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10 Signs She’s Faking an Orgasm

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jul 30, 2023

That you’re here means one thing; you feel it in your gut that your woman may be faking an orgasm. If so, we are here to help you tell if she is faking it all. Here are 10 signs she is faking an orgasm.  

1. Her Moans are Too Dramatic

More often than not, when women moan too much, they are faking it. This is because a woman who is truly enjoying sex would not put too much conscious effort into moaning. It would come naturally, like breathing.

When the moans come too loud and too regularly, it is obvious she is being so dramatic to save your ego or boost it.

Lloyd, one of my friends, said, “She was moaning so loudly, it was distracting. It was hard to believe someone would enjoy sex so much. I got my answer when I saw her Facebook comment on a post about her worst sex experience. I just knew she was talking about me.”

2. Her Moans are Irregular

You can tell if a woman is “feeling” the sex by the way she moans. This has been mentioned a lot on the blog recently. If her moans are irregular, then it is very possible she does not enjoy the sex that much. It means she is faking that orgasm, all that leg jerking. 

Hard to believe, but it is the case most of the time. 

You know when you are having a conversation with someone, and then the person zones out and needs to be snapped back into reality? This is what we are talking about. She moans and then zones out because she has forgotten you both were having sex, only to remember and pick up from where she had stopped. 

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3. You are not feeling it

When you are not feeling it, she is most likely faking an orgasm. You could have sex with someone and not enjoy the sex. Sex is supposed to be enjoyed by both parties. 

If you pay enough attention and realize your partner is not enjoying the sex, sometimes, even though it might be subconsciously, it would affect your own pleasure, too. 

Charlie said, “She was always acting like sex was a horrible chore she needed to escape from, and even when she moaned, it was never authentic. I began to dread having sex with her, too.”

4. She Does Not Touch You

Usually, when women enjoy sex, their hands would be all over you—touching and trying to feel your skin because physical touch conveys a lot of emotion. They would caress and give you hugs and also touch parts of your body they know are sensitive.

So, the next time your woman keeps her hand away from you during sex and just lays there like a log of wood, there are high chances she just wants to get the sex over with. 

There is no way that kind of displeased woman can feel an orgasm. She is faking it. 

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5. She is dry

Although it is totally normal for dehydration to cause vaginal dryness, too much of that should ring bells. If she is actually in the mood, especially if she has reached or at least neared climax, there would be some wetness, no matter how little. This is because, as it is in men to get an erection when they are aroused, women get wet down there when they are horny. 

The wetness is produced by the body for lubrication to make sex possible. So if you are trying to have sex and she’s all dry, and you need to find other ways to lubricate her vagina too much, she might just not enjoy the sex, or she might not be in the mood to have sex. Or, worse, she is faking an orgasm as a means to get you away. 

6. She does not moan

You remember we had said you can tell whether or not a woman enjoys sex, at least to the point of nearing an orgasm, by her moans? This also stands when she does not moan at all. 

While some women would try to overcompensate and moan too much to save their ego, others do not have it in them to fake a moan, so they would just lay there and keep their mouths shut, hoping you finish soon enough so they can go their way. 

You should know that, as possible as this is, some women do not know how to moan, even when they enjoy sex. But then, if your woman is that person, there would be little moans of approval here and there. 

7. She Has Asked, “Have You Cum Yet?”.

If she does not enjoy the sex, her earnest desire is that it ends soon. She will fake her orgasm. Do anything to make it stop. Knowing that male ejaculation signals the end of sex, she asks to know if you are done yet or if you are close to being done so she can get the release she desperately needs. When women truly enjoy sex, they wish it never ends. 

So, the next time the woman you are having sex with constantly asks if you have cum yet, know she does not feel you to the point of orgasm.

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8. She avoids your eyes

Pete, a man in his thirties, said, “Once, I had sex with my then girlfriend, and she looked at everywhere and everything other than my eyes. It was weird because normally, she would make sure she stared into my eyes when we were having sex. She later confessed to cheating, and she said she couldn’t look at me because she felt guilty.” 

This is not the same for everyone, but definitely, a woman’s avoiding your eyes during sex means one thing: she is uncomfortable. And someone who is not comfortable cannot and will not enjoy sex with you; this means she is going to fake an orgasm. Staring into the eyes is a very significant love language. 

9. You can’t really tell

You know about gut feelings, right? When you feel strongly about something even if you do not have sufficient evidence and you are almost always right. If you just feel deep down in your heart that she does not feel the sex as much as you do, even if she looks and acts like she does, she might not actually be enjoying it. Which means you are right about her faking an orgasm. 

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10. Something does not feel right

We had established earlier that sex should be enjoyed by both parties and not endured. So if there is a gut feeling or resistance towards the person you want to sleep with, I strongly suggest you do not go on with having sex with them. 

There are so many things that could go wrong if you continue. Like my friend Lloyd whose story I had shared much earlier, you could be trolled on social media for being terrible at sex. Look out for these signs when you have sex. 


Women fake orgasms. It is sad, but the truth nonetheless.

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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