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15 Signs Your Ex Hasn’t Moved On

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Feb 1, 2023

Still think the relationship deserves one more shot but are unsure whether or not your ex has moved on? This article helps you figure it all out. Here are 15 signs that it might be all a front and your ex hasn’t moved on: 

1. They Cut off Contact But Don’t Cut You Off

Cutting contact is not the same as cutting a person off. During no contact, you cut off interaction with the person. But when one cuts another off, they cut off access. 

If your ex has moved on, they will cut you off, cutting all access to them. This means they will block your numbers and make certain you cannot text them. 

On the other hand, if they have not moved on, they will make sure access to them is not severed. 

They will not delete you off their Facebook or WhatsApp. You will still see their posts when they put any up. 

2. They Interact With Your Social Media

Maybe not a comment. Just a “like.” Whatever it is, any interaction with your social media profiles may mean your ex hasn’t moved on yet. It may mean that your ex has been spending quite a while stalking you. 

If your ex has been stalking you, there will be a lot of accidental likes on your posts. One moment, there is a ‘like’ from them, and the next, the ‘like’ is gone.

3. They Reach Out

An ex who hasn’t moved on will find a need to reach out to you. This is to say, they will initiate contact but make it look like it wasn’t something they had planned. 

They could sound like: “So, I don’t know why I texted, but I hope you are fine.” 

4. They Sound Passive Aggressive

This is usually confusing for most people, especially women. But when you have understood how emotions work, you will see this for what it is: one big sign that your ex has not moved on.

The truth is, when we completely move on from something, our minds are completely shut off from that thing so that there is barely an emotional response from us. 

An emotional response means we still care, and this is the reason why your ex is being passive-aggressive toward you. 

Usually, they send texts like: “Hey, what do you want?”

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5. They Blame You

An ex who hasn’t moved on will find a way to blame you whenever the chance presents itself. In their minds, the relationship would have been better, but you messed things up. 

People don’t feel this way when they have truly moved on. If anything, they may even feel grateful that the relationship was done. 

6. They Are Open to Talking About the Good Times

I like to believe every relationship that ends has had its good times. 

When your ex has not moved on yet, they will be open to talking about the good times you shared in the relationship. They will also speak very enthusiastically about it, giving very much detail. 

The conversation is going to sound something like: “Remember this one time when I picked you up at the mall, and you had this red gown on?” 

It is going to be very detailed.

7. You Text For a Really Long Time

If your ex is fine with texting you for very long periods, then there is a big chance they have not moved on yet. 

People who have moved on are usually not fine with texting the other person for that long period—they only text for a short period of time and let things be.

Ones who have not moved on, on the other hand, will text and text and text all day. 

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8. They Request Video Calls

If you have been texting your ex for a while and out of nowhere, they request a video call; then it is very likely that they still like you and don’t even plan on moving on yet. 

9. They Want to Meet Up

They agree to meet you up or maybe even ask to meet with you. This means they are fine with re-establishing the rapport you both had shared. It means they want you both to become as close as you used to be again. 

What you want to do when they ask to meet you is up to you. 

10. They Talk About Their Feelings

Most people are only able to show vulnerability to the ones to whom they feel drawn emotionally. If your ex talks about their feelings, consider it as them being vulnerable. They are still drawn to you and will not mind dating you again if the conditions are right. 

11. They Play The Jealousy Card a Little Too Obviously

Usually, when people break up with each other, they enter into a competition of who moves on first. An ex who tries too hard to show you that they have moved on has, in fact, not even moved on. 

If they play the jealousy card and play it in a way that makes it clear that they are trying to get on your nerves, it is best you assume that they have not moved on. 

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12. They Post a Lot of Sad Songs

This is usually the first sign that they have not moved on. If you notice that they post a lot of sad songs or stories or poems, then know that they have not moved on. 

13. They Tell You They Love You

Some exes are not very subtle about these things. They can be very straight to the point and can say how much they miss and love you. If you are lucky enough to have this kind of ex, you should be happy, really. 

14. They Tell Your Friends They Miss You

If your ex tells your friends how much they miss you, then they like you. In fact, keeping contact with your friends, at least close contact, while you both are split is a big sign they still want to be a part of your life. 

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15. Your Gut Tells You They Have Not Moved On. 

Bonus Tip: To know if your ex hasn’t moved on, post an update on your WhatsApp status and after a few minutes, check those who have seen it. Your ex is going to be among the first 10 people you’ll see. 

Do this a couple of times during the week, and you’ll know for sure if they are not over you yet.

What to Do if Your Ex Hasn’t Moved On

If you sense that your ex has not moved on, you have just one job to do: go with the flow. It will become clearer to you as time passes. 

There are always signs. If you look close enough, you will see each one. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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