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10 Sexiest Fun Games to Play in Bed and Out

by | Sensual Intimacy

Mar 9, 2023

Relationships are a lot more fun when both partners play fun games with each other. Over these games, there is an opportunity to bond: to feel drawn to each other sexually. Here are the 10 sexiest fun games to play with your boyfriend in bed and out, carefully picked by our editors.

1. Truth or Dare

Truth or dare has to be the most common sexy game out there. It makes the top of this list because of versatile it is. This game can be played in bed and out of bed. 

Its rules are simple:

– Each partner has to choose between being dared and being asked to tell the truth about anything. 

– If a partner chooses to be dared, the other partner dares him or her to do something outrageous but fun. 

In a sexual setting, for example, one partner can ask the other to perform a pretty wild sex act. 

The partner has no choice but to do it. 

– If a partner chooses truth, that partner is asked a very bizarre question that, in normal situations, would be avoided. The questioned partner must stick to the rules of the game and say the truth no matter how hard it seems. 

Truth or dare can also be played in groups. It doesn’t have to be sexual all the time—although it feels a lot better when it is. 

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2. What is Your Fetish?

This is similar to the truth or dare. Only that this time, there isn’t a dare. There is only truth. 

What is your Fetish is best played by couples who are just starting to know each other. That way, you both can explore your fetishes together. 

The rules of the game are simple:

– First, as it was with truth or dare, both partners promise to tell the truth no matter what. If they fail to, the game should not be played. 

– One partner asks the other what their fetish is. The questioned partner is given twenty seconds to answer. 

– The questions revolve back and forth until all the fetishes are explored. 

Make things even spicier by performing every explored fetish. 

For example, if your partner says that their fetish is receiving a blow job, at the end of the game, you should offer to give your partner a blow job. 

Explore each other’s fetishes evenly so that one partner does not feel cheated. 

3. Dress Up

Role-playing is becoming increasingly common among consenting adults getting down. This is because it brings sexual fantasies to life and helps partners explore these fantasies. 

Dress-up is yet another sex game couples should try out. 

The game is simple:

– Both partners choose whom or what they want to be dressed up as. 

– Before the sex in itself happens, these partners dress up as these characters. 

For example, you could decide that you would be dressed up as a doctor. And just before the sex happens, you dress up as one. Your partner’s desire to get down with you would immediately surge upon seeing you dressed up like that. 

Dress-up can be made even spicier by merging the game with another game. 

For example, truth or dare. 

You can play dress up alongside truth or dare. 

If one partner chooses dare, the other partner dares them to dress up as someone that tickles their fantasies—vice versa. Be sure that no partner feels cheated. 

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4. Questions and Answers

This is yet another popular, sexy game to play with your boyfriend. It is known by many names, but our editors have decided to call it by its classic name: question and answers. 

The rule of the game is pretty simple:

– Both partners consent to playing it together. 

– Partners take turns asking each other questions. Questions can be about anything. But since it is a game in bed and, of course, a means to bond, I suggest that partners ask themselves questions about each other. 

For example, one partner can ask:

“What is my birthday?”

“What is my legal name?”

If the other partner fails to get the answer correct, he or she is obligated to take one piece of their clothing off. 

As the game takes its course, the partners will eventually fail enough questions to be completely naked. And then, sex can happen. 

Couples can make their own rules with this game. 

You can decide that the partner who fails to get the answer won’t only take their clothes off; they should perform a strip tease as well! 

Be sure that you are really into the game, sharing laughter and bonding just right. 

I’ll give you a tip: be the winning partner. Ask questions that are terribly difficult and impossible to answer. 

5. The Time Bomb

This is the perfect tease game. It is my partner’s favorite. I think she likes it so much because of what it does to me. 

The time bomb is quite simple to play. 

– Write time stamps on paper. 

– Scramble the paper across the table of the bed. 

– Blindfold your partner and ask that they choose one of those time stamps. 

– Now, make out for the time chosen. 

– The partner who seeks to have penetrative sex before the time elapses loses. 

Here is a practical example of how the game goes if you don’t understand the steps. 

– Geraldine writes time stamps on paper. She writes 50 minutes, 29 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. 

– She blindfolds me and asks that I choose from what she has written. 

– If I choose 29 minutes, we will then be obligated to make out for 29 minutes without trying to have penetrative sex. The make-out, of course, is supposed to be very intense. 

– If I try to have penetrative sex during the make-out, I lose the game. 

Heads up to men: sorry, guys, but you will almost always lose. I always lose this game in my relationship. {Read: 10 Netflix Movies For Couples To Watch Together}

6. No Touch

This fun game is quite similar to the time bomb. In fact, the rules can be considered the same. 

Here is how it should go:

– Both partners place their hands behind their backs and enter into an intense kissing session. 

– The partners are not permitted to remove their hands from behind their backs. But if they do, the game still goes on. 

– The game only ends if one partner makes physical contact with their hands on their other partner. 

So, it is a no-touch game. The one who touches loses. 

Heads up for guys, again: we almost always lose this game as well. 

7. Hide and Seek and Sex

This is the traditional hide-and-seek game. Only this time, there is a lot of sexiness on the way. 

One partner seeks out a spot to hide. Before they go to hide, he makes sure to blindfold the other partner.  

The blindfolded partner then searches for the other partner. 

If they find the partner within a time frame, he wins. If not, they lose. 

The partner who wins will then ask the loser to perform a naughty sex act. 

The loser is obligated to perform the act. {Read: 10 Best Streaming Websites For Couples}

8. Dice

Dice can also be incorporated into a wild sex game. The rules are the same as a regular dice game. Only this time, you are not gambling with money. 

You are gambling with sex moves. 

If you roll the dice right, you win. If not, you lose. 

The one who wins will then decide a sex move they want to be performed on them. The one who loses has no choice but to perform it. 

The game of dice can also be played outside the bedroom. 

My partner and I play it when to decide who will do the most chores. 

If she wins, I get to do every chore she asks me to. If she loses, then it’s my time to shine. 

Heads up, boys, we always win this one. You’re lucky. 

9. You are My Prisoner

This is an advanced form of role-playing and is usually adopted in BDSM. If you have followed our blog for a while, then you definitely know what BDSM is. 

You will need cuffs for this game. And a bed. 

You are My prisoner is best played alongside Question and Answer. 

If your partner fails to answer your question correctly, they are tied to the bed and teased for as long as they want. 

If you do not have cuffs, you can settle for just tying your partner’s wrists together. 

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10. Massages

Massages can be made into one of the sexiest fun games to play with your partner as well. 

In this game, you both take turns massaging each other until it somehow leads to sex. 

Naughty sex games make relationships fun and can improve bonds. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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