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Single father? Ensure The Safety Of Your Kids With These Precautions

by | Parenting

May 5, 2021

Parenting isn’t less than a military job. It’s like an around-the-clock commitment. And if you are a single parent, things might get a lot murkier. Naturally, when you go out for work, you end up fearing for the safety of your child, right? But honestly, you can’t stay with them 24×7. So, how can you ensure their safety? Eliminate home hazards. Read on and learn how to completely eliminate home hazards ensure the safety of your kids.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are approx 2 million single fathers in the US as of 2016. Understandably, as a single father, the balance between work, home, and your child’s care isn’t easy to maintain. 

Each year approx. 9 million children are treated for unintentional injuries in hospitals. And when you’re not around, the risk of injuries multiplies significantly.

So, before heading out of the house, make sure that you’re childproofing your home completely. This will prevent your kid from potential hazards. 

These are the places you need to consider for securing your kid from house accidents.

1. Household products

Household products such as laundry powder, bleach, and pest control sprays can be dangerous for a child. Even skincare, cleaning, and personal care products can be harmful to them.

Who knows when they find it alluring and gulp the product? So, make sure you’re keeping these powders and harmful chemicals out of the reach of your kids. 

2. Appliances

Appliances such as electric dishwashers, toasters, and irons make our lives easier. But when the child is alone, ensure that you’re keeping them locked somewhere. 

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3. Fireplace

No, doubt fireplaces are one of the best methods to provide your kid a cozy environment. But if your home has a traditional fireplace, it can be risky. The burning of wood and gases produced by it can cause danger to your child’s health. 

So, we will advise you to replace your traditional fireplace with a modern one. If you’re still confused, are gas or electric fireplaces better for your kid’s safety? Then, believe us, the finger will always move towards the latter, i.e., electric fireplace, because they produce unreal flames, unlike a traditional one.

So, there would be no fear of fire. And second, they don’t produce harmful carbon monoxide, unlike a gas fireplace. So, your child will be safe from carbon monoxide poisoning as well. 

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4. Bathroom falls

Slippery bathroom floors can cause severe falls in children. Consider using non-slippery rugs on the bathroom floors, so there will be fewer chances of slipping. Also, keep the bathroom tubs empty and water wolves locked when you’re not at home. 

5. Kitchen

If you have a door in the kitchen, never forget to lock it before going out of the house. And if not, make sure that you keep the knives and other sharp objects away from them. Lock the burners when possible. So, there will be no chance of accidents in the kitchen.

6. Climbing hazards

Children are unstoppable when it comes to playing. Any mischief during jumping, climbing, and wandering around the whole house can turn into injuries and falls.

To avoid such circumstances, ensure to secure the furniture with brackets and straps. And, don’t place any furniture pieces near windows, terraces, and balconies.

Wrapping up

Childhood is the most beautiful stage of one’s life. As responsible fathers, we already know that you’re giving your best to make your child’s life memorable. But be sure that you’re following the above steps and securing your child from every potential hazard

Photo by Katie E from Pexels

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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