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10 Signs She Wants to Marry You

by | Love

Jun 3, 2024

A woman may often hide her intention to marry a man in layers and layers of signs, hoping that he picks the signs up and proposes to her. In this article, we will be uncovering those signs, showing you ten signs she wants to marry you, and soon. 

1. She’s very loyal and keeps taut boundaries with other men

One of the hallmarks of marriage interest is the establishment of even tauter boundaries. 

You can tell if a woman wants to marry you by observing how she treats other men. 

When a woman decides she wants to marry you, she had usually come to the conclusion that you are the best option, and the last option. 

This means anyone who comes into her life after you no longer qualifies as a potential option. 

She is not going to entertain any man sexually. And should anyone try to move on her sexually, even if this person is someone she really trusts, she is going to let it go. 

She will do all of this without you even asking her to. 

It’s why I tell guys that women are great at cutting off men they don’t like. If your woman constantly complains that a particular guy won’t “leave her alone” even after you’ve told her how uncomfortable it makes you, I have got news for you. 

She may be entertaining that guy. No one knows how to cut a person off better than a woman. 

2. She loves your family and tries to make you love hers

A woman who wants to marry you often understands one thing: “Marriage is more a union between families than it is a union between individuals.”

The woman knows that your family had been in your life long before she showed up and that if she wants a chance in your life, she is going to get a spot with your family. 

She will try to be in your family’s good books, and try to make her family love you too. 

When you notice that your relationship is turning out to be more family oriented, you should consider it a big sign that your woman wants to marry you. 

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3. She has a record of dating with purpose

Usually, women who have a record of dating for a purpose never give up that purpose. 

The truth is: some women are fine with casual relationships. Others are not. They want to be with a man with whom they can see a future. 

If she saw a future with her past partners but broke up due to differences that she may not have been able to smoothen, then there is a big chance that she is dating you with a purpose, too. 

If you turn out to be the guy whose differences she can deal with, she is going to marry you. 

4. She talks about your future a lot

What a woman wants never leaves her lips. That’s something a lot of men should come to understand about women. 

If she is not talking about it, she doesn’t want it. 

A month ago, I received an email from a reader who was concerned about his girlfriend’s affection towards him

He believed she didn’t like him enough—he believed she may have been with him out of pity. 

The first thing I asked him was: “Does she talk about liking you?”

His answer was, of course, No. 

There. He had his answer. She didn’t like him. If a woman wants it, she will talk about it. 

So if your woman is talking about a future with you, then she wants that future. She wants to be a part of it. She wants to marry you. She won’t bother if she doesn’t think you are worth it. 

Liam told us, “I could tell my partner wanted us to get married because of how often she talked about marriage. It seemed like that was the only thing in her vocabulary. At some point, it just clicked. She wanted to be my wife.”

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5. She is fine with unprotected sex and sometimes insists on it

Women who still consider you casual will almost never have unprotected sex with you. 

But a woman who is fine with the idea of marrying you and likes you enough to marry you? She is usually going to desire unprotected sex with you. 

That shows the depth of her trust. And more than that, it shows the depth of her desire to have children with you. 

Of course, she knows that there is a small risk that she may get pregnant for you. Her desire to get married to you completely outweighs this risk, making her unlikely to care much if something goes wrong. 

6. There’s talk about kids

If you have been around women long enough, you will be able to tell that many women want marriage for kids and want kids for marriage. 

It is something that has always amused me. When a woman becomes very invested in motherhood, it is usually because she wants to get married. 

She has come to trust her current partner so much she just wants to be with him and have kids with him so that these kids get his genes and his attitude.

If a woman is open to having kids with you, she is telling you that she loves everything about you and wants her kids to have your features. 

How do you know when a woman wants to have kids with you? Well, she talks about it. It may not be so clear. But she is going to talk about it for sure. 

Sometimes, it’ll be a side remark. Something of a joke that keeps showing up. Other times, it may just be a random compliment from someone else’s kid. 

Let’s say she sees a beautiful kid on the train. She could lean into you and say, “Hey, look how beautiful that child is. You know, I sometimes wish we had kids of our own. They’ll be so beautiful.”

She could also do something like this by forwarding a picture or video of a cute kid to you and captioning it: “My ovaries.”

Ben tells us: “I knew my partner wanted to have kids when they began to spend most of their day on TikTok, looking at baby videos. It was one of the biggest signs that they wanted kids and marriage.”

7. She mentions it as a joke

When we say a woman will almost always talk about the things she wants, we do not mean she will talk about it directly. 

It is rare to see a woman walk up to a man and say: “Hey, I want to marry you.”

I haven’t seen it before, and I don’t think I will.

She will often mention it as a joke. Sometimes, it’ll be such a flimsy joke that skitters past you without you ever noticing. 

It’ll be something like, “Can you imagine our wedding? I imagine myself in such a big dress that makes everyone laugh.”

If she’s out to make sure you notice what she is doing, she may chip in a question. Say something like: “Do you think I will look good in a wedding dress?”

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8. Her X retweets are all about engagement parties

You can tell what a woman wants by observing her social media. 

The truth remains that most guys who get broken up begin to catch the trail of what’s coming on social media long before it happens. 

It usually begins with an erasing of their memories together. The woman deletes all pictures. And then, she changes her relationship status. 

The same thing happens when a woman wants to get married. Her retweets and likes, and sometimes even comments, will sell her out. 

Diamond says: “I bumped into a comment on her Facebook, where she talked about spending life with the man she is currently with. It was such a beautiful thing. We’ve now been married for two years.”

What is she retweeting? If she wants to get married to you, you will find out by just looking at her tweets. 

9. She is submissive and involved in your life

Another very big sign that she wants to marry you is that she is submissive and very involved in your life. 

By submission, we don’t mean it in the non-relationship context. We mean that she is open to your leadership and wants you to protect her. 

She also wants to be very involved in your life. She wants to be there for you on your bad days and wants to help you make the best choices. 

A woman who doesn’t want to marry you may not care that much. She will let you do what you want. And while most guys will consider such a woman ideal and unproblematic, that is usually a sign that she doesn’t see a future with you anymore—even though she may have once done. 

10. You Feel it in Your Gut

Another big sign that she wants to marry you is a feeling in your gut. Gut feelings are a thing!

It is easy to know when a woman wants to marry you. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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