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5 Signs She is Pretending to Love You

by | Love

Feb 25, 2024

It may not come as a surprise to know that, quite a number of times, women pretend to like men. They do this for a number of reasons that range from: the desire to get free gifts and validation, to the desire to just mess around with men. In this article, I will be showing you signs that she is messing with you by pretending to like you:

1. She has a man 

Most of the women who will someday pretend to like you will be women who are in exclusive or open relationships. Mostly exclusive. You will almost never figure this out until you come to understand how pretending to like you is a gimmick to establish some form of dominance in their relationships

It is a power dynamic that has gone on for quite a long time. It leverages the fact that jealousy drives one to covet. 

So, the moment a woman feels as though her man is not giving her the right kind and quantity of attention, she is going to attempt to make him jealous by introducing another man into the picture. 

Unluckily, that man happens to be you. 

She is going to call you a lot and try to be there for you when you need her. Do not allow yourself to be fooled by this. It is all some big trick I want you to see past. 

Does she have a man? Then, chances are she is pretending to like you. 

Note: That a woman has a man does not mean she cannot genuinely like someone else. A woman can be open to liking someone else, especially when there is a break in the string holding her to the previous partner. 

2. She just got out of a relationship

The idea of rebounds is not a strange one. Most women who get out of a relationship usually get out with the help of a rebound. This is a technique called “Monkey branching.”

If you have ever come to observe how monkeys swing, you’d agree that they never swing blindly. Before a monkey swings off a branch, it would have had the next branch in mind.

This is the same thing women do. Before leaving a relationship, they look for a temporary branch to latch on in a bid to make the detachment from their lover hurt less. 

Their pick is usually the nice guys. So. If you are a nice guy, it is even more proof that your woman may just be pretending to like you. 

If she has just gotten out of a relationship or does not stop talking about an ex who did nothing but step on her nerves, then you know she might just be pretending. 

It is needless trying to get her to forget the guy and move on to you. The best you can do is just let things be.

You cannot possibly negotiate for attraction. Ten out of ten times, you are going to fail. 

3. You have something she wants and she has her eyes affixed on this thing

Another sign that she is pretending to like you is that she has her gaze affixed on something you have, which happens to be something she wants to have. 

It can be anything. It can be your attention, your body, or even your money. 

Women do this a lot. And I can tell you this for free: the moment she has what she wants, she is going to leave you. 

The trick to know if she is there for something or not is offering her what you suspect she is craving you for. 

Offer her a lot of it. If she takes it without hesitation or takes it without even saying thanks and then disappears for a while, then you know she is only pretending to like you. 

4. She would rather not be seen with you in public

It is such a red flag when a woman doesn’t want to be identified with you in public. This is because women are known to seek admiration from each other by showing off the things they consider deeply beautiful.

If a woman considers you something or someone to be proud of, you will be on her lips like a song. 

She will tell her friends about this guy who sweeps her off her feet: this guy whose first touch gets her wet. Do you want to be that guy? We have an article for you coming up in the coming weeks. 

If, on the other hand, she is just pretending to like you because she needs to get something out of you, she will see to it that you both do not have any public-facing affiliations. 

When you ask for her social media handles, she is going to say: “I don’t use Facebook that much.”

When you ask that she walk you down the street, she will tell you about an intense leg pain that never goes away. There will always be excuses. Always. Anything to keep her being seen as your woman. 

5. You pestered her too long

It is not so rare to see women give in to a romantic setting because the guy has lingered on for too long. 

She may just come to like him or pretend to like him out of pity. Women do this a lot with nice guys. 

I will be speaking more about this when the article: “Signs I am a Nice Guy and She is Pretending to Like Me Out of Pity” goes live. 

If you had always been in her inbox, trying to woo her, ignoring her negative responses to mean she was playing hard to get, she is just pretending to like you. 

The man who is liked out of pity is one of the most unlucky when it comes to relationships. They never really get it right, no matter how they try. There is always something that puts the woman off. 


Even women pretend to like men. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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