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15 Signs Your Ex Has Moved On and What to Do

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Jan 31, 2023

We have all been there in that annoying world of questions about whether or not our exes are over us. It is really not an amazing place to be, as it leaves us torn between moving on and giving up the relationship. We explore signs your ex has moved on and what to do. 

15 Signs Your Ex Has Moved On

1. They Cut Contact With You

One of the biggest signs that your ex has moved on from you is that they cut contact. They do not even try to reach out to you for whatever reason. 

A lot of times, when the ex has not moved on, they still try to initiate contact. 

2. They Ignore Your Attempts to Initiate Contact

Exes who have moved on from their past lovers can be very cold sometimes. Even though coldness may be a sign that they have not moved on, more often than not, it is a sign that they really have. 

An ex who has moved on will ignore all your attempts to strike up a conversation. 

3. They are Weirdly Nice

That is to say; they do not even seem hurt at all. There are exes like this. Rather than ignore you when they move on, they welcome you, but in a way that shows that you no longer have access to their emotions: you can no longer make them sad or angry. 

You know a person has moved on from you when you can no longer influence their emotions even slightly. 

4. They Establish Boundaries

When an ex is over you, what follows next, is an establishment of boundaries they would not break for even you. 

For example, even though your ex is welcoming to you and accepts to have those little conversations if they have truly moved on, they will set up these ridiculous boundaries even you have to abide by. 

They can say: “Hey, please don’t call me past 9 p.m. I do not take calls when it is late at night.” 

5. They Treat You Like Every Other Person

Of course, you are not special anymore. At least not to them. So, they will not treat you as special. They will sound as though they are talking to some formal boss or something. (Read: How to Get Over a Breakup Fast)

6. They Avoid Talks About the Past

Since they are trying to leave it behind them, to forget all those memories and start afresh, an ex that has moved on will not be fine with talking about the past. When you bring it up, they will either ignore it, change the topic, or suggest that you talk about something else. 

7. They Don’t Want to Meet Up

An ex that has moved on may be fine with texting you or even calling, but trust me; they will not be fine with meeting up with you. This is especially true if the breakup happened only recently. 

They will turn you down and give excuses. 

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8. They Give More Attention to Their Social Media

When an ex is done with you, they will try to reestablish their social life. 

And this is going to show on their social media profiles. They will start to put up more posts and more videos. Basically, they will be more engaged on social media. 

9. You Find Them on Tinder

This should make it clear to you that they have truly moved on and completely over you. It is almost no use trying to get them back, as they will just push you away. 

The fact that they are on Tinder just shows that they are seeking someone else to be with: maybe as a fling or a regular date. 

10. They Keep Posting Someone

This is such a big sign that they have found someone, and they are completely over. If you look up their social media and see that they keep posting the same pictures of the same person, then it is time, really, to accept it. 

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11. They Move Out of Town

Some exes may go as far as moving out of town when they are done with you. I have seen this happen quite a lot. 

This is their way of saying goodbye. They are leaving it all behind and are starting all over. 

12. They Cut Contact With Your Friends

If your ex had been friends with people you hang out with, it is likely the ex will cut contact with these people the minute they move on. 

The reason is clear. They are trying to completely erase you, to let go and not turn back. 

Have your friends complained about your ex being very weird and distant? Then, yes, they have moved on. 

13. They Don’t Care That Much

That is, they are utterly unbothered by you. You could tell them the worst sob story in the world, and at best, you will get a: “I am sorry about that.” 

They are not being mean. They just don’t care. 

14. They Tell You They are Seeing Someone

Sometimes, your ex can be quite nice enough to let you see that you are wasting your time and don’t even stand a chance with them. They will tell you straight up that they have found someone else and want you to let them be. 

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15. You Feel it In Your Gut

Sometimes, the biggest sign that your ex has moved on from you is a feeling in your gut. If you strongly feel like they have moved on, then it might be correct.

What to Do if Your Ex Has Moved On

I am going to be very honest with you. When your ex moves on from you, the best thing to do is move on. Save yourself all that stress: it is not worth it. 

I know some relationship ‘gurus’ promise you sure ways to get your ex back for only a couple of dollars. Even if these methods work, they are quite stressful and almost impossible to achieve when your ex has moved on. 


If your ex is indeed over you, there are going to be indications.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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