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10 Signs Your Woman is Losing Attraction to You

by | Love

Jun 8, 2022

Attraction is the flame that keeps relationships alive. When something goes wrong with the attraction a woman feels to you, it only means one thing: your relationship is taking a hit. Your woman can lose attraction to you for a number of reasons, but the signs of attraction loss will almost always be the same. 

You can spot them on time and salvage your relationship. Or you can just let things the way they are until all the attraction left for you is gone. Here are ten signs your woman is losing attraction to you.

1. She Tests You a Lot

In romantic relationships, some women like to test their men. For example, she could tell you about another guy just to get your reaction and see if you are ‘manly’ enough. 

These tests are to be expected every now and then. They only become a problem when they increase in frequency. 

If she tests you every day, sometimes several times a day, then it is a sign that she is losing attraction to you. Her tests are meant to push you past a threshold so that your masculinity comes on once more. 

Pass these tests, and her attraction will return. Fail, and things sink even further down. 

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2. You Keep Failing Her Tests

Another sign she is losing attraction for you is that you keep failing her tests.

You fail a woman’s tests when you step out of your masculine frame and become more on the feminine side. And as you know, the feminine is attracted to the masculine. Become a bit feminine, and her attraction for you goes away. 

Imagine a woman telling her man about a coworker at the office. That is a test to see if he will be jealous and blow up his confidence. If he waves it aside and keeps the frame, then he passes. 

If he loses his cool and starts to show signs of jealousy and anger, then he fails. 

3. Texts are Shorter and Come Slower

For couples who text a lot, one of the signs that attraction is leaving slowly is that texts become a lot shorter and a lot slower. 

She takes forever to reply. But when she finally does, all you get is a ‘lol’. 

Big red flag. Her attraction is leaving, and you had better do something about it. 

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4. Real Life Conversations are Not What They Used to Be

When the attraction is there, conversations between couples are filled with fun and glee. 

They both just love talking to each other and don’t mind sharing every detail about what has happened in their lives recently. 

However, when attraction, on the other hand, is dwindling, conversations become somewhat burdensome. 

Her body language changes when she speaks to you, and the enthusiasm she shows just dies away. 

She no longer shows those mannerisms: you know, like moving her hand in the air or being that dramatic. She just sits there and talks.

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5. Everything is a Debate

You know attraction is gone when everything between you and your woman becomes a debate. 

When it becomes as though living in that relationship is like walking on eggshells. Coming from someone who has been here, this is a pretty toxic environment to be in. 

You pick up a plate, and she nags. You don’t pick up a plate; she still nags. 

She is doing this because she is tired. But being a woman, it will be difficult for her just to come out clean and say: I am tired. So, the change in behavior speaks for itself. 

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6. She Becomes more Masculine

By masculine, she takes on many of the attributes men put up in relationships. 

In a healthy relationship, the polarity between masculinity and feminity is what makes the attraction so strong. A shift in this polarity means one side is losing attraction. 

To be fair, one of the reasons women lose attraction to their men is a change in the masculine frame. When a man starts to become less masculine, the woman stops being feminine around him and takes on the masculine role. 

She becomes more work-focused and less relationship-focused. She becomes less expressive and does not say, “I love you.” 

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7. She Flakes on You

Remember how in the early stages of the relationship, all you both wanted to do was spend time with each other? That was happening because the attraction was at its peak. 

The reverse happens when your woman is losing attraction for you. 

She starts to flake on you and act as though coming over to visit you is the most burdensome thing to do in the world. 

In other words, she is just tired. 

An excuse she will most likely give you is that she is busy. But you have to know this: no one is ever totally busy with someone they love. 

8. She No Longer Respects You

You know attraction continues to dwindle when she no longer respects you. She talks back at you for no reason at all. She badges into your personal space and acts as though your boundaries don’t exist. 

Let’s say you are a religious person and have set boundaries around your religion. She is going to cross them. She’ll complain that you go to church too much, too often. 

She’s doing all these to step on your toes. She is trying to make you man up to her, so she can see your masculine side one more and submit to it. 

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9. She No Longer Initiates Sex

Sex will suffer a lot when a woman is losing attraction for you. From having sex pretty often, you both will most likely not even have sex anymore. If you do, the sex is going to be bland, and nothing like it used to be. 

She will not initiate sex. Of course, it is burdensome for her already. 

10. The Silence

When things get to this point, you have to know the relationship is so shaky already that it just might topple down. 

The silence phase is the phase where you are left to do what you want to do without coming in the face of any opposition. 

She no longer opposes you. She no longer complains. She just watches you do things she dislikes and barely bats an eye. 

For example, if she used to hate it when you text other women when the attraction is gone, she won’t show this hate anymore. Text other women all you want. She isn’t going to be bothered by it at all. 

Photo by Diana Jefimova on Pexels.

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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