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8 signs she is done with you

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Mar 2, 2024

When a woman is done with you, a trail of signs follows her choice. Even though women have a thing for hiding their final decision to leave until they find someone else or something else to latch onto, one can tell when a woman is done with you. In this article, Ubong shows you 8 signs your woman is done with you. Signs it may be time you moved on.

1. She is oddly comfortable with going extended periods without talking to you

A woman who likes you is almost always going to want you in her space. She is going to want to talk to you, even when she might have such a busy schedule.  

So, when your woman begins to go so long without seeing the need to talk to you, it becomes a red flag. 

And the thing about red flags is that they can easily be overlooked. 

You can overlook it if she goes days without talking to you. 

But never overlook it when it spills into weeks or months. She is subtly letting you know that she is done with you. 

You should not beg. Don’t do it. If she has made up her mind, there is really nothing you can do. 

Even when you play all your cards right, things may never go back to being the way they used to be. Just let her be alone. 

2. She loses all ability to be jealous

Women who still find purpose in being in a relationship with you guard that relationship very closely. 

It is why I laugh when people make men appear like the only ones who can be jealous. Of course, women can be very jealous, too. 

They, however, lose this ability to be jealous when they begin to question the purpose and viability of the relationship. 

She would have been done with you by the time you notice that she no longer cares where you have been or who you have been talking to. 

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3. She cheats

Not all women are open to cheating. But some are. And they use cheating as a signal to let you know that everything is over or close to being over.  

If she cheats on you, it means she no longer wants you in her life–or she wants you in her life but not as a lover. It is weird, but some women are known to friendzone their boyfriends. It shows that you should begin to move on.

This is especially true if she has shown you some or all of the signs that will appear in this article.

The best thing to do when you find out she is cheating or about to is to let things go. Don’t think of forgiving her or anything.

Forgiving a cheating woman is like walking straight into danger. The likelihood that she will change is too small for you to bank your entire emotional safety on that. 

4. She talks to new guys

This is emotional cheating. And more often than not, it means she is done with you. 

When a woman begins to look elsewhere, it only shows that you are no longer the subject of her attraction and affection. 

She no longer feels the need to love you–and does not approve of you and the relationship.

By talking to other guys, she is exploring her options. 

This is something women do when they want out. 

You may be tempted to go out there and show her that she is making a mistake. But I will advise you not to do it. 

If she is talking to other guys, let her. 

In fact, if you must confront a woman for talking to other men, you must leave behind the promise that you will mirror her actions. 

This is both a curative and a diagnostic approach.

If she is done with you, her lack of reaction to your promise confirms this.

If she is not done with you, your promise is going to trigger some form of jealousy. 

5. She removes you from her public life

You will often bump into this reality by mistake. 

Say. One day, you are scrolling through Facebook, and boom, you find that some of the pictures you both took together are no longer there.

The same thing seems to be happening on Twitter and Instagram. 

This is a very strong indicator that she is losing interest. She took those pictures off so she could talk to other men without being hit with too many questions. 

You know she is talking to many people if her Snap score keeps increasing despite you both not talking much on Snapchat. 

This is, in fact, how I found out that one of my exes had been seeing someone else and was done with me. 

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6. She becomes yery unpredictable

Let’s say your girlfriend whom you had been talking to, who had been so big a part of your life, suddenly becomes someone you don’t know. You cannot tell where she is or has been for weeks on end. 

She becomes a distant memory. Something that reminds you of when there had been security in the relationship. 

What should come into your mind?

Well, the first thing that should be is that she has moved on from you. She is done with you, and to be honest, there is little you can do. Your best bet is going to be you leaving. 

7. She detaches from your friends and family

This is one of the big signs that she is done with you. Consider it a public announcement. When she detaches from your friends and family, consider it some kind of announcement. 

This is not the stage where you try to talk her out of things. You are making things worse when you do this. 

A woman does not want to be talked out of her decision to let things go. She wants to be left alone. 

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8. You feel it in your gut

Your gut is almost always right. 


When a woman is done with you, she removes herself from your life, leaving you to do what you want. She also expects that you leave her to do what she wants. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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