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10 Shower Sex Tips and Positions

by | Sensual Intimacy

Sep 10, 2023

I had always fantasized about having shower sex. It had been one of my biggest fetishes. This desire had been fueled by pictures from the internet and sex scenes in movies. When I eventually got around to doing it, though, it was an epic fail. It got so awkward that neither I nor my partner knew what to do. 

Not because we were both virgins. I mean, we had tried out different sex styles. Why was this one different? It was mainly because of our height difference. In comparison, he is tall, and up there, I am, like, really short. It spoilt the whole experience for me, and I swore never to try it again. But I did, and the shower has become the best place to have sex. 

Although shower sex can be slippery and quite dangerous, there are certain ways you can have it. 

1. Keep it Simple

Resist the urge to do extreme styles in the bathroom. 

They may look fancy in your head, but trust me, they might not come out looking like you had imagined they would. 

My friend once tried doing a style she got off a porn site. It is still something the girls laugh at after two years because it did not end well. They both fell. Imagine calling the ambulance to take your naked self off the bathroom floor. Not a pretty sight at all. 

2. Use a Bench

A bench can be nice to give you the balance you need. You can do so much with a bench under the shower. 

While trying to maneuver the tricks of having sex with someone who is significantly shorter (like me), you should really consider buying one.

With a bench, you can get balanced by holding it or placing her on it. Not only that, you can try simple styles like missionary, doggy, and cowgirl on the bench. 

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3. Be Gentle While at it

As we had emphasized, shower sex is a very delicate art. It is quite easy to slip and hit your head. You can take that to the bed, where you are sure of the ground underneath you.

4. Try the Jacuzzi

Jacuzzis are very safe spots to have bathroom sex. In the Jacuzzi, you could do the missionary. 

Your back may hurt due to the hard materials some are made of. That is fine. You would not stay there forever. My best part is that you could make everything smell nice in the hot bathtub with shower gels and bath bombs. 

5. Sex Toys

The shower is a perfect place to play with your sex toys. Just be sure they are waterproof. The sex toys are quite good for stimulating and adding spice to the sex. 

A friend of mine said she never goes to the shower to have sex without taking her sex toys along. She called them her babies. 

You can try dildos and vibrators. If you don’t have those, you could try using your hands as your toys. Just make sure they are clean of soap and dirt.

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6. Finish up In The Bedroom

You do not have to finish up the sex in the bathroom. It is cool to take the sex and finish it on the bed. It’s nice that way. 

You may wonder about having water on the bed, but definitely, it is not impossible to dry off your skin before going on the bed. The whole rush can be fun for all you know. 

It will be extra nice if you clean off each other’s bodies, jump on the bed, round off your steamy sex, and cuddle yourselves right to sleep.

7. Buy Yourself A Non-slip Footmat

A non-slip foot mat would do you a world of good. Not only would it give you firm footing on the ground, but you can do all you want with the confidence that you would not slide on the wet floor by mistake and hit your head and waist. 

The good thing about non-slip formats is that they are designed to have suction cups underneath them that grab the floor in a firm grip. The producers copy how the lizard’s feet are. It can hang off weird angles and not fall off.

Shower Sex Positions for Bathroom Sex

1. Stand and Thrust Shower Sex

This is basically a doggy. But a bathroom doggy. With both your feet planted firmly on the mat, your partner should be bent over with their hands on the sink so it does not get weird. Hold them firmly around the waist and thrust. It is perfectly okay to take your hand off once you get balanced. 

2. Face to Face Shower Sex

In this position, you would want your partner sitting on the shower seat. I would advise the man to sit on the toilet seat while the woman does the thrusting. It is like missionary but on a seat. Their back can be flat against the wall for more balance and feeling. 

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3. The Ballet Pose

I’m sure this is the style that comes to your head when you hear shower sex. It is what you think it is. Do not let your thoughts run too far. 

While directly under the running shower, your partner’s back should be flat against the bathroom walls. Anyone can be the one against the wall. Lift one leg up and place it on the penis. For extra stability, the other leg can be left to rest on a bathtub or any raised platform. 

4. The Table Sex

Most bathrooms do not have tables, so your sink or bathtub can suffice. Lay your partner on a flat surface and just do what you would in the normal missionary position. This is a perfect position for oral sex

5. The Wheelbarrow position

Have you ever been to a farm? The wheelbarrow is held by its legs, which hang in the air, and it is pushed forward so it moves.

In the bathroom, pretend who you are thrusting into is a wheelbarrow. Their hands should be on the floor or on a sink while you hold on to their waist. 

Bathroom sex can be worth it every time you try.

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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