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10 Signs That He is Losing Interest

by | Love

Mar 8, 2024

When a man is losing interest, he leaves a trail of signs that you just have to note. Here are a couple of signs that he is losing interest and may never really be the man you had anymore.

1. He calls less

It begins with the little things—at least with men. When a man loses interest, you will notice a disconnect in the method and frequency with which he tries to reach you. 

He will reach you fewer and fewer times during the course of his day. He would say little to nothing during this time and then go blank for a while. 

You may begin to feel like you are disturbing or distracting him. When it gets to this point, I can assure you that quite a lot of interest is gone. 

2. He texts slower

When men begin to text slower, it could mean they are busy. But more often than not, it means they are drifting away from you and are talking to someone else. 

When a man wants to talk to you, there is some form of eagerness you will spot on every message he sends your way. 

When this eagerness is not there, it means that he is losing interest. 

You will agree that as well as texting slower, his texts will become shorter. 

He will reply with a paragraph when you send ten and respond with a sentence when you send a paragraph. 

All these are signs that should let you know that he is losing interest in you. 

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3. Sex becomes a chore

When a man becomes less interested in you, he will start to see having sex with you as a chore. This is especially true if he had been the kind of man to be all over you. And then, all of a sudden, there is less sex. 

Less sex means no attraction, and no attraction means no interest. 

Things won’t get better until you do, to be honest. I will put up an article soon that shows you what to do when your man begins to lose interest. 

In that article, you will learn how sex can be used to awaken interest and make your man want you again.

4. Less body contact

You will also notice that alongside a recline in how often your man seeks to have sex with you, there will also be a recline in how often he touches you. 

It may go unnoticed at first. But you will come to see what is playing out. 

It begins when you start to ask yourself questions like: “Why doesn’t he hug me so much?”

His enthusiasm for you is fading.

The hugs may become shorter, too. He will hug you, but not for long. 

Then you will notice he no longer even seeks to have his body close to yours, even in bed. There will be no cuddles. His excuse? He is too hot.

He may be right. But if you see a few or more signs listed here alongside him saying he is too hot, then you may be dealing with a man who has lost interest in you.

5. He becomes hard to please

A man who likes you is one of the easiest people to please. You please him without even trying. I have heard men say that the women they love and are interested in can do no wrong in their eyes.

You may have noticed this, too. 

Remember the first moments of your relationship. When he was pleased with you without you ever trying. You could greet him in the morning, and there is such a huge smile on his face. 

Is that the same thing now? If not, then there is a big chance that he is losing or has lost interest in you already. 

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6. He never says I love you first

This is one of the things women notice first. One of the most popular questions in my email box right now is: “Why does my boyfriend not tell me that he loves me first?”

The answer is rather simple. He does not tell you that he loves you first because it is beginning to feel like a lie to him. 

Our minds interpret interest as love. 

So. His mind tells him that he does not love you so much anymore. This pushes the words “I love you” further down his throat so that it becomes hard to say first. 

7. He leaves bed weird

If you live with your man, you must know his early morning routine. For example, my woman’s early morning routine is stretching, turning to see if I am awake, and offering to hug me. 

If I ever notice a change in this routine, I will know without a doubt that there is something wrong. 

This is because what happens so early in the morning isn’t often well thought out. It is usually a subconscious action

Something that has been on their mind throughout the night. And guess what? Those subconscious impulses never really lie. They tell you what is going on in a person’s mind. 

He is becoming distant from you.

8. He begins to remove you from his public space

He no longer goes on dates with you or takes you out to where his friends will be. This is not a coincidence.

It suggests, and directly so, that there is something wrong with his interest in you. 

He is cooling off. 

Test this by asking to go on a date with him.

What is his response? If he says no up to three times consistently or sees it as a kind of burden, then you have your answer. He does not want to be seen with you, and that is fine. 

9. You have little effect on his mood

Another big sign that he is losing interest in you is that you start to have little effect on his mood. You lose the ability to make him feel happy when he is sad. 

He no longer tells you about his down moments. He wants to be left alone even when you show yourself to be reliable help. 

10. He behaves like a stranger

He may avoid eye contact, limit conversation to superficial topics, and show disinterest in things you take seriously. 

You’ll also notice that he maintains physical distance on the couch or bed and never shares personal thoughts. Whenever you try to close the distance, he will often find an excuse to move further away. Actions like this suggest he’s losing interest.


He is being that way because he has lost interest. Don’t think about it too much. Learn what to do, or let it go.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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