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8 Secrets Women Never Want To Reveal

by | Ideas

Aug 30, 2022

Women are amazing creatures, but they have a depth that one may never be able to figure out. Have you ever wondered if this gender has hidden secrets they do not want to be revealed? Buckle up because these secrets are juicy, and some of them may even surprise you. Once we tell these secrets women never want to reveal, you will understand why women don’t want you to know these things.

Let’s dive in: 8 secrets women never want to reveal.

1. Women Suffer Insecurities From Time to Time

Most women may look like they have everything in order, but this is not always true. Women use their smiles, make-up, and beautiful clothes to cover that they don’t always have everything under control.

Sometimes, we let the rage out when we’re alone. Some cry, some scream, and some just crawl into a solitary shell.

Lots of women hide this because they have always been told that women are dramatic and a handful, so they keep their feelings bottled from the world to see.

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2. Women Hide The Extent Of Their Sensuality

Oftentimes, when men brag, they brag about their sexual prowess and how they can keep it going on and on. Most women listen to this with smiles on their faces or a shocked and dazed look to make the man feel like he’s the answer to the world’s prayer. 

But the secret is that women are even kinkier than most men, and they hide this for so many reasons, but the top reason being that they are trying not to hurt a man’s ego.

The mind of a woman will amaze you because women are freaky and have very wild imaginations. This tends to clash sometimes with the image they project. Even the librarian with a dour demeanor likes her some Christian Grey.

3. Women Crave Assurance

As mentioned before, women don’t have it all together, and deep down, we are all little princesses still waiting for our knight in shining armor.

We are constantly juggling a million things at once, and sometimes it feels like we’re about to fall. And somehow, we expect other people to see this and empathize even when we are not showing how we feel.

Every woman has moments of self-doubt and insecurity and is not always sure what to do about them.

But one thing is certain. Women want to know that they’re worth fighting for, worth caring about, and worth listening to.

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4. Women Judge Other Women

Yes, you read right! One secret that women never want to reveal is that they are constantly comparing themselves with other women.

As women, we check out other women’s attires and mannerisms. We want to outshine or look better than the other girl(s) in the room, so we start to pick apart what we think are their flaws and try to make ourselves feel better when we don’t see said flaws in ourselves.

We compare ourselves to other women and feel bad when we come up short but feel elated when we think we’re better. It can’t be helped that we see other women as competition instead of comrades – It’s in our DNA.

5. The Girl Talk

Another secret a woman will not reveal is what she discusses with her girls, and you probably will never know. When a woman says she wants to visit with her girls or that she was having a girl’s talk with her friends, don’t even bother asking what they discussed because she will likely not tell you.

Women never want to reveal what happens on a girl’s night out. Whatever they discuss on their girl’s night-out stays at the night-out. 

Men are just never ready to hear what girls discuss when they are together. And no, everything discussed isn’t even about you – maybe a little bit-ish.

6. Women Think Long Term (Marriage)

The truth is, whether a woman is in a relationship with a man or not, as long as she likes you, she probably has a whole family with you in her head. 

She’s already trying to envision you in her future unless you give her reasons to wake up. And believe me, that’s not always a good thing.

Women can play the laid-back card all they want, but they all want the happy ending they’ve heard about since they were little girls.

We even have not-so-secret caches of our favorite honeymoon destination, table settings, wedding rings, and gowns. Why do you think we follow those wedding pages on social media?!

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7. Women Never Want to Reveal Their Heels Hurt

Another secret a woman will not reveal unless she believes she can trust you is that wearing heels comes with a painful price.

Most women love shoes, and their favorites are usually high-heeled shoes because they believe it helps with their feminine fluidity.

Those pricey pumps hurt more than you can ever imagine, but we will wear them with smiles on our faces because we like when men turn their heads to watch us strut in them.

8. Sometimes, Women Feel Like The World Is Conspiring Against Them

You know those days when you call to hang out and get a ‘not in the mood response from someone who would normally jump at an offer? Well, those are days we feel like everything has gone to hades.

A woman could wake up feeling like she’s ready to take on the world. But, minutes in, hormones tell her otherwise with a bulbous and painful pimple, a cramp, nausea, or headache, and if she’s unlucky for that ‘period’ – pun not fully intended – she may get the whole package.

She starts to get irritated, tired, stressed, or even indifferent to things. But when you ask her what’s wrong, she snaps and says nothing is wrong. These days, the last thing she wants to do is put on make-up and deal with people.

But she has to go to work or take care of the kids. So, she plasters a smile and forces herself to get up and get moving.

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Women often keep secrets hidden because they are sensitive and don’t want to get hurt when they reveal their true feelings or talk about what’s really going on in their lives. But hopefully, this list has helped you understand the mind of a woman to some degree.

Remember, it’s okay to allow people to have their secrets. It’s what makes them unique and interesting!

By Grace Obisesan

Obisesan Grace is a writer and an editor for Whatsdalatest. She has worked as a reporter and content creator for many publications. Obisesan is obsessed with creativity, and she likes to spend her free time learning how to improve her skills. She enjoys watching Sci-Fi and action movies, reading, writing poetry, and listening to continental music.

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