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10 Sensual Ways to Kiss Your Boyfriend

by | Love

Jul 27, 2023

Don’t be the boring girlfriend anymore. Learn these 10 sensual ways to kiss your boyfriend.

1. Steal a kiss

When he least expects it, kiss him. A stolen kiss is like a surprise party or gift. 

Have you ever had a surprise party organized for you? You walk into the room, and there are balloons, confetti, and flowers everywhere. 

How do you think you’d feel about this beautiful gesture? I bet you felt great. 

A surprise kiss may not be as glamorous, but trust me; it leaves something close to the excitement of having a surprise party thrown. 

It is unexpected, but this only adds allure to it as you kiss your boyfriend sensually.

2. French Kiss

There is a street theory that suggests you can know the feelings a person has towards you by observing how they kiss you. 

If you deeply love a person and you want them to know, the best kiss you could possibly give them is the French kiss. 

This kiss is a fusion of both passion and attraction. For the kiss to be even better, since it is a very deep kiss, make sure your breath is at its freshest, as bad breath would spoil the whole essence of it. 

I would recommend throwing a Mentos into your mouth before you kiss your boyfriend. 

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3. Lizzy Kiss

Yes. That’s what you saw there. Have you ever imagined lizards kissing? Absurd, but paint the image now. 

You know, lizards are used to sticking out their tongues, waggling them for a bit before putting them back into their mouths. 

If you’re very comfortable with who you want to kiss, you can try this. It may be a little nasty but trust me, it is good. 

All you need to do is stick your tongues in each other’s mouths and play around. What is more? You can even get into some action, or you could even begin playing! 

4. Give them the American Kiss

This is very similar to the French kiss but slightly different because, with this one, a little use of the tongue is involved. 

Do this by simply merging the upper and lower lips in a steady rhythm and motion. It is like using your lips to give the other person’s lips a massage. 

5. Try Out a Wet Kiss

This could be very messy and not a great choice for people, but you should try it if you and your partner are comfortable with it. 

A wet kiss is quite similar to both the American and French kisses, but while the French kiss needs both the lips and tongue and the American makes use of just the lips, the wet kiss isn’t that restrictive. 

You can choose to make use of either the tongue or lips. You could even use both! But the kiss has to be messy, meaning there would be some lubrication from your saliva. 

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6. Give a Vampire Kiss and Leave a Hickey

Although you stand the chance of having your friends and family tease the living daylight out of you, hickeys are really cute. 

You may be wondering, how do I leave a hickey? 

If you’ve ever watched vampire movies, one thing worthy of note is how they suck the blood out of their victims. What they do is leach onto a spot in the neck and draw blood from there. 

Do not be scared; the kiss is not to draw blood but to simply cause pleasure. All you have to do is find a spot on the neck and kiss. Then suckle on it gently and bite as you go. 

This sensual kiss can be a little painful but trust me, there is always adequate pleasure to go with the pain, and this gives a great mix. 

7. Air Kiss Them

An air kiss is not too extra, but super cute. Chances are, it is sure to draw a smile. You know those big kisses we give babies on their checks which make a pop sound? That is an air kiss. 

Baby or not, everyone loves air kisses. If you are not into very intense PDA but want to do something new for a change, this is your best bet. It is not messy at all, and almost everyone would be comfortable and open to receiving one. 

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8. The Next Time You Go Swimming, Kiss Them Underwater

Underwater kisses are amazing. And you can do them in two ways. The first is entering the water and kissing. 

You would have to hold your breath with this one, so I advise you both to get big gulps of air before trying this one out. 

The second style is getting some air, going into the water, and kissing while you try to give the other person your reserve of air.

Just make sure you can stay underwater for long before trying this out, or better still, make sure lifeguards are nearby. 

9. Give them a Sugar Kiss

Among all the sensual ways to kiss your boyfriend, this is a personal favorite. I first tried this one when my partner and I once went on an ice cream date. For some reason, I put a spoonful of ice cream into my mouth and then leaned in for a kiss. 

He was unaware, but when I put the ice cream in his mouth, and the sweetness and cold hit him, his smile could lit up the room. It does not have to be ice cream. You could try this sensual kiss with something else, like chocolate or some candies! 

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10. Kiss Their Earlobes

Traditionally, kisses are always on the lips. But who said you must only kiss the lips? You may not know this, but kissing the earlobe is very sensual and sexy. There are some nerve endings in the area that would make the person getting kissed feel very good. 

You can do this by grabbing your partner and putting their ears in your mouth, not in a creepy way, but in a sexy way. You have to gently tug and suckle on their earlobes while at this. 


Kiss your boyfriend sensually every time you get the chance to. 

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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