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8 Signs He Wants to Marry You

by | Love

Jun 3, 2024

When a guy wants to marry you, he usually makes it clear enough for you to read the signs. Though some may make it clearer than others, you will always know when a guy wants to marry you. Here are eight signs that he wants to marry you.

1. All his friends know you

Friendships between guys is a little more straightforward and structured than it is between women. This is because men tend to make friends with people who are more permanent in their lives. 

A man will often make friends with the friends of his sister or his cousins. There is always a tendency that there will be a permanent connection. 

If he brings you into his friendship circle so that you become a part of the team, he is beginning to see you as someone who will last a long time in his future. 

It is usually the first sign that he wants to get married to you. 

It is usually a brighter sign if his friends can reach out to you in search of your man. 

Let’s say they haven’t seen their friend, who is your man, for a long time, and they call to ask: “Hey, where is your boyfriend?” It means that they, too, are starting to see you as a more permanent person. 

They’re seeing you this way because your man keeps telling them about his desire to marry you.  

2. His family begins to feel like your family

A man who is interested in marrying you will make the relationship very easy for you. Such that, along the line, his family begins to feel like your family. 

And they start to treat you like you’ve been a part of them from day one. 

Suddenly, his mom wants to be around you more. His dad wants you around for Thanksgiving. And when you all sit at the table to talk, it is a round of teasing your man. 

When he gets you involved with his family, it is usually because he wants you to be a part of the family now. 

Nene tells us: “I noticed how his family welcomed be. I could tell they did it because of all the things he must have told them about me. It was really beautiful to have been loved that way. I knew he wanted to marry me. And I wanted to marry him too.”

Nene has now been married for around three years. 

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3. He insists you spend more weekends

When a guy doesn’t want to be committed to the extent of marriage, he usually allows some space between him and his woman. This space is what I call a “space of uncertainty.”

This space allows him to explore other options and make his decision. 

When he removes that space, it is usually because he has made up his mind. 

When he wants to marry you, he will seek the marriage experience before the marriage actually happens. 

He will want you over at his house more and often insists that you spend some weeks and sometimes even months. He will want you to cook for him, he will want to help you out at the kitchen; he will want to be a husband. 

There are times when he will insist on a long vacation. This will be him trying to remove you from the rest of the world, bringing you into his world—something like a honeymoon. 

4. He tries to be friends with your friends

Usually, a guy who is in the process of making up his mind about getting married to a woman is a man in full-fledged detective mode. 

He begins to seek some details about his woman he may have missed earlier on. Details about her past relationships and sometimes even her traumas. 

This drives him to become friends with your friends. 

When a man tries to be friends with your friends, he does so for two reasons:

  • He wants them to accept him: Your friends’ approval of him is usually all it takes. He knows this. He knows that your friends can push you into his arms or out of there. 
  • He wants to find out things about you: Your man knows that your friends know you better than anyone else. And so he will often try to find out things about you from them. Big sign that he is considering marriage. 

If your friends tell you that he called them to ask a couple of questions, then you should know marriage is on his mind andhe is trying to clear all doubts. 

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5. He makes jokes about marriage

Men sometimes communicate with a strong sense of humor. If you want to know what a man truly wants and loves, all you need do is pay attention to the things he laughs about. 

If he is fond of making jokes about marriage, then he is trying to let you know he may get married to you. 

Another trick he may pull off is insisting that you attend marriage ceremonies with him. 

When you notice that your man’s circle is getting married one after the other, then you should know that your ownmarriage may be on the list too. 

6. He seems overwhelmed with the idea of getting married

When you notice that he is overwhelmed with the idea of getting married, you should know he wants to marry you. 

Men like the idea of getting married, especially when they are with a good woman who appreciates and loves them for who they are. 

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7. He wants to be a father

If he wants to be a father so bad, it may be because he sees you as one who will be the perfect mother. 

It is a big sign that he wants to marry you. 

Talks and talks about kids should be regarded as talks and talks about marriage. 

8. You feel it in your gut

If you feel it in your gut, it is probably true. 

It is easy to tell when a man wants to marry you. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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