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20 Signs That Mean He’s Really Into You

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Mar 30, 2022

Can’t figure out how to tell if a guy is really into you? Well, we understand that some guys can be like a puzzle that is sometimes hard to solve, which is why it’s challenging to figure out if he is really into you or not.

Lots of guys are not always very straightforward with how they feel, mainly because they’ve been burnt before or are afraid of being turned down. For this reason, it can be difficult for a girl to know if a guy is into her or just toying with her emotions. 

The key to being certain about how a guy genuinely feels about you is to watch out for specific actions. Actions they say speak louder than words.   

Below, you’ll find pointers on some actions to look out for, especially if you have not been paying attention.     

Here are obvious signs that mean a guy is really into you. 

1. His eyes never lie   

This might seem simple, but it takes real joy to make a smile reflected in the eyes. If this guy smiles at you or at something goofy you did, and his eyes shine, you’ve just seen a strong signal that this man is genuinely into you.

2. He admires and compliments you  

Sometimes, a compliment is usually just a compliment with no ulterior motives. If this guy compliments you, especially when these compliments come with some or all of the other signs mentioned so far, he probably really, really likes you. 

If a guy says nice things to you and cheers for you on your small and big wins or for standing up for yourself, he most definitely respects and admires you.    

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3. He wants to impress you 

If he makes a joke and waits for your reaction, it’s because he is trying to impress you and also to make you like him. If he calls you every time he has a win, make sure you root for him and make him know you appreciate him. He cares about your opinion of him.   

4. He calls and texts you first  

This sign is a very obvious one. Lots of guys are not known for their patience and persistence. The only time a man is persistent is when he is going for what he wants. 

If a guy calls or texts you first almost all the time, it means you are constantly in his thoughts.   

5. What he can’t say, his body will say for him  

There’s a high probability that if a man likes you, he will want to stay near you as much as possible. 

He will find reasons to touch your arm, side-hug you, stand close to you or make eye contact now and then. So, if you’re wondering if he likes you, this is a telling sign.    

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6. You can be yourself around him and vice versa  

This is one of the most vital signs to watch for. No matter how good a guy feels with you, it will never be enough unless you are genuinely happy around him. 

Being yourself around someone is not very common; thereby, if you find yourself acting authentically around him, it may be because you know this guy is really into you and makes you feel comfortable.  

If your personalities don’t jibe, and you can’t even be yourself around each other, someone is not being receptive.   

7. He does not mind being vulnerable  

Lots of people are afraid of being vulnerable for fear of being dubbed weak, getting manipulated, or hurt. 

If a guy bares himself to you and shows you intimate sides of him that lots of people don’t see often, he likes and trusts you.    

8. He mirrors your actions  

People have been known to influence other people’s actions to a certain degree. An example of this is when someone yawns, and it extends to the other person in their vicinity.  

When a guy is legitimately into you, he will sometimes unconsciously mirror things you do, like, when you laugh, he will laugh; when you lean across, he will lean in too.   

9. He’s not into other people  

Constantly checking his messages when he’s with you, commenting and liking other ladies’ pictures every time he comes across them, or checking out other girls when you’re taking a walk with him are signs that you most likely will be just another conquest. 

Instead, if he doesn’t do all of the above and you notice that he stopped using dating apps around you, it could be because he’s really into you.

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10. He compliments you on things that aren’t just physical

Men are visual people in nature. Something always catches their fancy physically – be it height, weight, complexion, and other intricate parts. 

But, if he compliments you on more important things like your achievements, wits, and strength, then he sees you beyond your looks.   

11. He makes an effort to plans  

Just like we cannot use our favorite clothes for a rag, a man that wants something serious with you will not toss you around whenever he feels like it. 

He will make real plans to make you feel special. 

He won’t always want to just Netflix and chill at 2 am. Instead, he would consider what you’d like to do and make plans toward it for memory’s sake.   

You should know that every man isn’t the same. Some guys are good with planning, and some don’t. So, have it in the back of your mind that it’s the gesture that counts and not how elaborate his plans are.   

12. Gives you gifts  

When a man is probably vibing with you for real, another way to know is his gift gestures. Gifts are given to make people feel good and appreciated. If this guy gives you gifts – handmade or bought- it shows that he likes you

If you fancy him too, you should reciprocate the gesture from time to time. 

You have to study him to know if he specifically goes out of his way to get you gifts or if he is generally a nice guy. Giving gifts might just be what he does with everyone and does not mean you’re special.    

13. He’s always in a great mood around you  

If a guy finds peace in you, you will know by his good mood and how often he wants to spend time with you. 

Men are very particular about who they let into their lives, so if you notice he’s always happy around you, you have another sign that he’s really into you.

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14. He’s willing to fight with you  

If a guy thinks something is not worth their energy, he will not fight for it. As mentioned before, men only put in effort for what they want.

Most guys would disengage and shut down when they are bothered by something they care less about. So, if this guy fights with you to pass a message, he probably cares a lot about you. 

Note: fight, in this case, does not encourage verbal, emotional, or physical abuse.   

15. He wants to make future plans  

Another sign that a guy might be really into you is when he’s not hesitant to discuss the future with you. This does not mean he outrightly talks about marriage and kids—that will be too much too soon. 

If you have to wonder if a guy is into you, it means your relationship has not evolved much, so talk about what you plan to do in the nearest future, where you’d like to visit, if you could travel with someone, if you’d like to go to a concert in a few weeks, etc., should be a sign that he is trying to picture where he belongs in your life and probably wants to stay for a long time.    

16. You hear about him from friends  

This might be cliché, but guys DO talk to their friends about a lady they like. When he develops an interest in you, there’s a likelihood you will hear it from his friends if you run in the same circle. 

If his friends make little cute comments or jokes about you two, make funny gestures when they think you are not paying attention, slyly ask if you’re single, or try to sell you on what a good guy he is, he may be into you but does not know how to tell you.   

17. His place is clean   

If you have already visited this guy, to where he stays, another sure sign that he’s into you is if he put conscious effort into having his place clean before your visit. 

If a guy is into you, he will go out of his way to impress you. He will clean his toilet, arrange his messy room, and will not receive you in dirty or torn clothing.

Men are more lackadaisical about their living quarters, but a sure sign he likes you is when he pulls all stops – albeit temporarily, just to make you comfortable in his apartment.

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18. He goes out of his way to make your life easier   

Does he offer to give you a lift after work? Offer to help you complete some research? Helps you lift groceries? Helps you reach for something you couldn’t stretch to get? Cooks for you? Or rub your legs after a hectic day? 

If yes, the guy is hopelessly into you.  

Again, if he does similar things to other friends or his family, he may just be a nice person, and you should not read too much into it.   

19. He’s considerate  

Men can be considerate too, especially when they like and are trying to win you. If a guy really likes you, he will create space for you in his schedule.   

If you call him or text him, and he can find time to tell you he’s in the middle of something and will get back to you soon, this is a good act of consideration. 

Dropping cute messages or dorky pictures to remind you he’s thinking of you is another sweet gesture of consideration. 

His consideration could even include making you a cup of coffee in the morning, bringing you food when you’re under the weather, and so on.   

Ultimately, you have to understand that this may not happen constantly, but the gestures alone are worth appreciating!   

20. Trust your gut  

Another obvious sign for you is to know your gut feeling. The best person to tell if he genuinely is interested in you or not is you. You have to listen to your intuition because you are the one relating to him. 

If you feel that he is into you, but you’re not certain, it is normal to see mixed signals. 

If you tap into your instincts without being overly jaded, you might find your answer. Pay attention to how he is with you and how you feel around him. This should help you figure things out.   


When a guy is really into you, there’s bound to be a degree of consistency when their interest is not rebuffed. While it’s good to look out for these signs, the major decision should be based on your heart. 

However, if a man stops being consistent, there might be reasons for that; the first might be that he is overwhelmed by his emotion and trying to figure out if he is making the right decision wanting to be with you.

Another reason might be that you are not giving him the right signal; he needs to take things to another level. 

When a man pulls back, it isn’t always a bad thing. The space he gives might even help you see things clearer and help you decide on whether to be with him or not with a clear head. If he’s really into you, he will be back soon.   

Look out if he is making even more effort to win you when he reaches back to you. 

By Grace Obisesan

Obisesan Grace is a writer and an editor for Whatsdalatest. She has worked as a reporter and content creator for many publications. Obisesan is obsessed with creativity, and she likes to spend her free time learning how to improve her skills. She enjoys watching Sci-Fi and action movies, reading, writing poetry, and listening to continental music.

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