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10 Signs That Reveal You Have Chemistry With Someone

by | Love

May 9, 2022

One thing is common between two people who go on to be great lovers, and it is chemistry. This is an intense attraction two-person feel toward one another that makes their relationship or friendship with each other enjoyable and makes it feel like a safe haven where few things can go wrong.

When seeking to know if a person is good for you, if you both stand a chance at starting something amazing—or, if you are together already, want to know if you both will last long—it is important that you look out for chemistry.

Read on as we give you a list of indicators that might help you determine whether you have chemistry with someone.

1. You Feel a Bond

In real life chemistry, the one taught in science classes—which I happened to hate; a lot—there is a lot of bonding. An element interacts with another element and bonds to produce whatever compound—boring stuff. This very thing happens when two people share chemistry. 

They find themselves intensely attracted to each other like a bond is pulling them together. Many times, attraction is something we can’t exactly control. Especially at the start. We can’t look someone in the eye and say: “Look, I want to be attracted to this person.” It just happens. 

So, if you find yourself intensely attracted to someone, and he or she feels just as attracted to you, then you should know that you share chemistry. Especially if the person is not one who is friendly with other people; one who other people consider mean. 

If someone who doesn’t speak to other people often and acts mean suddenly takes an interest in you, you should know that he or she is attracted to you. There is chemistry there, and it is quite a lot.

2. You Both Feel Like You Can Be Yourselves

Have you ever been around someone you knew didn’t like you? Someone intimidating, I must add. Let’s say you walk into your classroom or into your office and see them staring, eyes following you. What do you think is going to happen? 

Well, let me make a quick guess. You will feel very uncomfortable as if you are walking on eggshells. You might change the way you walk, even, and try to walk in a way that exudes forced confidence. 

In a nutshell, you won’t be yourself. This wouldn’t be the case when you are around someone you share chemistry it. With that someone, you are going to be yourself. And you will be very happy while at it. You will seldom feel like you need to change the way you walk or the way you speak—none of that. You’ll be comfortable in your own skin, and they will be comfortable in theirs. 

You both will share these moments of goofiness. If you both are playful, you both are going to play a lot together in a way that surprises onlookers. Think about the last time you saw two people play like kids, not caring who was watching. They shared chemistry!

3. Your Communication is Great

Communicating, in the first place, is one of the mediums to build chemistry. And it is what stays, what makes the chemistry deeper and deeper. A chemistry sign to look out for to know if you and someone have chemistry is how deep your communication with your partner or friend goes. 

Communication here does not necessarily mean talking. It goes deeper than talking. It is being able to let the other person see what exactly is on your mind while peering into their own mind at the same time. 

With chemistry, you are going to be fine with listening to them. And they are going to be fine with listening to you too, even though you might think that what you are saying may seem not so important.

You both will also be comfortable with just sitting there and saying nothing, enjoying the silence. Many people are uncomfortable with silence during conversations. They talk for a while, and one person goes silent, then the question: “Hey, did I say something wrong?” Pops up. 

This seldom happens with people who share chemistry. They have become so attached to each other that silence does not put them off. They understand that silence is just another means for a person to communicate his feelings.  

 4. You Laugh a Lot When You Both are Together

With the exception of movie characters—villains precisely—who laugh even when they are unhappy or upset, most of us laugh when we are happy. 

When you find yourself laughing too much when you are around a person, or you notice that this person laughs a lot when he or she is around you, then you should realize that there is chemistry between the two of you.

You are laughing because the person makes you happy and because his company lightens you up. Not just anyone can have this effect on you, you know? And you, in turn, can’t have this effect on everyone. 

Accept it; you know that one person who will never laugh at your jokes no matter how funny it is. You could tell the funniest joke ever told in this world, and he will just look at your face, wondering what happened, wondering why everyone in the room is laughing. You only have a joyful effect on the other person because both of you share chemistry.

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5. Their Gloomy Moods Affect You

A good chemistry sign to look out for is how you both are affected by each other’s moods. When my younger sister was a child, she used to cry whenever she saw me crying. She was around four years old then. She would come to the edge of my bed and grope my face, asking why I was crying. And soon after, she too will burst into tears. 

This happened because my sister and I shared natural chemistry. I spent a lot of time around her, so we were pretty much attached. 

You and your partner or friend are going to be affected by each other’s moods a lot if the two of you share chemistry. He will feel sad when he sees you sad. And you will feel just the same way when you see him sad.  

6. Body Language

Non-verbal cues are just another important chemistry sign to look out for. It’s a sign of intense chemistry between 2 people. What we usually don’t say with our mouths, we say with our bodies. For example, if we are shy, we most likely will not say it. But our body movement will sell us out—we could fidget and maybe even blush. 

When a man and a woman share chemistry, body language is going to sell them both out. Both their body language is going to express calmness. They both won’t sit as though they are caged. Their facial expressions will tell how comfortable they are.

There will be a lot of eye contact; eye contact, you see, tells a lot about whether a person is comfortable around you or not. When we are around someone who creeps us out, someone we are not comfortable with, we usually have a problem looking straight into their eyes.

7. Body Contact

Body contact is such an important aspect of human interaction. When you share chemistry with someone, look out for how often your bodies touch. Although the opposite happens when it is total strangers or people with whom we don’t share chemistry, when people who share a connection with us touch us, we usually feel lighter. 

This is why we seek hugs from family members and from close friends and tend to avoid being touched by strangers on the street. If two people share chemistry, there’ll be much physical contact between them, even though it’s very slight body contact like holding hands, hugging, etc. 

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8. You Tease Each Other

Imagine a stranger teasing you. Let’s say he or she walks up to you and says your dress doesn’t look so great. Chances are, rather than find it funny; you just might get really upset.

With someone with whom you share chemistry, rather than feel upset, you are going to laugh because you have grown comfortable with them and understood that they almost never mean to harm you.

They will also laugh when you tease them. Most people who share chemistry with each other tease each other. A whole lot. 

9. People Think You Both are Weird

When you share chemistry with someone, you both are going to relate on a level other people cannot understand. This is going to make them consider you both weird. They could ask questions like: “What are they always happy about?”

Or could ask why you both are always together. You know, questions suggesting that they do not know what you both are up to. 

10. You Both Spend a Lot of Time Alone

A chemistry sign you should look out for is how much time you spend together. Bonds sometimes take time to form. When you both are always in each other’s company, you allow your bond to grow.

We love spending time with people we deeply care about—close friends cherish their quality time together. The same thing goes for loved ones within a household. Couples enjoy the company of each other. The same thing can be said of people who have intense chemistry. They like nothing better than to spend some quiet time together.

Photo by Ryan Jacobson on Unsplash

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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