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10 Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually

by | Love

Mar 15, 2023

Sexual energy is necessary to begin and sustain romantic relationships. By paying attention to a guy’s sexual energy, you may gain insight into how much he wants you badly sexually. With our comprehensive guide, you will discover the lusty signs that a guy wants you badly sexually. From the way he teases your body to sending you a playlist full of sex songs, learn how to decipher his true intentions and make informed decisions about your relationships. Don’t miss out on this essential knowledge to navigate your romantic life confidently.

To that end, here are ten signs to help you determine how badly a guy wants you sexually.

1. He Teases Your Body

Guys who want you sexually are going to be excellent teasers. They will very often tease your body, how you move it, the color of your skin, etc. 

This is their way of saying: “Hey, I want this, but I don’t want it to be so obvious yet.” 

How often does he tease you? A lot? Then he wants you badly sexually.

2. He Maintains Eye Contact

When a guy wants you badly sexually, you are going to be his focus whenever he meets you. He will focus on you as he imagines what he could do to you in bed. 

This means a lot of steady eye contact. Sometimes, this eye contact will be associated with some gestures holding sexual undertones—like, licking his lower lip or even winking. 

Many times, the gestures will be unconscious. He just does them. 

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3. He is Very Expressive

Sexual energy makes guys very expressive. When they really want to have sex, they become more in tune with their feelings; more open to talking about them. 

He could tell you about this one time he felt a genuine outburst of happiness or sadness. 

Listen to the tone of his voice—if it fluctuates between deepness and lightness, then you should know he is really into the conversation. 

Stir the conversation into something sexual, observing how he reacts to this. If he reacts by taking over most of the conversation, then he sure wants you badly sexually. 

4. He Shows Some Jealousy

Sexual energy does a lot of things to men. One of these is that it brings out the part of him that is biologically wired to secure his mates—the part that competes. 

This behavior is seen even in lower primates. 

A man who wants you badly sexually is going to want to secure you. He will do this by eliminating all other competition. 

He will show a lot of genuine jealousy. If you have a male best friend, for example, he will make it his duty to try and disentangle that friendship.

“What do you even have a male best friend for?” He would say. “I don’t think you should have a male best friend. At least not now that I am here.”

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5. He Begins to Protect You from Your Choices

This also happens because of his biological wiring to keep you safe, seeing that you are a prospective mate to him. 

A man who wants you badly sexually is going to question many decisions you make, especially ones he cannot quite understand, ones that put you in the face of risk. 

To many women, this comes off as controlling—and sometimes it is, but the man doesn’t really seek to control you. 

6. He Gives You Gifts

For centuries, giving gifts has signaled interest. 

When a man seeks to be in bed with you sooner or later, he is surely going to get you gifts. 

These gifts are going to be random. “Hey, I just thought about you. I think you should have this.” 

You can gauge his level of sexual attraction towards you by the kind of gifts he gives you. 

He is very sexually interested in you if his gifts are underwears or certain clothes that seem a bit ‘inappropriate’ to be given by strangers. 

7. He Brags

Guys also seek sex by making themselves seem bigger and stronger. They do this because even they know that, biologically, women are hypergamous. 

What this means is that, in search of protection and care for both themselves and their offspring, women always seek out the strongest and most influential mate. 

A woman will be inclined to seek a man who is at the pinnacle of his social and work circle. A man who is healthy and strong and has his shit together. This way, it will be pretty easy to depend on him. 

If he brags a lot about himself and his achievements whenever he is around you, what he is saying is: “I think you should pick me. I am very sexually interested in you.” 

Sadly, this does not work. 

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8. He Asks for Random Pictures of You

This is also an indication of strong interest. When a guy likes you, he is surely going to ask that you send him pictures of yourself. 

When you do—if you do—he will give more attention to the ones that seem erotic. 

There could be ten pictures in his inbox. But he would give attention to just one, the one that seems most sexy. 

“I think you look really hot here.” He just told you he wants you badly.

9. He Asks That You Both Spend More Time Together

A guy who wants you badly sexually will be interested in spending a lot of time with you. 

He is going to ask to go on dates pretty often. 

It usually goes this way: he sets up another date the moment you return from one.

“I had fun with you today. I think we should go out more.” 

He would also tend to surprise you with visits. If he knows where you work, he may show up there, etc. 

10. He Suggests Indoor Meetings

This is usually the last sign a guy shows when he wants you sexually. He will, of course, invite you over to his house, most times, late in the evening. 

11. He Sends you a Playlist Full of Sex Songs

Guys have gotten creative and have, over the years, developed some level of subtlety that makes their seduction game even stronger. If he sends you a playlist full of sex songs, that is his way of saying: hey, I want to have sex with you badly. 

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Sexual interest is proportional to attraction. He will be attracted to you by the pull of his sexual interest, and you can tell the level of attraction he has for you by observing his sexual energy.

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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