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10 signs that your girlfriend may be too clingy

by | Love

Feb 25, 2024

While some guys consent to loving girls who are very clingy, being with a clingy girl has its downsides, too. In fact, a clingy girlfriend may be the reason your relationship is not going as smoothly as you want it to. Their attachment style, which is often anxious attachment, regularly leads to problems and, eventually, the early end of a relationship. In this article, I will be showing you signs that your girlfriend is clingy.

1. She has little to no friends outside the relationship

One of the big signs that your girlfriend is clingy is that she has little to no friends outside the relationship. 

This suggests that she is giving up all friendships for a chance to be with you. Whilst this is often cute at first, it becomes a problem when she begins to suggest you do the same for her. 

I have been with someone who said: “I have given up everything for you; why don’t you do the same for me?”

The best thing you can do at this point is to encourage your girlfriend to do the things she loves to do and be with people and admire, as this is not going to ruin your relationship or take you away from her. 

2. She has no active hobbies

Friendships are not the only things clingy girlfriends denounce because they believe denouncing something is going to make the relationship last longer. 

They denounce their hobbies as well. 

Sit back for a moment and ask this: “What did my girlfriend love before she got with me?”

“What does she love now?”

If you find that there is a marked disparity between what she loves doing and what she does now, this suggests that she is, in fact, clingy. 

You must encourage her to continue doing what she loves to do. 

3. She calls too often

If she calls you often, and by this, I mean so much it begins to impact the quality of your life, then she is clingy. 

There are a lot of guys out there whose girlfriends make their lives feel like some chore. 

If you ever feel this way, then she is clingy. 

You can try to explain to her how her calling you so often is imparting the quality of your life somewhat. Try to make her see for herself that calling you all the time may not come off as the show of love she wants it to be.

4. She shows signs of insecurity

When a woman shows signs of insecurity, especially when you are not giving her anything to be insecure about, it suggests that she is insecure. 

Insecure women like to brood over the possibility that their man is cheating. They turn this into a central thought and sort of border their whole relationship around it. 

If the man gets a bad cough, it is because he is cheating. Whatever he does to them feels like a product of cheating. 

The best thing you can do at this point is show her that you respect yourself too much to be caught sleeping with someone with whom you are not in a committed relationship

5. She insists on knowing your schedule

Clingy girlfriends get it: that sometimes, they are bugging. 

And guess what? Clingy girls do not like to bug anyone. They often hate that they like you too much to let you be without them for too long. 

But guess what? They cannot help it. 

Clingy girlfriends will often cling to you as though they are being pulled close by an aphrodisiac. 

If she insists that she wants to know your schedule, asking you things like;

“When can I call you?”

“I want to know where you are all the time.”

“I never really know what you are up to.”

If she likes to say any of these things, then it is a big sign that she is a clingy girlfriend. 

6. She cries when you are away

If she calls you over the phone to tell you that she misses you but somehow begins to cry, then she is clingy. 

Please note that this must have happened on at least three accounts before you come to this conclusion. 

There is something about women who cry often, especially when they miss you: they have made you the center of all their emotional experiences. 

They want you there to make them feel emotionally alive. And when you are not there, they become so weird and uncomfortable, even to the point of tears. 

You can encourage her to find herself and make something else the center of all her affection. 

7. She questions her role in your life

A girlfriend who often questions her role in your life is going to love very weirdly. 

She is going to have what I describe as an anxious attachment style. 

8. She stalks you on social media

Another sign that your woman is clingy is that she stalks you on social media. All the clingy women I know are great stalkers. 

How do you know a woman is stalking you? 

It is pretty easy. I will show you how in the coming articles. 

9. She is touchy and super affectionate

A woman who always insists that she has got to touch you is most likely a very clingy one. 

She will often not mind if you both are in public. She will touch you even when you show her that you are uncomfortable. 

In fact, when you show her how uncomfortable you are, she may even become very dramatic. 

10. She is territorial and marks her territory in weird ways

We will need to put up an article to show you how weirdly women mark territories. 

But know this: a girlfriend who is clingy will almost always mark her territory around you. 

She will want to show her friends that you are the one for her and she is the one for you. 


Women can act very weirdly when they feel the need to cling to their boyfriends.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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