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10 Signs of a Feminine Man

by | Ideas

Apr 12, 2023

We are often attracted to our polar opposites. That is: men who are masculine are often attracted to women who are feminine. A breach in that polarity is often going to kill attraction. This is why men who are feminine usually have problems attracting women. Because, as the laws of physics agree, like poles repel. In this article, we explore signs that you might be a feminine man.

1. You Have Problems Attracting Women

Nothing points out that you are a feminine man more than problems attracting women. 

Although masculine men also have problems attracting women from time to time, feminine guys seem to have a constant problem attracting women. It is simple why: women are not attracted to them. 

No woman wants to date herself or her kind. She wants to date someone with whom she can explore the world. Someone who she deems worthy of leading her. 

Only a masculine man can be all of this to a woman. 

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2. You Have Problems Hanging Around Guys

Men who are masculine often function in groups. This is typically true about males from almost every social species. 

Lions spend time with each other and seldom with the lionesses. This ensures a flow of strength and dominance. We are most manly when around other men. 

If you find that you have problems associating with men in a group, then you may just be a feminine man. 

This is typically true if, in addition to this, you have problems attracting women emotionally. 

3. You are Secluded

Of course, everyone wants to be on their own from time to time. But guess what? We are often most powerless on our own. And masculinity is just power. Sheer, brute power that helps us burst our way past emotional and physical barriers. 

If you find that you are secluded, then chances are, you are bereft of the true power that is masculinity. 

Of course, these days, masculinity has been reduced to something that is considered toxic. 

Whilst there might be some truth in this, at least in the expression of masculinity (masculinity is not toxic but can be expressed in a toxic way), masculinity is, on the whole beneficial to the world.  

It will help you navigate through your relationships and grow to become better. 

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4. They Seek Validation and Attention

Everyone seeks validation from time to time. This is a good thing. It helps us keep our lives in check and strive to be better. 

However, it becomes a problem when one seeks validation compulsively. This just shows the person puts the opinions of other people above theirs. This is not man-like at all. 

Men are supposed to be powerful and able to navigate their way around life whether or not anyone is watching. 

If you have to be watched or praised in order to achieve something you know would better your life if you went ahead to chase after it, then you are showing signs that you are a feminine man. 

Seeking attention and praise has been traditionally viewed as a woman thing. 

5. You Lie

Everyone who lies saves compulsive liars, and people who are dealing with mental illness are afraid. 

Lie stems from fear. And often, it is the fear of being left out or viewed in a negative light. 

Men who are feminine, seeing that they seek nothing more than to be validated by the people around them, will often lie to receive this validation. 

They would change themselves just so someone would accept them. They would lie as well or brag. Bragging, no matter how you see it, is a sign that you are in need of attention and some patting on the back. Don’t do it. 

6. You are Passive Aggressive

Passive aggression is not the absence of aggression. Feminine men often pride themselves in the fact that they don’t get angry. This is not true. Of course, they get angry. Maybe even more than masculine men. They are just great at not showing it. 

They are great at being passive-aggressive. 

It is a feminine trait. Men are supposed to find ways to express their anger maturely. They should be able to talk about it rather than bottle all those feelings up until they can’t contain them anymore. 

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7. You Have Problems Asking For Help

There is a bit of a misconception about what it means to be self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency is not being unwilling to seek help when you need it: it is rather being able to be there for yourself if help does not come. 

Feminine guys usually confuse this. They have such a big problem asking for help. And I believe it is because, deep down, they may not even feel worthy of receiving help. Ask for help from time to time. It is healthy. 

8. You Gossip

Feminine guys spend a lot of their time gossiping. Talking about others behind their backs is the farthest from a manly thing you can possibly think of. 

Men don’t talk behind each other’s backs. They talk face to face, with the intent of building up rather than putting down. 

If the conversations you have about other people are driven by a desire to see them down, then something is quite wrong. 

Women will always avoid a guy who gossips. Why? Because he makes them feel unsafe. They look at him and say: “If he can talk about someone else that way, what are the chances that he will not talk about me the same way when I am not around?”

9. You are Too Nice

Feminine men are too nice. And niceness is very unattractive. Majorly because it is all a pretense. Nice guys are not really nice, I tell you. They’re just really good at pretending. 

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10. You are Ashamed of Your Sexual Desire

Everyone has sexual desires—even feminine men. 

Weirdly, feminine men seem to be quite ashamed of their own desires. They usually think it improper to want to have sex. 

Polarity is proportional to desire. 

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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