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10 Signs of Emotional Detachment and How to Fix It

by | Love

Jun 13, 2022

Relationships don’t just break away. There are almost always signs. And all of these point to a loss of emotional connection. Many partners are too careless even to notice the signs of emotional detachment in their relationship and so do nothing about it, leaving the relationship to keep deteriorating until there isn’t a relationship anymore. 

You shouldn’t be one of those. You should be careful to watch for these signs of emotional detachment in your relationship and how to fix them.

1. Nothing is Ever Wrong

When emotions start to go missing in a relationship, nothing goes wrong anymore. Things your partner once considered insufferable start to go unnoticed and overlooked. That is, they don’t notice it. And if and when they do, it is just one of those things. They let it slide without an argument. 

A lot of people see this sign as a good thing. But it is not. It is just a red flag pointing towards the end of your relationship. 

Fix this by being less irritating. Just stop doing what angers your partner. Be yourself, but don’t irritate them whilst at it. You can talk to them about their change in attitude. This helps, but not much. 

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2. No More Sex

One of the first aspects of a relationship that will take a hit when emotional disconnection sets off is the sexual aspect of the relationship. 

You both are going to have much less sex, and when you do have sex, it is going to be bland. If your sex used to feel like licking a bowl of ice cream, emotional detachment is going to make it feel like licking ice. 

Bland. No flavor. Just sex for the sake of sex. 

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3. Secrets

When partners start to lose touch with each other, they no longer feel the need to share secrets. It starts with the little things, like a boss at work who is hitting on them, and then it becomes the much bigger thing until the relationship is in itself a giant box of secrets. 

When you notice that your partner is starting to keep secrets from you, the best thing to do is to stop keeping your own secrets from them. 

Start telling them about stuff that has happened to you. This is going to force them into mirroring you. 

In relationships, emotions are usually mirrored. 

4. Trust Issues

Trust issues are both a reason for emotional detachment and a sign. When your partner has a reason to doubt you, they respond in two ways: 

– They confront you

– They don’t. They let it slide as though they have seen nothing. 

You may be tempted to think a confrontation is far worse than silence. But you will be wrong. In relationships, confrontations are a good sign. They mean your partner cares enough to be bothered by your actions. 

No confrontations, on the other hand, mean your partner doesn’t care that much anymore. And even if they do, they would rather resent you than talk things out. This points to a communication problem, which happens to be the next sign of emotional detachment. 

5. Communication Issues

Your partner will not communicate with you so frequently anymore when they start to detach from you emotionally. They will find ways to avoid sitting on that couch and conversing. 

This happens because they are just not that comfortable anymore. In other words, they don’t think your company is what it used to be. 

Remember, it is an emotional attachment that makes a person good company in the first place. So, when it leaves, the person starts to act funny. 

You can fix communication issues by talking about little things first, leaving out the bigger ones, and developing a habit of talking with your partner every night. 

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6. They Seem Bored and Irritable

An emotionally detached partner is a bored one. 

Everything about the relationship starts to feel like sitting in a class that wouldn’t end. When you both sit to talk, you will be able to spot feelings of boredom in their body language. 

They will roll their eye. They will start to hold onto things. In fact, they will concentrate on anything but you. 

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7. They Don’t Ask About Your Well-being

This is to say that they start to care about you less. This is especially common in men. Men who once used to ask how you are doing will just stop asking. 

They will go days without asking what you ate less. It is simple; they don’t care.

When you notice that your partner is starting to care less, the best thing to do is to speak to them about it. Get to the root of why they don’t care anymore and try to fix it from there. 

If it is resentment, clear it out by offering the necessary apologies. 

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8. They Go days Without Hearing from You

This is something like ghosting but isn’t exactly ghosting. When your partner grows emotionally disconnected from you, they will become fine with spending long periods away from you. 

This is called pulling away. They will pull away from you. 

The way to fix this is to let them go as far as they want. Don’t think that chasing them excessively when they pull away is going to have them rushing back to you. It will not. 

They will come back to you only when they go out there and start to miss you. Then they will value your time and attention and try to have it back. 

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9. They Start Talking to Someone Else

People want to be listened to. When your partner stops communicating with you as a result of an emotional detachment, they will go on to speak to some other person.

This is going to be the reason they start being secretive in the first place. It will also be why they don’t bother filling you in on details. 

They will start to go out a lot too, and to places, you don’t know about. 

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10. They don’t Want to Be Identified with You in Public

When you notice that your partner no longer wants to associate with you in public much, they don’t want you around their friends or colleagues; then it means they are detaching. 

When it gets to this point, you should know that a breakup is on its way. 

But you can prevent it. 

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

By Aleksandra Nico

Dr. Aleksandra Nico is a licensed clinical psychologist. She is in private practice in Brunswick and has experience in a wide variety of areas, including mood-related difficulties, anxiety, psychosis, trauma, addictions, personality disorders, and anger management. Dr. Nico completed a Ph.D. at the University of Nevada. Her goal is not to make very good people out of good, but to get the unique out of them.

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