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7 Signs of a Crazy Wife & How to Deal with Her

by | Love

May 13, 2023

Too many times, I have heard men say: “My wife is crazy.” My first response is mostly: “Is she?” 

“Yes,” These men affirm. “She is.” 

This article is put up for men like these who think they may be dealing with a crazy wife. I’ll be walking you through telltale signs of a crazy wife and how you can deal with her.

Sign 1: She is Never Satisfied

One of the biggest traits of women you will describe as crazy wives is that they are never satisfied. 

You could do your best for them, But they will almost never see it. Rather, they will see the one stuff you did not do. 

This can be terribly annoying, especially if you are a good man. But luckily, it can be fixed. 

Your first response to your wife’s being dissatisfied about everything should be withdrawing your good side for a while.

Humans are wired to appreciate stuff they do not get so often, especially if this stuff used to be gotten with sheer ease at some point in their lives.

When you, for example, cut back on often you arrive with gifts from the office, your wife will come to see that your getting her gifts wasn’t so much of a right but something you did out of goodwill. 

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Sign 2: She Compares You

I do not know one man in the world who likes to be compared. It can be truly exhausting. And as I write this, I do feel bad for any man who has had to deal with being compared all the time. 

A wife who is crazy has a thing for comparing her husband with other men. 

She would usually do this for two reasons: 

– She seeks to make him feel insecure about himself, so he can either reach to become better for himself or reach to do more for her. 

However, while it is a good thing for a woman to push her man into wanting to become better, it is unhelpful to do so by comparing him.

– A wife may also compare her husband as a means to manipulate him into being a certain way towards her. 

However, the best way to deal with this is to reinforce your boundaries. Let her know you will no longer be fine with her comparing you with anyone. 

Sign 3: She Feels Intimidated by Your Growth

Even though they may seem very tough on the outside, at their core, crazy wives are just very scared ladies. 

They are scared about whether or not they are adequate for their men. This is because, deep down, they know they may be crazy toward these men. 

If your wife wears a frown rather than a smile when you come home with some good news, there is a big sign that she is crazy. 

You can deal with this by encouraging her to the point where she sees that you are not a competition but, rather, a teammate. This way, she will not feel intimidated by you or your achievements. 

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Sign 4: She Talks Over You

Yes, and especially if she is the one at fault. I have seen this one too many times to miss it as the obvious sign of a crazy wife that it is. 

Andrei D. told us: “Everyone told me my wife was crazy for talking over me. I never believed them until I began to see what true love and respect should feel like.”

Does your woman talk over you? She is crazy. 

Deal with it by enforcing boundaries. If it has gotten to this point, chances are, she no longer even respects you. This means the best thing to do, is speak to someone whom she respects. 

Sign 5: She Manipulates You with Sex

You will be surprised by the number of men who are in sex marriages because their wives are deeply manipulative. 

No one is suggesting that one has to have sex with their husband anytime their husbands ask. Of course, there are times when the mood is not just right. 

But manipulating one’s man with sex? That is clearly unfair and straight-up crazy. 

Usually, women manipulate their men with sex when the man has begun to be less attractive to them. 

So the best thing for you to do at this point is to build attraction again. We have an article that guides you on how you must act if you are ever to get your wife or girlfriend attracted to you again. 

Sign 6: She Does Whatever She Wants

A lot of people scoff when I say this, but: no one in a relationship is supposed to do whatever they want. 

Relationships should comprise two people who come together and agree to respect each other’s boundaries no matter what. This should not be the other way around. 

If your wife does whatever she wants, even when it is directly damaging to you and the relationship itself, it means she does not respect you. 

It also means she is crazy. 

You can deal with this by first losing the Nice Guy Syndrome. I have seen that a lot of men who allow their wives to walk all over them are nice guys. 

Keep your feet on the ground and, lovingly but firmly, tell her you will no longer be tolerating any disrespect. 

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Sign 7: She Has No Regard for Your Friends

A wife who does not regard your closest friends and family is just crazy. There really isn’t any need to sugarcoat it. 

She is crazy. And it is time you both sit to have the talk. You may even have to involve her dad or mom or someone out there whom you can tell she deeply respects.

From these people, she can learn why it is so important for one to respect their husband’s friends. 


Until you decide to deal with it head-on, in the absence of a miracle, a crazy wife is not going to stop being crazy. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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