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Sex Chat: 20 Dirty Texts to Send Your Boyfriend

by | Sensual Intimacy

Aug 26, 2023

You may not believe it, but sex chatting with your boyfriend can make you and your boyfriend more attracted to each other, as it helps build sexual tension and spice things up really well. In this article, I will be showing you the 20 best texts to send your boyfriend when you both want to talk dirty.

1. What are you putting on right now? I would love to watch you take it off, or better still, I would love to take it off for you. 

Why it works: This is one of the best texts to send when the dirty talking is just starting. It begins with a question to draw him in.

From here on, you just have to keep the mood flying.

2. I am putting on that lingerie you like. I’d have sent a picture, but I want you to come see it on your own and help me take it off. 

Why it works: Dirty texts to send your boyfriend have got to be simmering with imagery. If he can think it, then it is going to turn him on very good.

3. Guess whose lips want you very badly? Mine. I want to kiss you so much and show you how much of a good girl I can be.

Why it works: Who does not like a good kiss? I am certain your boyfriend does, and this is going to pull him very close to you.

4. I can’t wait to have you inside of me. There are times when I feel so full with you in me that I do not know whether or not I am still here. I mean, you bring me close to oblivion every time.

Why it works: This dirty text for your boyfriend works because it shows your man how much you want him. Men like it much when they can tell their women are consumed with lust.

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5. How would you like it to have the tip of your cock licked? You know I like to do that, don’t you?

Why it works: This kind of dirty sex serves as bait. Be sure that the next time you both have sex, things are going to get really wild and nasty.

6. I have become such a bad girl lately, and I don’t know if you can tell that it is because you are such a good daddy. 

Why it works: This dirty text is surely going straight into your boyfriend’s head. Men like to be told stuff like this. It boosts his ego to be considered a daddy. Is that not amazing?

7. I am laying butt naked, my arse in the air, just the way you like it. Can you tell me what you are up to? 

Why it works: Again, you are taking advantage of imagery. This can be a very good thing. If you can make him think it, then the dirty texting has served its purpose.

8. My nipples are very hard, and I know what they want: you. 

Why it works: Telling your man you want him, as we have shown, or at least showing it, is an aspect that should not be missing from your dirty texting.

9. Imagine you against a wall and me on my knees just before you, holding your dick in my hands. I know you are such a naughty boy when I get you in that position. 

Why it works: Again, this text is heavy on imagery.

10. You will probably not know how bad I want you right now: I don’t know if I can take it anymore that you are not inside me. 

Why it works: This dirty text message is all shades of desire. Like I have said earlier, your man wants you to desire him deeply. 

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11. You know I love it much when you spank my arse, don’t you? It reminds me of how much a daddy’s girl I really am. You are such a good daddy.

Why it works: Dirty texts like this also tell him what you love him to do in bed. Now, he knows what you want. If you love him holding your breasts or grabbing your butt, you can replace ‘spank’ with something else.

12. I want to lick at your nipples and hold your cock so that it grows in my hands. I also want to listen to those feeble moans that drive me mad.

Why it works: This message is all shades of dirty and arousing because it conjures an image and also shows genuine desire.

13. Come have me for dinner, babe. 

Why it works: I do not know a man who will not be completely slain by this, and that includes even me.

14. Do you want me to come over there and fuck you until we both are too tired to even do anything asides sleep? 

Why it works: This is the perfect bait for your man. Make him feel so much sexual tension, and then have him wait. It is how you build tension for spontaneous sex.

15. I want you to know you own every inch of my body and can do anything you want to do with it. I love you so much. 

What it works: What is more enticing than inviting your man to come to have your body whilst telling him how much you love him at the same time?

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16. I am so wet. If you were here, you would glide into me and probably cum before we even know what is going on.

Why it works: This dirty text just spells: “I want to fuck you so hard right now.” 

17. How deep can you go inside me right now?

Why it works: This message is best sent to keep the conversation going. You have to throw in questions every now and then.

18. Close your eyes and think of me stroking your dick. I am going to make that dream come true sooner than you know. 

Why it works: Imagery!

19. Hey, I want to fuck you really bad.

Why it works: Straight up, tell him you want to have him. This dirty text for your man works wonders, too.

20. Do you have a clue what your fingers do to me? I would tell you, but I cannot say these things in words, only with loud moans and eye contact, just the way you like it.

Why it works: I am guessing you can already tell why this should work.

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You do not have to copy the exact words. You can do you and be creative with the dirty texts.

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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