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5 Signs She’s the One for Keeps and How to Keep Her

by | Love

Feb 29, 2024

It is not so often men realize their woman is a keeper. This is because of the many stereotypes about women flying around. Men seem to box almost all the women they come in contact with as people out to hurt them. This defense mode is what makes a lot of men hurt and dissatisfied in their relationships. In this article, I will be showing you a few signs that she is a keeper and also showing you how to keep her.

5 Signs She’s a Keeper

1. She is herself

One of the major signs about a keeper is that they are genuine. If a woman is herself around you, it is a big indicator that she wants to be kept. 

Women who are not keepers are more inclined to pretend. 

They pretend for no reason at that. They do anything to gain approval, even if it means lying. 

Observe your woman for a while. Try to see the patterns in her actions and words. If the patterns appear to be real and very concrete, then she is genuine and is most likely a keeper. 

If her actions are not consistent, then there is a big chance that she is not one to hold onto.

2. She is family oriented

Most keepers you meet will be family-oriented. 

In fact, it is the mere fact that she is family-oriented that makes her a keeper. 

We live in times when the family is not given as much attention as it needs. Rather than try to build up families, people turn to building up careers, forgetting that few things are as stable as the traditional family. 

In one of our articles, we will be showing you signs that a woman is family-oriented. But for now, here are a few to look out for:

Does she always talk about her desire to be a mother?

If yes, then there are big chances that she is a keeper. Women who love to be mothers almost always love to be great partners. A woman cannot be a great partner without first seeking to be a great mother. 

Does she talk about marriage and the traditional roles of men and women?

If she knows about the traditional roles of men and women in a relationship and is very inclined to keep those roles, then congrats, you have found yourself a keeper. 

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3. She enforces boundaries

One of the easiest people to trust is people who have been able to enforce boundaries. 

I have seen that when a woman is one who is worth holding onto, she enforces two kinds of boundaries:

Boundaries About Herself:

A who is one for keeps is often going to form boundaries around herself. She will use this boundary to protect herself from other men and, sometimes, even you. She will let you know your place in her life and will help you stay in that place. Isn’t it beautiful?

Boundaries around the relationship:

A woman who is a keeper is going to have boundaries about the relationship, too. She is going to love the relationship so much she is driven to protect it. 

She is going to protect you from women and men who try to threaten the peace of your relationship. 

It is not uncommon to hear keepers say things like:

  • “I saw how she looked at you. I think it is best you avoided her,”
  • “Why is that friend of yours always making bad comments about you and us? Don’t you think it is a problem in itself?”

4. She is very self-aware

A woman who is very self-aware is more often than not going to be a keeper. It takes a lot of effort to build self-awareness. 

And not all women have the patience to develop a certain degree of self-awareness. 

But women who are keepers do. 

They see the need to develop themselves because they know that it is in self-development that they develop value, which they will give to their partners. 

They know that a woman without value is going to be a liability to her man even when she does not want to. 

5. She is dedicated to something

You can predict a woman’s dedication to you by observing how dedicated she is to other things. 

A woman who will be dedicated to you will be dedicated, in some way, to something else. 

She may be dedicated to her job or to her relationship with her religion. Whatever it is, she will be dedicated to something. 

This is why people say religious women are the best keepers. What they mean to say: women who show a positive dedication to a worthy ideal are more often than not, keepers. 

They make relationships feel a lot easier. A lot better. A lot more fun to be in. 

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5 Ways to Keep Her 

This is how you keep a keeper:

1. Show dedication to an ordeal

As much as women who are keepers show dedication to a worthy ordeal, they expect men to show that same kind of dedication. 

If you want to lose a keeper, the fastest way to go about it is to lack dedication and purpose. She is going to be gone before you ever realize that she is truly a keeper. 

Women who are worth holding onto don’t hang around too long. 

2. Respect her

Women who are keepers are big on respect. Seriously, if you want her to stay, you have got to respect her and her input into your life. 

I hear a lot of men say they respect women when they almost never respect the input of these women. Don’t be that guy. 

Respect her enough to respect what she suggests you do. If she offers an opinion, don’t just shove it aside as one of those things. 

3. Love her

Do you have a choice?

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4. Give her direction

Even a woman who is one for keeps wants to be led. So, by all means, lead her. Leading her should not be confused with bossing her around. 

To lead a woman is simply to give direction to her affection. 

In one of our articles, I will be showing you how to lead a woman. 

5. Do you!

A real one wants you to keep it real. 

There are a number of real and genuine women out there. Find yourself one!

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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