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10 Signs Your Coworker Wants to Have Sex With You

by | Sensual Intimacy

Aug 23, 2023

Even though office dating is weird and totally not advisable in some circumstances, there are times when the feelings cannot be helped. You are here because you have a hunch that your coworker wants to get down with you. Let us help you confirm whether haunch is true or false.

Here are ten signs your coworker wants to have sex with you.

1. They Stare at You Lustfully

As we all know, the eyes are the windows of the soul. Every emotion is conveyed through the eyes. So if someone looks at you weirdly, you just know they want to put a hex on you. 

Do you have a pet? Let us take those, for instance. Imagine dangling a fine piece of steak in front of it, just out of its reach. You would immediately see your sweet dog drool at that piece of meat. 

That is how that coworker is going to look at you when they want to sleep with you. Not that intensely, but something close.

2. They Stare at You with Longing

Remember that whole speech we had up there about the eyes being the windows of the soul, yeah?

While the first person stares at you like you are a piece of meat, this person still wants to get down with you but thinks about it more nicely, so their eyes convey the emotion.

Do you remember having a crush? Once, I had a mad crush on someone. 

I saw them in a mirror one day when I was staring, and I looked as if I had gulped down a bottle of love potion. It was embarrassing because they could obviously see in my eyes, too. 

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3. They Always Come to You When They Need Help

A coworker in your office who wants to get down with you would always come to you when they need help or guidance with something. 

I mean, look at it this way: there are so many people in the office whom they could meet, or even better, there is Google right at their literal fingertips. 

Why does it have to be you they run to when their printer goes bad, or they cannot balance last week’s stock? Think about it. It might be innocent, but most times, it is not. Take it from someone who has been there. 

4. They are Mean to You

There are two possible reasons why someone who wants to have sex with you is being mean: One, they know office sex is nasty business and they should not do it, so they try to suppress their feelings for you by making you hate them or two, they are trying to do some reverse psychology stunt. 

Hoping their mistreatment of you would only add to their allure for you. I once had a superior at my workplace that was so mean to me. Only for me to hear over the grapevine that he had a crazy sexual attraction brewing towards me and he seriously wanted to get down with me. 

5. They Compliment You Like They Are Paid to Do So

Every now and then, someone at work would look nicer than usual, and there would be the occasional Your new hairstyle is a fire, or Your dress is so beautiful that compliments keep flying in. 

Keyword: occasional. If there is that one person who always has to drop a compliment for you, chances are they really want to have sex with you. 

And those chances are high, trust me. More often than not, it is found in the behavior of mammals to try to make another animal they deeply care for feel good. Let us be realistic. Who really has the time to notice what you wear or the color of your lipstick every day? Someone who wants to sleep with you. Period. 

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6. They Are Always There to Save the Day

Why is Mr. Knight in shiny armor always there to save or make excuses for you when you have problems with your boss? 

Could it be that you remind them of their best sibling or just a pure act of kindness? Why must it be you out of the whole lot that reminds them of their favorite sibling? They want to get down with you. It is just normal human behavior.

7. They Always Move Towards You With Sexual Energy

Now, there are two kinds of sexual energy—the creepy and the not-so-creepy. The person coming with creepy sexual energy is downright perverse. 

There comes the whole sexual abuse thing like butt slapping or just plain staring at your privates with confidence. This type of alarm bell goes off in your head. 

The second kind is the type of energy you might just want to return. This person comes with charisma and respect. It does not rule out the fact that they want to have sex with you anyway. 

8. They Try Hard to Ignore Your Existence Totally, But You Often Catch Them Staring

This coworker is very similar to the one we had talked about earlier, but only way less mean. 

This one treads the respectful course of acting like you do not exist so things do not get messy. Unless it is very necessary, this coworker does not say a word to you, but every now and then, you catch them staring at you, and they quickly look away or, even more brazenly, match your stare. You feel eyes trailing your back. They want to sleep with you. 

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9. They Are Open About Their Intentions

If there is one colleague at your workplace who always wants to know when you would be free to “hang out,” they want to have sex with you. For three Saturdays in a row, you have told them you would be busy; they want to get down with you. 

10. They Bring You Gifts

My best friend had this co-worker who never failed to give her gifts. He would drop chocolate on her table, grab her lunch when she was too busy to do so, or even sometimes, you would come to work in the mornings to meet bouquets of flowers on her desk. If you have someone like this in your office, they want to sleep with you.


There are usually signs scattered everywhere when a coworker wants to get down with you. 

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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