to good morning texts from someone and the person is consistent, they are definitely for keeps, and that alone is a turn-on. 

This lets me know that this person is willing to be invested in me. Send that man cute good morning texts and make his day before anyone else does that. 

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3. Send Compliments His Way

If you tell a guy the things you like about him, it makes him feel really good about himself, boosts his ego, and basically makes his day, and boy, for your own good, keep that man’s ego stroked. Send him texts like: 

  • “You look so good in that suit (be careful; he could wear it every day because of you).”
  • “Your cologne is to die for.”
  • “How are your arms so ripped?”
  • “You are so intelligent. I could listen to you talk all day.”

These compliments can make him think about you a lot because it’s not every day that men get women who notice little things about them and compliment them for it. 

4. Send Him Flirty Texts

Do not be shy. Flirt with that man. He likes it during sexting. If you want your man to want you, sometimes, flirt with him! It’s not a congress hall. Not too much, though. Keep it light and sweet. Too extra, and you would come off as a creep. Men get into relationships because they want to feel wanted by someone. 

And if you don’t want them, they could go after someone who does. Flirting is a sure way to make him feel that way and also make him hard. Once in a while, you could throw in something sexual and sexy. If you have that kind of relationship, talk about how you want to jump on his genitals the next time you see him. 

5. Send Him Sexy texts

We’re all about keeping your man hard in this article. Send him sexy messages. Have you ever gotten a sexy message from someone you like that made you bite your lips and curl your toes unconsciously? 

That is the effect your texts should be having on this man. In this text, tell him all the things you would do to him when you have sex with him and inform him of the erotic pleasures that await him. Make sure he knows about your plans to explore his body. Men do love to be explored. 

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6. Send Him Erotic Goodnight Texts

It is night, and he cannot sleep because your last text to him keeps him up and horny. Making him imagine what would have been happening if you were next to him. When telling him to sleep well and warm, throw in a teaser or two.

  • “Sleep well. I know you would sleep better if you were next to me.”
  • “It is so cold because of winter. Imagine we were all cuddled up by the fireplace right now.”
  • “Since I cannot see you right now, I hope to see you in my dreams.”
  • “Make sure to dream of me.”

7. Add Emojis to Your Texts to Make It Hot

Emojis can add up a lot of heat. Some emojis have sexual undertones, and sending them alongside your texts basically adds the cherry on top. Send him something like, “I wonder how that dick(🍆) would feel in me. Even better, you can send these emojis while sending non-flirty texts. This would make him think a lot about what you mean, and you want him to think about you. 

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8. Be Direct

If you want to make your man hard, start sexting him you want to sleep with him straight up, and trust me, there is no faster way to give a man an erection. If you are not so close to him at the time, he will keep looking forward to the next time he sees you. Imagine your boyfriend was just lazying about in the living room, and you send him, “I really want you to fuck me right now.” You would see the flash in that man. Men love it when women take the initiative. They do not always want to be the ones initiating sex, so they do not look hyper-sexual. 

9. Try Out Submissive and Dominant Sexual Talk

If you are both open to sexting, you could alternate between dominant and submissive sexual talk. Trust me, this would turn him on. You could try sending him.

  • “I’ve been naughty lately. You should punish me.”
  • “Please, do what you want to my body.”
  • “You are becoming a bad boy. I should really fuck you.”

Send him these, and he would go hard. 

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10. Thank Him For Giving You Orgasms

If you both have sex, thank him regularly for making you feel very good during sex. When you send him texts like, “You fucked me really good last night. Thank you”, he goes, “Oh. She enjoyed the sex,” and that in itself is a turn-on. This works weirdly. He makes him feel very confident in his sexual prowesses, and he would want to show you more of that prowess. End result? You have made him hard and kept him that way. 

The best way to sext right is to get wild. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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