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10 Squirting Orgasm Secrets to Make Yourself Squirt

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jan 9, 2023

Do you want to be able to squirt during orgasm every time you touch yourself without the help of a guy? These ten squirting orgasm secrets will help you make yourself squirt and turn your sexual goals into reality.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

In other words, stay hydrated. For some reason, squirting orgasms are easier to get when you are hydrated. 

It is probably this way because the pressure on the bladder when it is filled up has an impact on sexual stimulation. 

Staying hydrated also makes you feel wet. You may have difficulty staying wet or even getting wet at all when you do not drink just enough water. 

2. Get in a Comfortable Position

Orgasms happen when you are comfortable both mentally and physically. 

There really isn’t anything to get uncomfortable about. To make yourself squirt, clear your head and keep your body less tense. 

What position works best for you? Some women do better when they are seated on a chair with their legs spread out. This position does not hurt your back or neck, in contrast to sitting on a flat surface like the bed and leaning over. 

Change your position if you feel any pain or soreness along your back or neck. (Read: How to Give Yourself a Yoni Massage)

3. Turn Yourself On

You cannot get right into pleasuring yourself by sticking a finger into your v-jay. No. Like good sex, a good session with yourself, if it is to end with squirting orgasms, is going to take some time. 

Turn yourself on. 

Close your eyes and imagine what really turns you on. And with the image in your head, begin to fondle your breasts and nipples. 

Your nipples are a very sensitive area on your body. They harden up when you are really turned on. If you are, you will feel this. You will also begin to feel some wetness down there.

4. Rub Down There

Glide your hands slowly down your body until you get to your upper thighs. (From your breasts down to your tummy until the thighs) 

Rub the area around your thighs for a while, and then extend the movement to your vagina. 

Rub your vulva with the bulb of your index finger—one lip of the vulva and then the next. 

Do not go to the clitoris just yet; do not stick a finger into the vagina.

Be sure to have the image that turns you the most on at the back of your head. 

Do you feel any pressure around your pelvic area now? You should. But if you don’t, you may start to feel it soon.

5. Rub Your Clitoris

With the ball of your thumb, rub your clitoris gently. I believe you know just where your clitoris is. Many women report having clitoral orgasms when their clitoris is touched. You might just be one of those women.

You are allowed to moan if you want to. Some women agree that moaning has a way of making them feel even more aroused than they naturally would. 

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6. Pay Attention to Areas That Feel Most Sensitive

As you pleasure yourself to make yourself squirt, you may notice that some areas feel better to touch than others. I mean areas around your clitoris and vulva. You wouldn’t have to get deep into your vagina at this point. 

A good squirting orgasm secret will be to stroke those areas that give you the best sensations. 

You started slow. But it is fine now to increase the intensity of your rubs. Just be careful not to hurt yourself while at it. Be sure that your hands are clean as well. 

If, for some reason, there is dust or sand on your hands; you risk hurting yourself. 

7. Use Your Middle Finger

Now, it is time to slide a finger into your vagina. I suggest you use your middle finger because it is the longest and can go deeper than the others. 

Start gently with slow strokes. But as you progress, increase the intensity of your strokes depending on how you feel.

Go as deep as you want to. A lot of women report having orgasms when they go deep. 

Usually, when you are nearing orgasm, you will feel as though your vagina has a mind of its own and is clenching involuntarily. 

Other times, you will feel the need to pee. It is fine; keep going. (Read: How to Give Good Head – 10 Blow Job Tips)

8. Stroke Your G-Spot

Your clitoris is not the only G-spot that you have. Inside your vagina, there is a spot that can make you have those squirting orgasms that have you jerking. 

It feels like a sort of ridge and is on the upper part of your vagina. Stick your middle finger up your vagina and angle it upward a bit until you feel a rough ridge. Apply some pressure along that ridge by pressing your finger against it. 

You should feel an intense sensation at this point. 

9. Play Around

Continue to explore your body. Get creative with touching yourself. You can stroke your vagina with a finger while holding and fondling your breasts. 

Sometimes, sticking in another finger is just right. 

You can apply some pressure around your pelvic area. This may make you feel full, and that fullness along the pelvis can make you squirt. 

Don’t stop even when you feel like you want to pee on yourself. Many women often feel like they have to void whenever an orgasm nears. 

But squirting is not peeing. 

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10. Use Toys

When it comes to squirting when you are going solo, toys are often the best bet. You just have to know what toys you are going for. 

I suggest you go for a vibrator or a dildo. 

Vibrators have the effect of stimulating your clitoris really well. The vibrational energy is going to pull you to orgasm. 

Angle the vibrator just right. You may have to angle it so that it touches your G-spot (The ridge we spoke about earlier). 

Give yourself some time. Enjoy yourself. 

Going solo to making yourself squirt is fun if you know the art of self-pleasure well enough. You can always have that incredible squirting orgasm. 

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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