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10 Signs Your Partner May Be Getting it From the Neighbor

by | Sensual Intimacy

Sep 3, 2023

You may think it is impossible for partners to cheat with neighbors. But trust me on this, it is not. That you have arrived here means there is already a possibility that your partner and the next-door neighbor have a thing. This is, however, just speculation until you have reached the end of this article, confirming that you have noticed at least 6 of these 10 signs that your partner may be getting it from the neighbor.

1. Your partner texts your neighbor on the phone

Should neighbors who have nothing going on between them text each other? I will say no. 

In all the neighborhoods I have lived in, neighbors do not text each other. What they do, though, is only exchange waves and pretend as though they do not see each other. 

If, for some reason, your partner goes on to not only have your neighbor’s number but text them, then it may be true that something is going on. They may be getting it from this neighbor. 

This is especially true if they only text the said neighbor at night or when you are not there. 

I will not advise you to check his or her phone unless you are in for a surprise that, I can assure you, will not be pleasant.

2. The Neighbor is also a coworker, or they study together

The more the chances that they spend time together away from the house block, the bigger chances that they are being fucked by the neighbor. I know it is sad and something no one wants to accept, but it is true.

You will have to move on.

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3. Despite the texting, they act like strangers when you are there

If your partner acts like they and the neighbor are strangers when you all hang out together or at least share the same physical space, then something is definitely going on. 

I will ask you a question if you doubt this. What do you think can make a person go the lengths of putting up an act like this? 

Well, only one thing that I know of—sexual activity. 

If your partner tries too hard to make it seem like they and the neighbor do not share some kind of rapport, then it is true that they are getting it from your neighbor. 

4. Your sexual activities change

Newton’s first law of motion states that a body will keep moving or remain at one spot, except an external force acts to move the stagnant body or stagnate the moving one. 

This applies in every sphere of life. Everything is going to remain the same if all the circumstances remain the same. 

Your relationship experiences changes because an external force acts on it. When your partner changes their sexual activities, it means they are being acted on by someone else. Someone else is causing that change. 

If you have reason to believe it is your neighbor doing this, then it probably is. 

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5. They just cannot keep the neighbor’s name from their mouth

If someone talks about something or someone else too often, then something is going on. 

You may think words are just words. They can be. But this is rare when these words have been said over and over. It means they are overflowing from somewhere. 

The sooner you begin to see that words, all of them, come from an overflowing mind, the easier it will be for you to sniff that whenever your partner speaks about something too frequently, that thing or someone has become the object of her attraction. 

The rule of thumb is that the first time they mention the neighbor, it can be overlooked. But the second to third time? Of course not. Of course not. They may be getting it or are at least planning to. 

6. You have bumped into them together

If you have bumped into them together more than once. And it does not matter where. It could be at the garage or at the entrance. It could be anywhere. If you have bumped into them and they acted weird, then they are probably having sex with the neighbor. 

7. They insist you have to be friends with the neighbor

You will be surprised at the extent to which people who cheat go when they are trying to cover up. 

A cover-up artist is a treasure to people like our relationship coach, Ubong. He likes to observe them and has this to say: “They will do anything to cover up clues: to have to keep your defenses down. Be careful when you feel a script is being played out because it probably is.” 

If they insist, and I use the word insist because it usually feels as though you are being cajoled, then it is possible they are indeed getting it from the neighbor. 

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8. They want the neighbor to take part in the good times you share

If they are having sex with the neighbor, they will want the neighbor to be there at every good time you share. If not every good time, then most of the good times. 

If you both cook a good meal at home, they will want the neighbor to have some. If you go shopping for some groceries, then they will want the neighbor to have some. It is usually a very annoying display, and you should not miss it. 

The moment they mention the neighbor when it is time to share the good stuff more than twice, then it is likely they are getting it from the neighbor. 

9. You notice some jealousy when the neighbor brings someone else

Mind you, it is not going to be obvious jealousy. No one is going to be that stupid. It is going to be very subtle: the kind you do not see except you spend a couple of time watching. 

They could say things like: “Hey, look, this neighbor brought someone to their house tonight. I wonder if they never get tired of having sex.”

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10. You Feel it Strongly in your Gut

Like I always say, believing your gut always turns out a better alternative than not.

You tell us, are they getting it from the neighbor?

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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