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Sex Guide: 10 Things They Don’t Teach You About Sex

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jul 23, 2023

People don’t talk much about sex. And when they do, it seems they only talk about stuff that can be considered ‘surface talk.’ This is why our editors want to go much deeper with you into the topic of sex. We are going to tell you some of the things you probably have never heard about sex in this sex guide.

1. Mood Regulates Sex

This may seem like something very dark to say: but do you know that mood regulates sex? A person will usually enjoy sex more when they are at extremes of moods. 

For example, a woman who is sad is going to enjoy sex much more than she would have if she had been in a more stable mood. 

This is why sex can be considered a drug. The dopamine released during sexual activity can have a role in making a person feel better. 

This is why makeup sex feels great. If you have had a lot of makeup sex, you will agree that it feels much better than regular sex. 

So, when next you want to have sex, try as much as you can to get into an ‘extreme’ mood. That is to say: be properly aroused. 

2. People Who Understand Their Bodies Have Better Sex

This is something that is not talked about enough. But do you know that people who understand their bodies well enough are usually going to have much better sex than people who don’t? 

This is because sex is a two-way thing. While pleasuring your partner is an important part of it all, pleasuring yourself is just as important. 

If you pleasure yourself good enough, you are going to have great sex, and so will your partner because most partners derive pleasure from pleasing the other party.

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3. Your Stroke Rhythm Matters

In an article we have called: “How to Give Rhythm to Your Strokes,” we discuss everything that has to do with the stroke game and why stroke rhythm is such a big deal. 

Believe it or not, if you are out there just stroking and not paying attention, you are going to have bad sex most of the time. 

Or, at best, you are going to enjoy sex that is just there. You do not have to have sex; that is just there. You need to have great sex, and you do so by having a perfect stoke game. 

4. Stroke Angle is the Icing on the Cake

While it is great to have the perfect stroke rhythm, it is just as great to have the perfect stroke angle. This is because the stroke angle regulates the depth of the strokes and how much grit she is going to feel. 

There are times during the sex when going too deep is going to hurt, so you just have to know when it is best to stay around the surface. 

You also have to know what angle to place your dick in order to give her the desired feelings. 

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5. The Fan or AC may be Making You Dry

I like to tell women this truth that no one exactly talks about: the fan or AC may be making you dry. The dryness may be, in turn, making the sex quite painful.

So, when next you have sex, turn the fan away from your genital area or just put off the AC. 

If you must have sex with the fan on, be sure to use lube. Use oil-based lube that cannot be dried by air with low humidity. 

Check out this article to find out the best lubes.

6. Changing Positions Can Make Men Last Longer

You may have noticed this but couldn’t exactly tell why it was happening. 

I will, however, tell you. 

Changing positions can make a man last longer because it raises the threshold of pleasure which must be attained for him to ejaculate. 

You see, men are amazing creations. Usually, when there is a break in the pleasure line, you will have to start all over, building up tension until you are about to cum again. 

So, changing sex positions is able to make the sex last longer.

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7. Anal Sex is Something You Might Want to Try

Sex is vastly about exploring each other’s bodies. 

One thing people don’t talk about about is the fact that the arse is also a part of a person’s body that can be explored sexually. 

You may have to explore your woman’s arse. It does not make you less straight. In fact, as we have shown in this article called: How Does Anal Sex Feel Like, women may be coming to love anal sex more. 

Many women have said that anal sex makes it easier to have an orgasm. They describe the feeling as good pain.

8. Moans Have Such a Huge Part to Play

You have probably read some of our articles about how moans make sex better. This is to further buttress that point.

Moans are much more than just sounds. They go straight into a man’s mind and may make him reach levels of pleasure he would not have reached. 

When you moan more, you are surely going to enjoy the sex more. And so is your partner. 

Men like to think that moans are just for women. But that is quite far from the truth.

Not only women ought to moan. Men can moan, too—as a matter of fact, and women like to hear their men moan. 

9. Sex Feels Better When There Are Body Movements From Both End

This is to say: don’t just lie there and have your man do all the work. Participate. Make the sex feel good for both of you.

Help him.

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10. Be Careful Around the Cowgirl Position

This is something of a pro-tip. You have got to be very careful around the cowgirl position. It has been linked to penile injuries, which you surely do not want your man to have.


Sex feels great when you know just what to do.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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