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10 Obvious Signs a Man Wants to Be with You

by | Love

Apr 27, 2022

Sometimes, it gets a bit difficult to know what a guy really wants. You meet a guy you consider just good enough for you, and after you have spent some time together, he begins showing signs that he wants to be with you. 

And, the next minute, the signs are gone or hidden. So you begin to question whether he really does want something serious with you. This happens a lot to different women who are considering a relationship. 

Many men, you see, for some reason, almost don’t come out plain to a woman they like. It is not difficult to know exactly why. 

Men who are sensitive to rejection don’t come out plain because they fear that they’ll be rejected. For men who have communication problems, an inability to properly relay their feelings takes the blame. The list goes on.

I am guessing you are here because you need to know if a man wants to be with you. These 10 signs should help you know for sure if he is:

1. His Attention is On You

Have you ever before seen a boring movie or show? I am guessing yes. We all have at some point. Now, think about that boring movie you last saw. Did you love it? No. While you saw it, was your attention focused on the movie? I am guessing not, too. 

Usually, when we see movies like that, we have our phones in one hand and the TV remote lying somewhere close, so we can always fast-forward and flip channels whenever we want.

Guys would often act the same way around a person they do not want to be with. Since they can’t fast-forward a person, though, instead of press at remote buttons, they just sit there rolling their eyes and saying prayers in their minds.

They would, however, act completely differently around a woman they want to be with. If a guy wants to be with you, you had better prepare to be in the face of his attention. 

When you both sit to talk, you will not find him fiddling with his phone or looking elsewhere. If he does this, it is just going to be something that happens once or twice. It will not be habitual, as opposed to what happens when a man does not want to be with or around you. 

His eyes will be on you, and he is going to listen to everything you have to say, even things you may deem unnecessary. He will always want you to open up to him. 

He would remember the little details about you, too. Sometimes, this might even shock you. In fact, it is a pointer that he wants to be with you if it surprises you. 

If your jaw ever drops and you go: “How did this man remember this?” Then you just might have before you a man who wants to be serious with you. 

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2. He Reaches Out to You

When someone who bugs us finally lets us be, we sigh a sigh of relief most times and hope that they never come back. This is not so when we feel a space between the people we love and want to be with and us. 

When a man who wants to be with you senses that you have been away for a while, be sure that he is going to reach out to you somehow. 

And when he does, either through calls or via a text on social media, he will hit you with them: “I just wanted to check up on you.” Or any of its synonyms. 

The truth is, men don’t just check up on things. They only check up on things that mean a lot to them. With most men, it is money—they check their investments. It is their favorite game—they check out new updates because these updates are really cool. 

With a man who is interested in you, it is you. Because it is you who he wants to be serious with, he craves your presence. His subconscious is sensitive to it. 

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3. He Fills You in On Details

When a man wants to be with you, he starts to consider you his confidant. He does not only want you to open up to him, as this will be one-sided; Also, he wills himself to open up to you as well. 

He will always be sure to let you know what is happening with him. Sometimes, you do not even need to ask. You sit with him, and he begins to tell you how his day went and how a colleague at the office got on his nerves. 

He will also gradually learn to relay his deep feelings and insecurities to you. Men may be strong and would want to deal with their fears without help, but they also feel the urge to talk to someone. This is because they, too, realize how much talking to someone can calm a throbbing mind. 

If he wants something serious with you, he realizes how much you can help calm him. He does not hesitate to be vulnerable with you. 

4. He Trusts You

We never want to do sensitive business with people we can’t trust. But with people we can fully trust? Well, we walk the length of this world with them, even with a blindfold over our eyes. 

When a guy wants to be with you, he is going to trust you—a lot.   

He is going to trust you in the way that toddlers trust their mothers. This trust is usually the reason he wants to get serious with you in the first place. And as the friendship grows, this trust increases, sending roots deeper and deeper into his mind. 

5. He Respects You

Guys who want to be with you are going to respect you and your choices. Respect is the cornerstone of healthy relationships. A relationship void of respect is going to be toxic, and no one wants to be in a toxic relationship

He respects you because he wants you to respect him too. Because he wants to be serious with you. Because he wants you to open up to him. 

You should take him especially seriously if he respects every other person as well. It is usually a bad sign when one only respects his friends but despises other people. 

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6. He Hints That You Are Together

By now, for you to even consider the possibility that he wants to be with you, you both must be spending a lot of time together. This means that you will both come across many people who will ask questions. 

The generic: “Are you guys dating?” question. 

If a guy wants to be with you, when asked this question, he is going to give a positive response, even though he says it in a jovial way. He might even hint at it even when he isn’t asked. For example, he might tell a friend that you are his girlfriend. 

He will do this a couple of times, depending on how you took it the first time. 

7. He Asks in Passing

A man who is always asking suggestive questions concerning relationships most like wants to be with you. He wants to get seriousHe might ask questions like:

  • “What do you think about relationships?”
  • “What do you think a relationship with me is going to feel like?”
  • “Do you think I am going to make a good boyfriend?” 

Even if he laughs when asking these, realize that these questions have a deeper root. Men don’t just ask stuff like that. They don’t. 

8. He Stops Flirting with Other Women

Many times, men only become committed when they are deeply in love and have found someone they want to be serious with. It isn’t rocket science here. He gets committed to you because he wants you to be committed to him too. 

If a guy who wants to be with you is the kind of guy who keeps a lot of female friends, he is going to start hanging out around them less as his desire to get serious with you grows. Since he expects you to become committed to him, too, he may start to show some amount of jealousy when you hang around other guys. 

9. It is Not Just Sex

If you have already gotten down with him, there is going to be a lot of chemistry between you both if the guy wants to be with you. As opposed to guys who only want to hook up, he isn’t going to make everything about you both centered on sex. Sex will have its place, but it will not be everything. 

10. He Introduces You to His Friends

When a guy wants to be serious with you, he is going to make you a part of his inner circle. And this is going to be because he loves you. He trusts you.

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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