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10 Signs He Sees You as Someone Special

by | Love

Jun 28, 2023

Men are not so great at hiding it when they think you are that very special someone. If you don’t see the signs, it means you are not looking in the right direction. This article has been put up to help you look in the right direction. Here are 10 signs he sees you as someone special: 

1. He Takes Your Side Against His Friends

When a man takes your side against people who are quite special to him, it means he considers you more special than them at that moment.

One big sign to look out for if you are trying to know how special you are is his willingness to stand up for you. 

If he is a habit of taking other people’s side even when it makes you feel horrible, he may not see you as being that special. 

Bankole told us: “My woman is number one to me. I will take her side no matter what. Sometimes, even when I know she is wrong. I will support her out there, and we will settle our differences later on.”

2. He Makes Out Time Even in Busy Moments

Men put a lot of value on their time and will often never trade it for something they don’t consider very special. 

If he makes out time for you even when he is very busy, then you are special to him. There are usually no exceptions to this rule. We are never too busy for the ones we love and deeply appreciate. Never. 

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3. The Gifts Don’t Stop Coming

Gifts are a classic way of showing love and affection. 

If he gives you a lot of gifts, then you should know he thinks you are someone really special to him. 

Here is why: it takes a lot for someone to give out a gift. 

You first have to cross his mind, after which he will spend minutes to hours thinking about what he will get you. Then he steps out to buy that gift. 

It goes beyond: “Hey, I got you this.”

It is more like: “Hey, you always cross my mind, and I love it each time because I can give you a gift to show how deep my love for you runs.”

4. He is Willing to Help

Men are wired to help people who need to be helped. 

This is why they seem to have a deeper sense of justice and more strength of will.

How often does your man help you? I am not speaking of the times you ask for help. 

I am speaking of times when he observes that he has to help you and goes ahead with it.

If these times are too few, there might be a problem. However, if he is open to helping you even without you having to ask, you are special to him.

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5. He Advises You

Years ago, someone dear to me told me: “The best thing a person can give to you sometimes is a piece of advice.”

Over time, I have come to see how true this is. 

A man who loves his woman and wants to see her become her best self is going to give her a lot of advice whenever the need arises. 

He will let her see the world for what it really is. Men realize the world can be harsh, and even though they may deny it, they know it is even harsher for women.

This is why fathers spend a lot of time preparing their daughters to face the world. It is also why men teach their lovers about life.

6. His Mood Lightens When You Both are Together

You can tell how a person feels about you by observing their demeanor when you both are together. 

If a man sees you as special, your presence is going to make him feel very relieved. He will see you as his succor. Sometimes, he will even tell you. 

“I cannot wait for this day to be over so I can come be with you.”

Have you ever heard something like that from your man? If yes, he sees you as special.

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7. There is Healthy Jealousy

Men are less inclined to share things they consider very special. Growing up, I was fine with sharing certain toys. But there were special toys no one ever took from me. I loved them, and this drove me to guard them with healthy jealousy.

If your man shows healthy jealousy towards you, he considers you a priced jewel he does not want anyone else to have access to. 

One big hallmark of healthy jealousy is the absence of control. If he tries to control you, that is not healthy jealousy. 

8. He Loves the People you Love

When someone is special to us, the person special to them becomes special to us as well. 

You know a man sees you as special when he begins to love the people you love just because you love them.

I have seen this happen many times. And each time, I am amused at how beautiful love really is. Love can truly be the most amazing thing in the world.

How does he treat your family? If he makes conscious efforts to be nicer to them, then he sees you as special.  

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9. He Seeks to be there with you in Your Big Moments

We all have big moments, and we know that big moments are nothing without the people we love. 

A man who sees you as special is going to do all in his power to show up for you at your special moment. He is going to be right there, holding your hands and loving you.

10. He Shows You Off

People show off things and people they consider very special.

If he sees you as special, you will always be on his lips. He will never hesitate to put you and the relationship you share out there when the time is right.


When it comes to love and relationships, men do not know how to hide as much as women. If you are special to him, you are going to find out for sure. All you need so

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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