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10 Signs Someone Is In Love With You Based On Body Language Alone

by | Meeting People, Moving On

May 16, 2022

What indications show whether someone is in love with you? The primary factor is the person’s body language. If they pay attention while you speak, demonstrate a genuine interest in you, being willing to converse with you, you may be able to discern if they’re in love with you based on their body language.

As humans, over generations, we have learned to communicate without words, using body cues and gestures. We can tell what information a person intends to pass by just watching them, paying attention to how they act around us. 

Do you know that you can tell, to a large extent, if someone is into you by just studying his body language? Here are ten signs someone is in love with you even though they didn’t say it.

1. They’re all smiles around you 

Facial expressions most times mirror a person’s feelings. They are excellent means of communication. So excellent that many emojis are just prototypes of human facial expressions used to communicate via texting.

When you see a face tightened into a frown, for example, with jaws jutting out and eyes narrow and focused, you assume the person is angry. When you see someone who is sad, you somehow know. 

You can also know whether a person likes you by just studying his facial expressions. A guy who likes you will be full of smiles around you. His face will brighten as he talks to you, his front teeth showing. 

His smiles will be loose sometimes, even showing all his teeth. 

A woman, too, will show similar smiles when she is in love with you.

2. Voice pitch

Irrespective of what a person says, the texture and pitch of his voice can offer a cue to what he really feels. 

When we are angry, for example, even when we may be saying the nicest things, we sound cold and threatening. When we are calling for help, we sound loud, and one can tell the desperation in our voices at that point. 

Pay attention to your guy’s or girl’s voice when they talk to you if you are seeking to know if he likes you by just body language alone. While you listen to what they say, listen for how they say it too. 

What they say may be something unrelated to their feelings for you, but you will find their true feelings in how they say them. 

When a man likes you, his voice becomes deeper, more masculine, and more welcoming. It feels as if his voice calls you as if his vocal cords are a bed you can lie on to feel safe. 

With a woman, it’s a bit different. A woman who likes you will sound feminine when she talks to you.

3. They look confused when you bump into them

Men can be very calculative. At least a lot of them. They almost never make moves without carefully considering how these moves will play out. 

Before meeting you, your man would have to think about how it’ll go. They would think about how to stand, how to act, and what to say.

For this reason, the element of surprise is quite effective in exposing a man’s real feelings towards you. 

If there is no time to think about his moves, he will act intuitively, straight out from his subconscious. 

When a man likes you, he will lose his cool when you bump into him. He will act shy and will speak in whispers, mumbling like a child. 

This action of his is most probably subconscious. You can bank on it. He likes you. 

This is also peculiar to women. A woman who likes you will lose her cool around you. 

4. They blush when you compliment them

The blood vessels underneath our facial skin are under the control of the sympathetic nervous system. 

The sympathetic nervous system is not under our control. 

When we are sad and nervous, the fibers of our sympathetic nervous system send signals that make the blood vessels underneath our facial skin grow larger. 

More blood flows into our facial skin when these vessels grow larger, producing some red coloration around our cheeks. 

Many men and women might be masters at hiding feelings they can control. But it falls apart, their secrecy when they can’t control a certain reaction. It falls apart with blushing.

When someone likes you, you will find them blushing a lot around you. Since this is not exactly something they can control, you can trust it. They like you. 

Tease them, and watch how he responds. Watch his cheeks, how redness spreads across it. 

5. He fiddles and is restless

A man who likes you might exhibit some restlessness when you are around him. 

Restlessness is a reaction to anxiety or shyness—as you probably already know, many men are shy around women they like!

When you sit with a man who you think likes you, watch his hands. Where do they go? Do they reach to grab loose ends of clothing or turn the table into a drum? 

What about his legs? Does he keep shuffling? Does he move his feet back and forth? 

How about his head? Does he keep looking all around him, this way, and that way, as if he is being watched?

If your answer to all, or at least, most of these questions, is yes, then he most probably likes you. 

6. He avoids eye contact

When a man likes you, especially one who is shy, he will avoid your eyes. He knows that looking into them will heighten his anxiety, going further to make him lose his cool. 

Try this out: look into his eyes when you both sit to talk. Hold your gaze. 

Who takes their eyes away first? Him? Then he most probably likes you. 

7. He is bold and maintains eye contact

Puzzling. I know, right

Some men are very bold. Most men, in fact. They like to exert some healthy form of dominance over the women they find attractive. 

Because, thanks to evolution and the many con artists on the internet, they believe that by exerting dominance, they bring out the femininity in these women. 

When a bold man likes you, he will try as much as he can to not lose his cool around you. Losing his cool will be embarrassing, and embarrassing himself is a bad stain on the confidence he wears as he tries to woo you. 

He will look into your eyes and will hold his gaze until you take yours away. He will sit still and not fidget, and you just might be able to sense for a second how much effort he is putting into trying to impress you with his boldness. 

8. They wink at you

Winking, a form of facial expression, is excellent when flirting. Many Hollywood romance movies show this. They contain scenes of a man winking at the woman he likes—and vice versa. 

When a guy likes you, he will tend to wink at you a whole lot. He will wink, moving his head in the direction of the door if he wants to meet you. 

Women do this too, although not quite as often as men. You see, women most times don’t initiate moves. 

9. They linger with their hugs

Ever hugged a person that didn’t want to let you go? 

Except if this person is family or a very close friend who you are sure has no feelings for you, then you might want to consider the possibility that the person likes you

Hugs are warm and hold a lot of feelings. People hug people they love and want to have around. 

When someone hugs you and holds on to your body so that you can’t pull back from the hug until they release you, they are subconsciously saying that they feel safe around you. 

Safety is one of the many things embedded in love. The person might just be in love with you. 

10. The person is interested in touching you

Physical contact is a major form of communication. 

When a person likes you, they will want their bodies to be in contact with yours as often as possible. 

When you both are talking and walking, they will place their hands around your shoulder. Or they will lean in to hold your waist. 

Men are most likely to place hands on your shoulders, especially if they are taller than you are. They are relatively taller, you know.

A woman will likely cling to your arm, massaging your muscles. 

She will pop the pimples on your face and make jokes that have her touching you in some way. 

Photo by Edward Cisneros on Unsplash

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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