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19 Simple Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend

by | Ideas, Love

Jan 3, 2023

Thinking of ways to surprise your girlfriend? Check out this list we have made: nineteen surprises you most likely have not given much thought to before. Though some of these surprises may seem like an everyday thing to you at first, they will surely mean a lot to her.

1. Show Up at Their City Unannounced (Peek a Boo) 

This is a good way to surprise your girlfriend if she lives far away from you. It is one surprise your long-distance girlfriend will never really forget. Say you both have been away from each other for quite some time and have told each other how much you’ve missed your company. Then, boom, a call from you on a warm afternoon.

“Hey, babe, I am in your city.” 

It is completely going to catch her off guard, and I can almost tell for sure that she is going to cry. 

Another way to pull this surprise off is to do it with her friend’s help. Have that friend bring your woman to a planned location, then show up from out of nowhere. 

Be firm on your feet, though, or the incoming hug might just have you toppling over. 

2. Make a Love Journal and Show it to Her

This surprise takes quite a while and is best put out on a special occasion: say, an anniversary or on a special day she holds dear. 

I know this because I have, over the years, surprised my own girlfriend by writing her a journal I only let her see on our anniversary night. 

To surprise your girlfriend this way, you ought to, first of all, keep a journal. This, to some, can be hard, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be. 

Keeping a journal means writing out everything you feel about your girlfriend, day after day—the good feelings and the not-so-good ones. Write it all. 

And when the time is right, sneak it into her bag or just place it in her hands and say: “I wanted you to have this, babe.”

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3. Make a Collage of all Your Happy Moments

This is just the perfect surprise if you are not a fan of keeping a written journal—or you suspect your girlfriend would not be a fan of reading one.

Instead of writing down your most fun moments, take pictures of them. Pictures, like words, help us tell stories. Happy ones, sad ones, pretty and ugly. 

You can print these pictures out and arrange them in a diary, which you will hand to your woman as a surprise present.

Google also makes it easy to do on Google Photos. If you’re using Google Photos to store your photos, navigate to photos, select all the images with beautiful moments of you and your girlfriend you want, and automatically send and make an order for the album. It’s simple and lots of fun.

4. Compose Her a Song

I am big on surprises that leave a beautiful tattoo on both you and your woman, and this is why I so far have encouraged you to surprise your girlfriend in a way that brings to life your own feelings. 

A song is another great way to do this, especially if your girlfriend is a music lover. 

Even if you do not sing, write the lyrics of a song and have a freestyle single, and turn it into a song. Be as descriptive as you can of your feelings. 

Play this song to surprise your girlfriend when you both are in the car or having fun at home. 

5. Clean Her Apartment

Ask for the keys to her apartment if you don’t have them. When she asks why don’t let her know it is because you want to help her tidy it up. Avoid the question as nicely as possible. 

And when she lets you have it, go over there and make sure the house is sparkling. This is not a conventionally “manly” thing to do. So, not only will the action absolutely blow your girlfriend’s mind—but the fact that you did it will as well. 

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6. Do Her Laundry

This is one surprise I suggest men do for their girlfriends as often as possible. 

Let’s get practical and imagine that she has just returned from work and is pretty tired. She sets her bag down and goes right into the room for a nap after fixing herself lunch. 

What is the best way to surprise her at this point? Of course, help with laundry.

Iron the clothes you believe she will be wearing out in the next couple of days, and maybe even sneak in a note into one. Viola! Double surprises.

7. Pay for Something She Has Always Wanted

Of course, she is your girlfriend, and you know at least one thing she has always wanted. Get it for her. 

That is it. This surprise doesn’t have to take too much from you; it most likely will not cost so much anyway. 

But one thing is certain: it is going to make your woman truly happy.

8. Write Her Poetry Cards

This is similar to a journal. The only difference is that a journal is a bit more detailed than poetry cards. 

Get some cards at the store, and write out a couple of poems. If you are bad at writing poems, have a freelance writer write you some for just a couple of dollars. 

Now, print these poems on the card and hand them to your girlfriend for her special moments. 

As time goes on, you can move this from being a surprise into being a routine. As we will discuss in our forthcoming articles, routines can be a very needed part of a relationship—healthy routines can deepen bonds and make love feel better. 

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9. Add Some Spice to the Bedroom

Guys are usually of the opinion that surprises should mostly involve getting gifts and paying for dates, etc. But a thing as simple as breaking a routine can be considered a surprise. And one of the best routines to break is a bed routine. 

Surprise her by making the bedroom feel a lot more intense and sensual. There are a number of ways to do this, but I like to play sex cards. This is a game that allows you to make sex seem like a lovely game you engage in with your spouse. 

10. Link Her Up with an Old Friend

Accept it: there is that one friend of our girlfriends we are almost jealous of. And this is usually because our girlfriend will not just stop mentioning them. Most of the time, this friend used to be a childhood friend of hers who eventually moved out of the city and has since been out of sight. 

I will tell you what: one of the best surprises you can give your girlfriend is linking her up with this friend. 

Let’s say May is the friend in question. Text May. Let her know your plans. She will be excited about it. Set up a link with May, and invite your girlfriend there. 

11. Get Some Time on Radio (A Shout Out)

In many cities and on Radio channels, there is the option to do a shout-out to a loved one. It can be a shout-out just a couple of words long or maybe a shout-out that includes a song. 

If you live in a city where there are radio channels like this, then consider giving your girlfriend a shout-out on the radio. This is especially effective if she listens to jams on the radio. 

Choose her favorite song and ask that it be played for her. Make sure she knows it is she—let the radio channel call her by the pet name you, and she only knows.

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12. Have Someone Read Them a Story

This is something like sending her a song, but it will be appreciated more if she is the kind who likes to read stories instead of listening to music. 

Have someone write a story and then make a voice-over for that story. Let it be a story of, preferably, a memory you both hold dear. Maybe the story about the first time you two met. 

Play this audio story when you both are together, and watch her beam with a smile as she figures out that it really is a story about her.

13. Dress Up in The Clothes they Like the Most

Not exactly clothes they like. Just clothes they are fascinated by. Clothes they would have sworn you would never put on. Or maybe even hairstyles they could have sworn you would never rock. 

You should know that not all surprises are meant to be lovey lovely. Some are just meant to create room for fun between you both. This surprise is more of a comedic one, as it is aimed at making your girlfriend laugh.

This is one. Do it. Have fun. And if you want, record the moment.

14. A Spa Session is Just Fine

This might come off as a bit conventional, but it is a surprise I am sure she never saw coming. Book her a spa date when she has complained about the busy day at work or how stressed she is. 

She will appreciate it for sure and maybe even plan your own surprise. 

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15. Turn your House into a Fine Club

This is to say: host a surprise house party for the both of you. Just you guys. And I mean a very decent party. A dirty, decent party. Blue lights. Some soft music. If you both love alcohol, then have some alcohol as well. 

Invite her over for the weekend. But make sure she does not know what is coming. Let it catch her by surprise. 

I have done this once with my girlfriend. I stood at the door when she knocked and said: “Your tickets, please?” 

Then the laughter began. 

16. Show Up at Her Family’s Thanksgiving

Being a part of your girlfriend’s family—or at least making an effort to be—is sure going to make a difference to her. She may act like she doesn’t see it, but she will surely be thrilled that you have thought about being part of her loved ones. 

A great way to show her how willing you are to be part of her family while still surprising her is showing up at her family thanksgiving when you had previously said nothing about your plan to attend. 

It is fine to let her family members know about your plan. Ensure your girlfriend does not know, or you will ruin your perfect surprise. 

17. Send Them Childhood Pictures of You

This is one surprise that will make her come to love you more. But be sure of one thing, though. She will surely tease you right after viewing the pictures for days or even weeks. Make it even more fun: dig into her childhood pictures, and laugh about it even more.

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18. Compose Your Own Sweet Text

Sometimes, a text from you is enough to surprise her. Just make sure you empty your heart out and make sure you do it alongside any of the surprises listed here.

19. Propose

I know you must have been looking out for this one. Think your relationship with your girlfriend has become strong enough to progress to the next level? Then, a proposal is an ultimate surprise. 

You can choose whichever way you want to do this—a way which will work for you both: are you going to have it done in public, or when it is just you and her?

Surprises make relationships fun and versatile. They make love truly enjoyable. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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