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10 Secret Hotspots in Women Every Man Should Know

by | Sensual Intimacy

Mar 8, 2023

These hotspots are secrets because women don’t talk about them often. But they are real—biological. The results from studying 150 women who reported having regular sexual activity agree that around 94 percent of those women had extra-genital erogenous zones. 12 percent of studied women were even able to achieve orgasms just by stimulating these erogenous zones! That’s why knowing about these zones puts you in a place where you can make women feel a wide range of feelings in bed. Ladies, we hate to be the ones who spill your secret hotspots. But these things just have to be spilled.

Here are 10 secret hotspots in women every man should know.

1. The Lips

This is why kissing is so important. The lips have a rich blood supply. In addition, they have a concomitant rich innervation. This means there is a rich nervous supply to the lips. 

If you are able to kiss a woman just right, you will bring her close to orgasm before the sex even begins. 

You should learn how to perform a good french kiss. Check out one of our articles on performing a French Kiss properly. 

2. Behind Her Ears

If you play around with a woman’s ears just right, you will be able to make her feel things you couldn’t make her feel before then. 

Her earlobes have a rich nerve supply, and so does the area behind them. 

Lick her earlobes gently. You can do this while choking her. Ask if she likes to be choked during sex (some women do!). If she says yes, then go right ahead. 

You can move to her ears just after kissing her on the lips. Lick the left ear, and then go to the right. She is sure to feel a range of emotions. 

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3. The Sides of Her Neck

The sides of a woman’s neck can turn her on as quickly as her nipples can if you know just what to do. It’s one secret hotspot of women that guys have to learn to pay more attention to. 

When we talk about the sides of her neck, we mean the area just beneath her ears, down until her clavicle. 

Kiss and lick that area passionately, touching her earlobe. It helps to fondle more than one erogenous zone at the same time. Makes the feeling a lot more intense. 

The sides of the neck are also a favored area to give hickeys. 

Check out this article about hickeys if you would like to know more about hickeys. 

4. The Insides of Her Upper Arm

The insides of a woman’s upper arm are more responsive to oral stimulation. This means you have to lick or suck at this area to get the best results. 

Raise her arm slightly, and suck on her inner arms. 

Oscillate between sucking and licking. Lick gently in circular motions and then in straight lines. 

You can do this while gently massaging the other arm. 

5. Her Breasts

This hotspot isn’t so much of a secret to many guys, as most of us know what a proper massage can do to a woman’s breasts

The beasts are one of the best hotspots because they are stimulated by both touch and oral stimulation. 

So, just fondling the breast will have about the same effect as sucking on it. 

Please note that the breast used here only focuses on the breast mass, not the areolar or the nipple. 

Hold her breasts, squeezing gently. You can do this while sucking her inner arms or her neck. You can even do this whilst kissing her. 

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6. Her Areolar and Nipples

Her areolar and nipples, although stimulated by touch, do a lot better when stimulated by the mouth. This is one of the topmost secret hotspots of every woman.

Trace the areolar with your tongue. And then flap it around her nipples. 

Now, circle the tongue over the nipples and prepare to fondle it. 

If you are skilled enough and promise to be gentle, then you can go ahead to bite the nipple. Put the nipple between your lips and apply some suction. 

To make things more intense, fondle the nipple between your fingers like you would fondle a small ball. 

It is best you fondle her nipples just after messaging her breasts. 

7. Her Belly Button

The area around a woman’s belly button is also supplied by a lot of nerves, and because of that, it is very sensitive to a range of feelings. In other words, it is a secret hotspot. 

It is, however, almost not sensitive to touch in a sexual way. It is better to use your mouth when stimulating a woman by focusing on her belly button. 

Just after rubbing her breasts, go down to her nipples and then down to her belly button area. 

Lick there passionately for a couple of seconds before going to her next hotspot: the inner thighs. 

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8. Inner Thighs

When stimulated right, a woman’s inner thighs can bring her close to an orgasm. 

It is sensitive to both touch and oral stimulation. When performing yoni massages, some masseurs spend a lot of time around the inner thighs for this reason. 

Rub her thighs in a circular motion for a few seconds. To avoid injuries due to friction, you should use some oils. 

Spice things up by licking that area. Lick from the upper thighs to around the vulva and back. 

Make her feel even better by rubbing her nipples with your hands as you do this. 

9. Her Toes

Many women report feeling an intense array of emotions when their toes are licked. 

Before licking your woman’s toes, be sure that they are very clean. 

Lick between the toes for about 20 to 30 seconds. 

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10 Her Vulva

Among the secret hotspots of a woman that every man should know, this comes last because it isn’t quite an extra-genital zone.

But it remains a secret hotspot in women that men should know about. 

Here, we used the vulva as a loose term that describes the entire genital area of a woman you can see. 

It includes the labia majora and minora and the clitoris. 

Sex will definitely feel better when you pay attention to the secret hotspots on your woman’s body. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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