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15 Signs He is Husband Material

by | Love

Aug 6, 2022

The choice of a life partner can be a very difficult one to make. Women, therefore, have to be careful to observe the men they are involved with, mentally screening them for signs of husband material. In a relationship, a warm cycle exists when a man who is husband material, in word and deed, reassures his woman of his love through the following indications.  

Here are 15 signs he is husband material and will most likely be good for you.

1. He Respects You

The first red flag in a man should be a lack of respect for his spouse. You should not, for any reason, marry a man who has shown you that he cannot respect you. 

Respect here means he treats you with honor and does not try to disregard your actions and choices. The moment he starts to see your choices as being below his, then he begins disrespecting you. 

And the thing about disrespect is that it has a way of sticking around. If he respects your opinions and suggestions, respects your emotions, and also never dismisses how you feel when he misunderstands you, in that case, you should go ahead and marry him because you’ve found a great guy with 100 yards of husband material.

2. He Sees You as a Teammate

Marriage is teamwork. Both parties have to see themselves as teammates. They have to be able to support each other and not feel intimidated by the other person’s wins and successes. 

A man who is husband material will allow you enough room in his life to make some necessary decisions. He will come to you for help with some difficulties. And he will be there to help you when you want him to. 

If he is too intimidated by your growth or successes, especially if you do not shove these in his face, then you might just want to leave him alone. This shows a deep-seated esteem issue that may present some form of toxicity in the future. 

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3. He Respects Other Women

Many men are good at pretending around the women they love. They will put up a façade for as long as it keeps her around. 

You should not take his actions toward you at face value until you have seen how he treats other people. 

Does he respect you? That is so fine. How about other people? Does he respect them as well? 

How does he speak about his boss? How does he speak about the waitress who has just stepped on his toes? 

If he speaks to them with contempt, this is a big sign that he is not husband material. When you guys get married, and you step on his toes, he might also treat you with contempt as well. 

4. He Has a Great Relationship with His Family

The thing about relationships is that they are built on character. A person who has a good character or attitude is going to have good relationships throughout his life. 

A book called Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller suggests that our attitude has an impact on every facet of our lives, including our relationships. This is true to a large extent. 

If he hates his family, especially even when they are kind to him, then there is likely an attitude flaw that will show up in your relationship sooner or later. 

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5. He is Teachable

One group of men you want to avoid are men who are not teachable. Men who feel like they know it all and don’t need any help getting better at what they do. 

These men won’t only ruin themselves (it is a common saying that pride goes before a fall). They will ruin you, too, by turning everything into a fight. 

Your boyfriend is not a husband’s material if you correct him once, and he interprets it as an insult, making a fuss about it for long periods.

6. He Doesn’t Try to Control You

Men who control others are a red flag, and they can not make great husbands. Control usually signals an overblown ego. And for the record, people usually control things they feel they own. You know, possessions.

Trust me; you don’t want to be with a man who sees you as a possession. It is going to be quite difficult to cope. Even though you manage to keep with it for a while, eventually, it will wear you out, and you will want out. 

It is best you stay with a man who does not try to control you. I mentioned earlier that these men respect their women. There is nothing more interesting than a relationship with a man who respects his woman. 

7. There are No Exes that he Still Loves

These days, it is somewhat difficult to find a man, and maybe even a woman, who has not dated before. If you are the first girlfriend he has had, then you are in the clear in this one. But if you are not, then look out for an ex he still loves. 

If he still talks repeatedly about an ex, then it is likely he is not good for you. Confront him about it. If he still keeps talking about her, then you should leave him. 

He still loves her and might spend your entire relationship with him trying to turn you into her. 

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8. He is Family Inclined

This means he shares your ideas about what a modern family should look like. 

People have different views of what a family should look like. This is fine. But, hey, it is really not fine if your idea of family is a direct contrast to your man’s. 

Let’s say you believe your family should comprise kids and some pets, and he believes that a family has no place for children; then you should get the memo. He is not good for you. 

Not in the way you want him to, at least. It is best you don’t marry him, so there isn’t so much turmoil in the home when you get married. 

9. He Shares Some of Your Major Values

Values and beliefs define us. If we are placed at a point where all our beliefs are looked down upon and maybe even shamed, we will find it quite difficult to stay there. 

This is also true about relationships. It will feel really uncomfortable to be with a man who finds your beliefs as being of lesser value than his. He is not good for you. 

If you find that you somehow believe your values are better than his, then it might be a sign that it is best you both do not get married. 

10. He is patient and kind

Patience is fundamental to a successful marriage, so he is husband material if he is patient. 

A man who shows his woman extra consideration and patience is husband material. He tries to relate to you and understand your reactions before taking action. 

Also, he will be a great husband if he is kind and makes a special effort to avoid saying things that could make you feel worse when you’re having a bad day.

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11. He is in Tune with his Emotions

A common misconception is that men shouldn’t show that many emotions. But here is the thing: denying men the right to feel turns them from being humans into being stones. 

A man who is a Stone does not qualify as husband material. He will keep so much from you that you begin to wonder where you have gone wrong. 

He will rather isolate himself, curl up in sheets, and see a movie or smoke a cigarette than speak with you. How will this make you feel? Oh, I know. 

12. He Communicates

This further buttresses the point above it. Your partner is husband material if he is great at communication. 

Is he able to talk about anything that bothers him? Then, sure, he is husband material, and you should begin to think about taking things further. 

He should not only be able to talk. He should also be ready to listen

Listening is a big part of communication that many men don’t pay much attention to. 

If you are lucky to find a man who pays attention to listening to you, then it is best to keep him because he will make a good husband. 

13. He gives you adequate time and attention

It’s in our nature as humans to love spending time with people we care about. If your boyfriend loves spending time with you, he not only cares about you but also really loves you.

One unique thing couples who have a healthy marriage do is spend time together and enjoy one another’s company.

The busy lives we lead can make it difficult for us to find time to spend together. A boyfriend with a husband’s material quality will go the extra mile to create time to give you attention, irrespective of the little time he has. 

If your boyfriend doesn’t allow other activities to rob him of time he could use to spend with you while you guys are dating, nothing will stop him from giving you adequate time and attention when you get married to him. 

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14. He is loyally committed to you

When your boyfriend trusts you and is loyally committed to you, love is unencumbered by anything that may cause obstacles. 

Guys who go on to be good husbands focus on their partners, never neglect them, and are always committed to the women they love.

Does your man think of “we” instead of “me”? Does he make it obvious to others that he is completely committed to you? Does he consider your feelings and immediately end any relationship with someone of the opposite sex that would make you uncomfortable? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you’re dating a husband material without any doubt.

A guy with a good husband’s material qualities is honest with himself and identifies his weaknesses. He makes efforts to become a better person and remain loyal to you.

15. He appreciates you

You know he is husband material if he often gets into the habit of telling you what he admires about you. 

When you have this inner feeling that all your efforts in the relationship are worthwhile and that you’re important to the relationship, you should know you’ve got someone who will go on to be a great husband.

You will develop this inner feeling if your boyfriend treats you right and appreciates you. Also, when he launches a happy hunt for things to appreciate about you.

Does your man say thank you when you do something? Does he do something nice for you out of the blue just to appreciate you? Does he offer his assistance to you whenever he can? Does he compliment you generously? If your man does all these, then he is husband material. He is a keeper.


You should marry a man who makes you comfortable and gives you room to be yourself. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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