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10 Romantic Songs to Put You in the Mood

by | Love

Apr 19, 2023

Every couple needs to have a playlist of sensual songs that put them in the mood and help them stay there for a long time after the sex has happened. I believe most couples know this. What they do not know, though, is the kind of romantic songs to include in their playlists. 

This article explores 10 of the most romantic and sensual songs that put you in the mood. There is something for everyone: rap for rap lovers, afrobeat for afro lovers, and R and B:

1. Pillow Talk by Zayn Malik

This comes first because it is my favorite song on my own sex playlist. Two words perfectly describe this song: sensual and deep. 

Zayn is known for his amazing vocals. He flexes it quite a lot in this song. 

Pillow Talk is the perfect song for when you spend a weekend with your partner. One of the best lines of the song is:

“We will be in bed all day…it’s our paradise and our war zone.”

Pillow Talk works you into the mood, keeps you there when the sex is going on, and brings affection into your cuddles when the sex is done. 

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2. Naked by Sabrina Claudio

Sabrina is one of the most interesting singers out there. 

Her vocals are way up there, and the depiction of lovemaking seen in her songs is quite beautiful. 

Naked is a slow song, which can be said to be a letter to one’s lover. 

One of the lines I love the most in this song is: “This is me, naked.” Perhaps I love it so much because Sabrina tweaks her voice into something really stunning then. 

Naked is you inviting your lover to come to unravel you. With this song in the background, sex surely becomes a love affair. 

3. Gum Body by Burna Boy ft Jorja Smith

Burna Boy is amongst the most talented Afrobeat singers in the world right now. He’s won a Grammy for his album, Twice as Tall. 

Gum Body, a song appearing in a Grammy-nominated album, African Giant, can be considered a story. And it is. 

The Afrobeat star describes his immediate attraction to some lady he meets at the club. He says: “..I de television your body.”

That is to say: “I have been watching you, overwhelmed.”

He then goes on to invite her for a more intimate affair. 

Beautiful song. Beautiful lyrics. Beautiful vocals. The kind of song you play in the background when you are getting down with a woman for the first time.  

4. Habitual by Justin Bieber

Justin never disappoints. His vocals are amazing in every song, and Habitual is not an exception. 

The song sounds a lot like rap, but as you can tell, because it is Justin, there is still some bit of pop in there. 

Habitual is the perfect song to have in the background when you have sex with your lover. 

The imagery is beautiful. I believe this is what makes a sex song good: the things it makes you imagine. 

Habitual makes you imagine kisses. Makes you imagine the perfect sex too. 

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5. Love in the Morning by Thutmose ft Rema

Months ago, there wasn’t a day I didn’t play this song. It’s one of the most sensual collaborations I have ever heard. You will agree with me if you listen to Love in the Morning

It is the perfect song for you and your lover when you spend the weekend together. Its imagery is very rich. But it is the delivery that makes me swoon each time. 

Rema, an Afrobeat singer, delivered the song perfectly. His voice, the way he switches between vibrato and falsetto, is something to love. It is. 

The lyrics are great as well. 

6. In My Bed by Rotimi ft Wale

It’s impossible to write a sex playlist without this song. If you haven’t listened to In My Bed before, I can promise you something: you will be absolutely stunned on your first listen. 

Rotimi’s vocals are astounding. 

“There is a meeting in my bed,” The song begins and goes on to explain the perfect love affair. 

“You touch my soul…” is another line that makes me smile. The sex expressed in this song is the sensual kind, the type you have with a lover. 

7. Under the Influence by Chris Brown

I may be bold enough to place a bet that you have listened to Under the Influence before or at least heard it being played somewhere. 

If you haven’t, you should. In fact, it should be in your playlist. It should be one of the first songs there. 

Chris Brown shows us he remains one of the most vocally talented singers in the industry. He delivers the rich lyrics perfectly. 

About the lyrics, even though poetic, they’re quite clear. “Your body speaks to me.”

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8. Back to Sleep by Chris Brown ft Usher

This R&B song is the perfect depiction of how sex is supposed to be art. So much poetry. So much talent. Usher and Chris Brown killed it completely. 

It’s not a very great song to play around children, as there is some directness. 

The song describes sex. It’s a request to have sex with your partner until she falls asleep. 

This seems very normal on the surface. But if you consider that people only mostly fall asleep immediately after sex when they have experienced multiple orgasms, you will get to appreciate what Chris Brown and Usher pulled off. 

9. Up All Night by Khalid

Khalid has truly rich vocals. Up All Night is the perfect song for a vacation with your lover. 

“Kiss me all night.”

It explores the depth of desire. Brings you to truly appreciate your partner’s presence with you in bed. 

10. Morning by Teyana Taylor ft Kehlani

Though the delivery is perfect, I love “this song “Morning” because of the imagery in its lyrics. 

The subtle desire. The calling. It is perfect. 

You should have it playing in the background long before the sex starts. You’ll love it, I can almost promise. 

Sex songs make things feel more intense. 

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Why Romantic Songs Put You in the Mood

Romantic songs with suggestive lyrics or sensual melodies can evoke intense emotions and sensations due to the following reasons:

  1. They express human emotions, including love, desire, and intimacy. Romantic songs are often culturally associated with passion, romance, and sensuality, which can trigger strong emotional responses in listeners.
  2. They can evoke personal memories and experiences, and romantic songs with sexual lyrics may resonate with individual listeners based on their encounters with intimacy and relationships. This personal connection can intensify the emotional response to the music.
  3. Love songs can affect our physiological responses, such as heart rate, breathing, and hormone levels. Romantic songs can trigger physiological responses associated with arousal, contributing to the heightened intensity of emotions.
  4. Love songs engage not only our auditory senses but also our physical and emotional senses. They contain seductive melodies, suggestive lyrics, and sensual rhythms that stimulate our senses, creating a more immersive and intense emotional experience.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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